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On Thursday 16 October, Scandic and acclaimed chef Jamie Oliver will be opening the Nordic region's first Jamie's Italian at Scandic Anglais in Stockholm. Earlier this year, the Nordic hotel chain Scandic and Jamie Oliver announced their joint venture to bring Jamie's Italian into the Nordic market. British chef Jamie Oliver has Jamie's Italian outlets in around 50 locations worldwide, with the majority in the UK. Jamie's Italian is a collaboration between Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor Gennaro Contaldo, who opened their first restaurant in the UK in 2008. The restaurant at Scandic Anglais draws on the colours and character of the area, taking inspiration from the nearby National Library of Sweden and the Old Town. The collaboration between Scandic and Jamie Oliver began back in 2008 with dishes and menus composed specially for Scandic.
Scandic is the market leader in Nordic hospitality with an unbeatable network of almost 230 hotels with 42,000 hotel rooms and run by 14,000 committed team members.
We offer a wide selection of products from the finest producers, guaranteed to meet our standards.
To ensure consistency, we continuously monitor and improve our chain of operation, and only work with carefully sourced suppliers and selected industry professionals. We are always looking for ways to better ourselves and provide a service that is constantly evolving. Our highly experienced staff works continuously to develop our product assortment and to further decrease the gap between producer and end-customer. Our vast experience and industry knowledge make our service reliable and allow us to make responsible, sustainable choices. Our selection of over 700 titles for HORECA customers is the most extensive in the Nordic countries, and carries everything from beef to kangaroo meat.
Our quick chain of delivery and distribution are efficiently monitored to ensure a cold chain free of interruptions. Thanks to our highly optimized and quality-certified chain of production, we are able to offer premium protein at a competitive prize for the food industry. Pan Nordic Meat products are also available on the tax-free market of the Baltic Sea region. The man behind Mirazur is chef Mauro Colagreco and he brings with him an impressive pedigree. Next came a wooden board with a loaf of freshly baked sourdough pain du partage (bread that easily pulls apart). Our first course was a shockingly beautiful dish of oysters served with seaweed and cucumber. This was followed by jelly-wrapped king crab served with grapefruit meringues and avocado mousse, the latter being quite appropriate given the restaurant sits next to one of France's oldest (allegedly) avocado trees. A dish of clams served with rice stock and radishes had a warming heartiness to it and a deep fragrance of the ocean, of which we had a spectacular view. We also chose to have an optional cheese course (€15 supplement), and as well as local specialities I was delighted to see two English cheeses present, a cheddar and a blue cheese whose names escape me. To finish, a dessert of saffron cream, almond foam, fresh almonds, orange flower brioche and orange sorbet. We finished our lunch with strong coffee and petit fours of lemon macarons, citrus jellies, and chocolates. Chef Mauro Colagreco's cooking style is truly unique and is difficult to describe – this isn't French, Italian or Argentine cuisine, in fact it's virtually devoid of any national links. However, there is an overriding philosophy of staying true to the complex simplicity of the wild nature of the surrounding area. For me, lunch at Mirazur was a moving experience, allowing me to see the sheer beauty and complexity of the nature that surrounds us.

With its 195 seats and large bar, the restaurant will be serving up great value, simple, rustic Italian food using local and organic produce combined with fresh pasta made on the premises daily. The concept is based on tasty and simple Italian food made from scratch that always offers great value. It is now one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains, with outlets as far afield as Australia, Russia, Singapore and Turkey.
Scandic Friends is the biggest loyalty program in the Nordic hotel industry with 1.5 million members. We take pride in providing safe and nutritious products that meet the needs of our customers.
Optimizing the way we work also includes developing new ways of utilizing information technology. We are selective with our customers and partners to make sure they are operating by acceptable standards. This guarantees that the meat is as fresh and hygienic as possible when arriving on the butcher’s table. It nestles in the steep terraces, just below the restaurant's extensive organic vegetable garden, which is home to a huge variety of produce that flourishes in this climate, including almost 40 varieties of tomatoes.
He moved to France from his native Argentina in 2001 to study its great gastronomic traditions. In 2009 Colagreco was named "Chef of the Year" by the prestigious Gault Millau guide and he remains the only non-French chef to have achieved this accolade.
It depends entirely on what produce is fresh and available that day and hence the kitchen decides what to serve. Into a plate was drizzled the most intensely perfumed ginger and lemon olive oil, a fruit that Menton is famous for. This was a dish bursting with the fresh clean iodine taste of the sea and was simply incredible. This was another light, clean and fresh tasting dish and the sweet meringues were an unusual but delicious addition. Spears of very lightly blanched asparagus were served at room temperature with slivers of green apple, raw asparagus, grapefruit segments, chickweed, mint and spring onion and was dressed with yoghurt and vanilla-infused honey. In a nod to Colagreco's Latin American roots, a warm dish of quinoa risotto was served with morels, parsley brioche, different preparations of potatoes (roast, fried, crisp), parsley foam, peas, potato-parmesan cream and wild herbs.
I love turbot – for me it's the Rolls Royce of fish with its pristine firm white flesh.
Duck breast had been roasted and was served with roast beetroot and summer vegetables, toasted sesame seeds, a carrot and orange puree and a reduction from the roast duck. This was a brilliant end to the meal – sweet nutty pungency of almonds, honey-like bitterness of saffron and refreshing cold citrus sorbet. During the meal I passed by the open kitchen on the lower floor and was promptly ushered in by Mauro. Four wonderful hours of sublime food, genuinely warm service, and much laughter with friends had passed seemingly in an instant. Taking a conscious view of quality, sustainability and social responsibility, the restaurant is committed to using higher-welfare, sustainably sourced produce and to search high and low for the best producers and suppliers around. It therefore feels particularly great that we can now offer our hotel guests such a fantastic bonus and at the same time attract more diners to our restaurants. As such, only a few main courses will be more than 200 kr at Jamie's Italian in the Scandic Anglais.
All the Jamie's Italian restaurants share a capacity to create neighbourhood venues inspired by the Italian table and by local landmarks.
Our new team have been training incredibly hard to make sure that everyone who comes to visit will have a truly fantastic experience.

A year working under the late great Bernard Loiseau at his 3 Michelin-starred Cote d'Or in Seaulieu gave Mauro his first experience of haute cuisine. The bread broke away into thick segments, revealing a fluffy warm interior – perfect for dipping into that heady oil, which was fragrant and light with a nice peppery kick to it.
The sour fresh tang of apple and grapefruit along with the nutty asparagus, sweet honey and fresh yoghurt was such an exquisite combination of flavours that seemed to tingle the tongue with their vibrancy.
The flavours of this dish were incredible, it being earthy and intense and full of umami goodness. However, the star of this dish was actually the onion-butter sauce, which was utterly intoxicating, leaving a wonderful sweet onion aftertaste in the mouth that left you craving for more.
This was quite possibly the best piece of roast duck I've had, being tender, yet with a crisp skin and bursting with flavour. I love the use of coriander in this dessert, its crisp metallic grassiness working really well with sugar. The best bit was eating the brioche after letting it soak up all that orange and almond goodness.
With a beaming grin, intense dark eyes and huge amount of enthusiasm he showed me round, introducing me to members of his brigade while at the same time controlling orders and dispatching dishes from the pass. I really didn't want to leave; Mirazur is the sort of place you'd like to hang around until dinner service starts and then do it all over again. Our ambition is to expand Jamie's Italian to Scandic hotels across the Nordic region, but for the moment, we're focusing on this first restaurant," she says. Parts of an old building from northern Sweden have been reclaimed, for instance, along with vintage ship's lights. Responsibility is a part of Scandic"s DNA and for the fourth year running, Scandic has been designated the most sustainable hotel operator according to a Sustainable Brands survey.
Following Loiseau's tragic death in 2003, Colagreco spent a couple of years with Alain Passard at his legendary Parisian restaurant L'Arpege. Also in 2012 the restaurant re-entered the influential World's 50 Best Restaurants list at number 24 (in 2009 it was ranked 35th). Citrus also plays a key part, a fruit synonymous with the Menton area, and it's often combined to great effect with the slight bitterness of garden plants.
It's Passard's influence that most defines Mauro's cooking style today and he cites this time as being key in teaching him that the vegetable garden can play just as great a role on the plate as meat or fish. After advising the waiter of any allergies (none) and dislikes (none), we left the choice of dishes in chef Colagreco's capable hands. It's to be eaten in one go, unless you wanted it all down your shirt, and while it was tasty, it lacked that sweet shellfish intensity you usually associate with langoustine. The sauce was the stuff of dreams too, I've no idea how you can get that much flavour into a sauce.
The food is accessible, without the intellectual abstractions that often appear at modern fine dining restaurants. Following stints with Alain Ducasse and Guy Martin, Colagreco finally opened his own restaurant, Mirazur, in 2006.
Better was a polenta crisp filled with mascarpone and lemon, while fresh anchovies on toast was superb.

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