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When director Peter Jackson spotted the Alexander Farm during an aerial search of the North Island for the best possible locations to film The Lord of The Rings film trilogy, he immediately thought it was perfect for Hobbiton, the central village of the movies’ Hobbit civilization. Site construction started in March 1999, and filming commenced in December of that year, continuing for three months.
The New Zealand Army was contracted to build 1.5 km of road into the site and the initial set development. The Mill and double arch bridge were built out of scaffolding, ply and polystyrene, then glued and painted. Catering was organised for up to 400 people a day, with three 2-course meals required for all of the cast and crew. The fictional Hobbit village is situated on a working sheep and beef farm, where it is advertised that guests can learn to shear sheep, and perform other agricultural duties before satisfying a well earned appetite at the on site Shires Rest cafe, which features fresh regional cuisine and provides unparalleled views of the Kaimai mountain ranges. This is a house on Baldwin Street, in a pretty city called Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. He was even more impatient when I asked him to take my photo with the house, and managed taking a full body photo of me in front of the house without much of the house, with totally straight angle to the gravity.
Have a told you before that I have unreasonable phobia of walking on slippery angled surface?
PS-2: Do you realize that the house’s mail box is made parallel to the street angle, not to the gravity?

If I ever get to this street I hope they have people giving rides to the top in those traveling chairs! I was thinking I would love to ride my bike out of there and down the hill everyday until I realised I would have to climb back up at some point. Melvin?s last post…A corner full of local Bratislavas tastes – A really locals place! I don’t blame you for being afraid of slipping down that hill, from the first picture it looks like it would be pretty slick with the rain! There are other photos of the street (including streakers!) on the website (actually my wife’s blog). They brought diggers, bulldozers, loaders, trucks, rollers, graders and other heavy machinery to the site.
Each branch was numbered and chopped, then transported and bolted together on top of Bag End (weighing 26 tonne).
This house is a real house, embedded at an extreme angle to the ground, just like in the picture. Dunedin itself is a pretty city with nice architecture near the gorgeous Otago Peninsula, where the rare royal albatross with its 3 meter wingspan can be found.
The road looked a little bit treacherous with the angle and the rain, and we were afraid a 3 point turn up there wouldn’t be that much fun.

I think the length of the road that is in great slope plays a big road in the title here, since I’ve seen many super slopey road before, but usually the extreme slope is only for a short distance, while Baldwin Street is about 350 meters long and the slope is the whole way. Or so we heard, since when we were there nothing could fly without getting blown away in the howling wind and rain. We looked up to the stretch of the road, and said, holy cow, it’s steep indeed for a residential area. We giggled a little bit, drank some sips of flat room-temperatured L&P soda from a gigantic 2L bottle or so, and we were on our way again! And seriously, travelers don’t need a gym membership because these crazy roads, stairs and sidewalks are enough to burn the fat off. The train station is gorgeous, and Otago Peninsula will make a gorgeous drive on a clear day. He was not very patient when I started setting up my camera under the rain in perfect parallel to the road angle to take long-exposure night shot of a pretty house there, with him as a model in the picture (meaning he was not allowed to move much). In 2001, there was a 19 year old university student that was killed instantly after sledging down the road inside a wheelie bin (big garbage bin with wheels) and crashing into a parked trailer at the bottom.

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