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A Manhattan man claims five restaurants a€” and maybe many more a€” have been tricking diners into tipping their waiters twice by building a bonus into the tab, but not telling the consumer. Ted Dimond, a 47-year-old tennis pro, is now petitioning the Manhattan Supreme court for permission to file a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit against the alleged offenders.
City consumer protection laws allow restaurants to tack onto a bill a maximum 15% tip for any party of eight or more, Spencer said.
But the Olive Garden and the Red Lobster in Times Square, the Ruby Tuesday on Seventh Avenue, the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway and the Applebee's on West 50th Street, are all flouting that law, the court papers state.
As a result, clueless consumers have been leaving double tips as high as 40 percent, Spencer said.
When a Daily News reporter visited the Ruby Tuesday that Dimond singled out as an offender, she discovered all the customers there were getting slapped with an extra 18% gratuity. Craig Allen, 49, who hails from Detroit, noticed it on his bill after eating lunch with his son, his daughter and her boyfriend. Allen said when he questioned it, the waiter told him, a€?In this part of town, this is what we do.a€? The lawsuit claims that places such as the Crossroads restaurant in the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway are illegally adding tips to parties smaller than eight. Jacques LeSage, 49, of Montreal, said it was just him and a friend and the waiter warned them the tip would be included in the bill. Ichi Chen, 49, who lives in New Jersey, said her waiter didna€™t say anything about a tip as she lunched with her daughter. Leigh Duthie, 52, a visitor from Australia who lunched with two friends, said he learned about the built-in tip a€?after we got the bill.a€? Ruby Tuesday on Seventh Avenue automatically charges customers a large gratuity, Ted Dimond's lawsuit alleges.
Dimonda€™s lawsuit also accuses the restaurants of breaking state fraud statutes that allow litigants to collect triple damages. In this case, the damages could escalate because in addition to the five named restaurants, the defendants include as many as 1,000 additional restaurants that would be identified in the future, the court papers state.

New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S.
Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Crime U.S. These thieves ran, they ran so far away a€” and California cops dona€™t know where they went.
Someone rustled the nest of 1980s-era rockers A Flock of Seagulls, stealing their van loaded with about $70,000 worth of equipment, cops in Downey say. Following a gig in Bellflower, the English one-hit wonders, memorable for their wacky hairstyles and a€?80s get-ups, had their 1999 Ford E-350 van nicked Sunday morning out of a Comfort Inn parking lot.
The New Wave band, who hit the scene with their 1982 hit a€?I Ran (So Far Away)a€? and their bold style, has disbanded, but for Score who remains the only one to tour under the banda€™s name. The group was preparing for an overseas tour, Score told KTLA-TV, and now will need to find new equipment for the shows.
Video of the theft shows a black car pull up and a man get out, break into the van and leave the hotel. This site contains content from artists, fans, and writers from around the internet in it's natural form. Valerie Dodds, an aspiring porn star, held an X-rated photo shoot at her former Nebraska Catholic school as payback against her classmates and teachers who mocked her dreams of going into adult entertainment.
But the 19-year-old's Mothera€™s Day exploit at Pius X High School in Lincoln earned her a citation for trespassing and public nudity. Dodds was photographed nude on the schoola€™s football field, dangling her body in front of the schoola€™s motto a€” a€?Restore All Things in Christa€? a€” and masturbating during the late-night shoot on May 13. She returned Tuesday to pose again in front of the high school a€” this time in broad daylight and wearing white panties and pasties. While she covered just enough skin to keep from getting cited, Lincoln police ended up ticketing her for last montha€™s bare-chested display. The school said in a release that it would continue calling authorities if she did something illegal.

The idea behind this type of decor is that you can combine eclectic pieces of furniture and art in a way that provides a cohesive, rich look for the room. It wasna€™t until after she paid the bill, and left the tip, that she noted the 18% gratuity on the tab. He filed the class action suit against Ruby Tuesday and four other Times Square restaurants.
The large van was loaded down with custom guitars and a drum kit, studio equipment and merchandise, frontman Mike Score told the Los Angeles Daily News. The lead singera€™s distinctive locks, which dipped down over his eyes and was slicked up on the sides, are long gone in favor of a shaved head.
Pius decided to call the Lincoln Police Department AND Crime Stoppers because a€?GODa€™ couldna€™t help them out on this one I guess LOL!a€? Dodds wrote on Facebook.
Her classmates, however, persecuted her and labeled her a a€?slut,a€? she told ABC affiliate KETV. She told KETV that shea€™s considering another photo shoot in pasties and panties a€” this time in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse. If you have smaller children go through their ‘must-haves’ and ‘forgotten-about’ items.  Donate, sell or give away items that are tucked in the back of the closet, under the bed, etc… For older children have them help you with the purge so they understand what you’re doing and why it is important. Their wild hairstyles and outlandish clothes made them stand out, even during the eccentric 1980s. This obviously doesn’t mean other family members aren’t welcome.  It helps provide a sense of ownership to what spaces everyone is ‘responsible’ for keeping tidy and will help parents not feel like they are the police in every room of the home.
Explain to your kids the value of having a small home to call your own and how you all can love and enjoy it at the same time.Freshome reader’s what are some tricks that you have for sharing a small home with your kids?
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