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If you can't find the exact survival kit or sweet box you are after, send us a message and we will try our best to create a bespoke item for you. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay, you can just use your credit or debit card.
Because Grandma and Grandpa are undoubtedly the best, why not award them with their very own gold medal? For the grandpa who loves doting on the kids, this card sends just the right loving message. Plus, it includes the oh-so-cute handprint element, so grandpa knows just how big those little hands are getting.
If scrapbooking is decidedly not your thing, this free printable from Strawberry Mommycakes is just the adorable solution.
This idea from Parenting the A Team is especially nice for grandparents who live far away and it’s as easy as a photo snap. All items are placed in a gorgeous organza bag and finished with a laminated label highlighting the significance of each item.

For the grandma who goes with the flow and gets the job done with a bit of humor, here’s a fun Survival Kit from Gifts U Can Make. This craft is a great way to share and display those Instagram snaps that you’ve been racking up. It has 12 pages that keep Grandma updated on all the big and little moments in your kid’s life.
You can email your photo, frame it and wrap it, or add a special twist–make it a tradition each year to see how your kids (and their love for Grandma and Grandpa) grow. Instead of a daily dose of vitamins or medicine, stock the seven days slots with candy, love notes, and more.
Feel free to switch things up and make this kit for the grandpa in your life or add a few more survival ingredients–perhaps their favorite candy or a CD of their fave tunes?
Send them off as surprise mail or, if the grandparents are nearby, hold your own awards ceremony with a kid MC.

You can get the box on the cheap and encourage the kids to make a note or drawing tailored to each day of the week, starting with Sunday–Grandparents Day.
Get the kids to think of 3-4 things they love about Grandpa and then collect items to go along with each answer. Get the how-to and more at Somewhat Simple. You can get the how-to and a free download of the goofy grandkids print over at eighteen25.

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