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Enhance or change the color of desserts and many other dishes with this vibrant yellow food coloring! February 21, 2012 by Chrystal Johnson 54 Comments During the past 50 years, the amount of chemical dye used in foods has increased by a whopping 500%. These symptoms may also indicate a mental or physical illness and your child may be diagnosed as having one.
Red dye #40 has been most commonly associated with aggressive and impulsive behavior in children.
Yellow #5 is most commonly associated with insomnia, which can lead to behavioral problems. Aside from Red #40 and Yellow #5, there are dozens more food dyes that can contribute to child behavioral problems.
The best way to tell if your child’s behavioral problems are related to food dyes is to eliminate all traces of foods, medication and toothpaste containing artificial dyes for a period of one month.
For example, if your son or daughter’s tantrums, outbursts or confusion returns after eating a bunch of red candy, you’ve found the cause. If you’re a parent or caregiver concerned with a child’s behavioral problems, it’s very important to become a label-reader. Changing a child’s diet may be a battle at first, but the switch from processed food to whole food will improve your child’s health for the better. Food dyes and preservatives have been reported to be a large contributor of behavioral problems in children. I’ve heard this before and certainly may be true but how do we know the child’s reactions are not just from the sugar? I know this is like a year old but I wanted to chime in with my own experience: My son is extremely sensitive to food dyes.
I just found out my son is super reactive to the red dye in his antibiotics.i He gets reoccurring ear infections so I was beginning to believe it was a behavioral issue. Cite your sources next time please and quit using flimbsy language that doest prove anything other than the fact you are manipulative. You know, I’m not normally confrontational as I try to take the stance that everyone has a right to choose what they feel is best for their family, but I have to ask, are you having a bad day?
Just as an FYI, whenever you read one article, you should continue doing research before drawing a conclusion.
If you’re like the average American and just want to take what the corporations put in front of you at face value, have at it.
My gut feeling is you think I don’t know the difference between correlation and causatiton. Big corporations influence which studies actually hit the presses, and most often it’s going to take a lot for a study to come out proving definitively that something that makes so many corporations big bucks is harmful and needs to be yanked off the market. So to sum it up, until there are multiple studies that are released proving definitively that synthetic dyes are safe, we won’t be using them.
I’m the author of this piece and I agree with your comment that there are no sources listed. Actually multiple research studies show that artificial food dyes cause some behaviour issues. The reality is that if you eat anything that is foreign to the body, the body will respond to it by trying to eliminate them as fast as it can.
However, if you take these synthetic chemicals long term , the body cannot clean these substances quickly because the organs may not work efficiently.
In the end, chronic inflammation starts to rise as evidenced by increase in inflammatory markers C-reactive protein.

I don’t think the author ever suggested that every kid has an allergic reaction to synthetic dyes, and this study showed that some kids did have a reaction. I’m also a parent that has wondered about the affects all the GMO foods have on our bodies especially developing children. I am by far no perfect parent and have plenty of those boxed foods in our house, but we are trying to phase them out as I learn how to cook everything from scratch or we find healthy, organic, and affordable alternatives to the common products found in today’s grocery stores. Just a few generations ago people didn’t eat specialty labeled organic food as all food was organic! I have started thinking that eating anything that is a chemical really just isn’t a good idea, whether or not you see a direct behavioral change from it.
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Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health.
Lucy Bee Organic Raw Fair Trade Turmeric Powder is an essential ingredient for home baking, drinks or Indian cuisine. Lucy Bee Organic Raw Fair Trade Turmeric Powder has a distinct earthy aroma because it is produced from the a section of the Curcuma longa plant, between the root and the stem.
Lucy Bee Organic Raw Fair Trade Turmeric Powder is a versatile Superfood, which can be added to food, drinks, or your home-baked recipes. Could it be one of the causes of the alarming rise in child behavioral problems, aggression and ADHD? However, before putting him or her on medication, which might cause unwanted side effects, take a closer look into food dyes first. Tantrums, hitting, kicking and swearing are common reactions in children sensitive to this dye.
Then, add a large quantity of food containing just one of the forbidden dyes (Red #40 or Blue #1) and wait for a reaction or change in behavior. If not, continue to add one more forbidden food dye every other day until a reaction occurs.
The best way to find out if your child’s behavioral problems are due to food dyes is to eliminate all traces of food dyes for a month and then reintroduce them one at a time. Heidel, founder of I Told You I Was Sick, a website dedicated to helping those suffering with mystery symptoms find natural ways to heal.
I am so frustrated and angry it took me this long to figure out his jekyl personality is totally linked to that pink antbiotic. Whether its fooddyes, vaccine info or anything else related to my kid, why on earth should I listen to someone who doesn’t cite their sources and basically says a bunch of things that have NEVER been proven by the scientific community.
But I’ll post a couple of links for you to read just in case you actually are interested in educating yourself. I am just sick of ignorant people attacking me because my research has led me to make choices they disagree with. Until there are definitive studies proving un-natural things like synthetic dyes are, in fact, safe I won’t be using them. And, being a medical writer who sees the politics behind some of these so-called studies, I have learned to follow the money behind the studies that are actually available. I tend to stay on the side of caution when it comes to artificial and synthetic ingredients coming into contact with my family.
You will find the actual studies by searching each food dye name and adverse effects related to it. This proves very little but I am glad to at least see some scientific thinking instead of just blindly repeating what a natural website says.

So, if your child is suffering from behavioral issues, I don’t see the harm in suggesting to that parent that they try eliminating artificial dyes for 30 days as he did. I know for a fact she has linked up studies related to food dyes, specifically red and yellow. I find it interesting that a parent with such harsh comments (like the above commenter) would even be on a site that is geared towards natural parenting if they are not open to the possibilities of what man-made products can do to the environment and our bodies. We try our best to avoid all artificial food colors (although I’m sure you know that is a challenge). This is definitely a topic of interest for me and I think more attention needs to be brought to the safety of synthetic dyes in foods. The range of renowned health benefits connected to turmeric come from its main ingredient, Curcumin, which has vast immune boosting properties.
Combine this coloring with piping gel or frosting to create uniquely decorative topping, or add to your favorite jams or preserves for a bright, warm color!
According to research, parents whose children consumed any food with this dye experienced a sudden and violent change in personality. If, after you’ve removed all food dyes from your child’s diet, behavioral problems still persist, another mental or physical condition could be to blame. The change in your child may pleasantly surprise you and you’ll both be happier and healthier for it! But my whole philosophy is that if it’s not natural, it was not designed to be put in our bodies.
It’s amazing that we have been brainwashed into thinking that certain foods and drinks need to be a certain color because that is what we grew up knowing they were.
But once you eliminate the synthetic dyes, scents and flavorings, you really notice the difference! I am a parent who DOES NOT believe what corporations or random internet people say without any proof.
If you read so many studies, I would expect your spelling and grammar to be better than it is. Since water-based food coloring, such as this, can affect the consistency of certain recipes when too much is used, it is best to add food color gradually until the desired hue is achieved. This article will help you to understand a little more about food dye, how it can negatively affect your child’s behavior and what you can do to fight back. It really irritates me when someone tries to show me how educated they are, then they can’t even spell or use proper grammar. We use UK Mail and Royal Mail Tracked for our next day delivery service and this will require a signature upon delivery. You don’t have to agree with the post but why attack the website owner personally as though she’s done you a wrong?
Rather than continuing to use something until it is proved to be harmful, I would rather discontinue using it until it is proven to be safe. I think if anyone reading your blog disagrees with you so strongly on your beliefs about what is best for your family, they should probably read a blog written by someone with similar views. And please don’t feed your little ones Maraschino Cherries, or Red Velvet Cake or Cupcakes, those are deadly Red#40 cocktails!

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