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This colorful fold-out picture card lets you communicate instantly with anyone, regardless of language, by simply pointing at pictures.
Absolutely everything your staff needs to get up and speaking “restaurant Spanish” – at an incredible price! Our “grammar-less” approach helps lessen frustration and close the communication gap that often exists between managers and Latino employees.

This complete package not only teaches the Spanish basics but also the specific words and phrases that will help you communicate successfully. Covers urgent situations such as booby traps, hostage taking, medical needs, detainee search and more. We offer a number of different teaching methods in this Kit: Online Spanish, Pocket Reference Booklets, Audio Downloads, a “Basics Cheat Sheet” … products that will help you to continue to practice and learn our techniques.

Essential words and phrases are translated into Pashto and Dari and written in phonetic spellings for English speakers.

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