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Not long ago, the idea of using a shipping container as a home seemed impractical, if not laughable. We love seeing the beautiful creations that people are making from shipping containers, and this one from Poteet Architects is a perfect example. Every aspect of this home is exceptionally and artistically detailed, from the awning over the front porch to the beautiful lighting, the bright colors, and the garden on the roof. While this home was built as a guest house, it would work just as well as a main house for an individual or couple, an office or studio, or as an off grid weekend getaway house. To the untrained eye, Sarah Plosker and Tom Gustin's yardsite near Rivers, Man., resembles the final resting place for tires that are no longer roadworthy. Sarah Plosker and Tom Gustin broke ground on their self-sustaining home near Rivers, Man., last summer. Plosker, a professor at Brandon University, said they will typically fill and place a tire or two in the early morning and continue in the late afternoon and evening.

Solar panels currently power a shed and small mobile home on the property, but will be the primary power source for the home as well. They will move into the house after that and continue work on the interior, which will consist of a number of rooms that you would typically find in a conventional house, including a kitchen, living room, bedrooms and a bathroom. Gustin said the tires act as a type of heat bank, collecting heat during the day and releasing it back into the house at night. The north wall of tires is will be buried with a layer of vapour barrier and insulation, followed by the three cistern tanks. Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau speaks with guest host Cameron MacIntosh of CBC's Up to Speed program about the Port of Churchill and other issues of concern in Manitoba. The Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre was evacuated due to a chemical spill on Monday morning. As avid DIY-ers, they were looking for a more sustainable way to live and saw the idea on a website and were hooked.

They hope to have all of the tires placed by the end of summer so a sloped metal roof that will allow rain water to flow into three cistern tanks can be installed next year. Plosker said a similar home near Winnipeg stayed at around 16 C during the coldest part of winter, without a wood stove.
Grey water will flow into the greenhouse, then into the washroom before being pumped into a septic field. Plosker said they have been doing a lot of the labour on their own, but materials and other costs have added up.

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