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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is perhaps one of the most successful 1st person shooting game in the year, and no wonder modern warfare franchise are famous for their reason.
In the MW3 survival mood, you are either selected as single player or play with multi-player. Weapon sign: You could use this station to upgrade different guns and functionality of the gun such as like red laser, hologram aiming, you could also refill the cartridges for your guns.
The basic requirement is to get the level as high as you can so you could unlock new weapons and equipment, the more level you are, the best equipments that can help you to survive. Since at the beginning I have mentioned how important the money it is, first, you need to understand the concept about earning money, it is just purely earning but the speed.
WAVE 1- starting from the pistol, basically what I did is to kill 2 people first and get the shotgun, please remember that the more quick you kill, the more bonus that you got and hence more money. WAVE 2- Same procedure of saving money, since now you got enough bullets, so try to kill in group and as fast as you can. Wave 3- beware with the two dogs that coming at the first place, following the similar prodecure and once you got $3000 or $4000, you can come to the “Bomb station” to get the sentry gun. Wave 4-5- mostly likely, you will realize how easy it is by putting the sentry gun at the right place, for me, my favorable position will be either near the weapon station or the air supply station, and please don’t forget replace your pistol with the rifle that the troop used (forgot the name), make sure you collect the maximum bullets amount (180) for preparing for the wave 6, you DO NOT need to spend extra money for other guns, bombs or armor, NOT YET! If you are the single player in this Modern warefare 3 survival mode, then it might be a little bit hard during these stages at the beginning if you don’t have strategy in mind. Wave 10 is one of the part that I concerned as important because the juggernauts, it is one of the hardest troop to beat because it’s extra armor and endurance. Basically the similar strategy which I am using from the above content which mentioned, at wave 15, they will drop 2 jugganut to you and in which I used the same menthod-air strike, the troop is going to be harder and harder in which I highly recommend you to play with multiplayer, firstly, your teammate can purchase the sufficient bomb, frag and even sentry guns for the team, and second, your delta force or riot force will not be killed easily by following you all the way down to the “bomb” station for getting extra equipments. As far as I could remember but I am not quite sure, at wave 20 you will have 3 jugganut(or maybe before), and that will be a bit hard to deal but still feasible, as personal recommendation, I would like to hide all the sentry guns before which I had since I don’t want to waste it, and I will kill the first 2 jugganut with air strikes or if I am run out of time to get the last air strike, I will use my delta or riot force as my “meat shield” and throw the frag and shoot the jugganut behind them, and if they all got killed, then I will kite him and do hit and run. Usually when I write these tactical guides, I spend countless hours on every map devising a strategy for every detail. In solo mode it is a good idea to use sentry guns to cover your back but be sure to move them when juggs are around because they will take them out in a heartbeat, also, when facing juggs it helps to move from juggs And to shoot them from a far. Hi there I usually c4 trap jugs find where they land and leave 5 c4 laying there takes them out pretty fast, also you say to communicate is this only possible on ps3 or do you need to be in a Xbox party chat as I’ve tried and don’t believe i could chat with my team mate?? Whenever possible, you should try to allow both teammates to stock up before the round is over.
Regular waves: As soon as there is only one or two enemies left, break off and resupply before killing them. Choppers: Depending on how you fight these waves, in open maps, the choppers must go down first, then you resupply with a couple regs running around. You can upgrade the 50cal with an ACOG scope so you have the responsiveness and quick aiming of an assault rifle while one shotting everything for the first few waves.
Ask as much questions about the used car – Though you are buying a used car, but it still involves a decent amount of money. Of course not all second hand cars are a complete disaster from the outset and many last the buyers for several years. Tips for Seatown on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! The MapSo first let me go over what the icons on the map means, and then i will move along to the strategy that you should follow in order to get to high levels on this map. The StrategySo following this strategy you should be able to get to high levels fairly easily.
Before i get to the actual strategy let me say, i suggest reading once again my guide above on making it to high rounds, as here i will only tell you what to use, but in that guide i will give you reason to using that.
The person near the stair case should begin by crouching at the top of the staircase, this will give you good movement, plus allow you to take the enemy out one by one as they run up the stairs after you.
Overall with each person facing each way you should have no problem making it to high levels. For Solo SurvivalGuide for all Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 spec ops survival mode maps for SOLO players Includes alThis Hub, will go through a short strategy for every map. 352First-Person Shooter Online GamesTips for Resistance on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! Anonymous 4 years ago Not 2 bAsh u or ur map but I don't understand y u shouldn't put a sentry at the top of the stairs I think it could help a lot but I'll try it ur way 2. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Well because when your playing with 2 people putting a sentry there is useless as not a lot of people come this way, and even if they do, it really is not more than you can handle. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Good Strategy, and i like your placement.

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author if you are referring to how many waves there are, then there are infinity, the game continues until you die. Jack 4 years ago Both players lay down prone on the rail outside the room with the red x and square staircase. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author I'll try it out and let you know what i think, should work not to badly. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Yah, try the sentry guns, they can only help, and congrats making it that far, you are maing it further then a lot of others.
Boba Fett 2112 4 years ago My friend and I make it to wave 60+ (81 is our record) all the time, staying in the other building (across this building, one ladder and set of stairs inside, room with all the computers inside) Great area!
Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Yes each method works best with team work. Wraith 4 years ago Well, I've usually used the 'camp the 2nd floor room' type of strategy provided, but I found a different one! Zain smith 4 years ago Me and my buddy drake got to level 54 using pretty much the same strategy!!!
Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Congrats, it is a good spot for the most part, and glad you had luck. Wraith 3 years ago You know, I would really appreciate some feedback on my strategy (the one with the faulty AI path coding).
Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author As I said on the other guide you osted a huge strategy for, I need to get back to MW3, and try a whole bunch of strategies, and I will definitely try yours.
Emiller37 2 years ago In the building right behind you when you start out you get two normal sentry guns and go upstairs to put them in the outdoor part but still in the building.
Popular352First-Person Shooter Online GamesTips for Resistance on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! The concept is pretty simple, you have became a public enemy and all you need to do is survival.
Once I got the shotgun and with like 7 bullets refilled (maximum) then I start to gather all people together in one place and kill it as fast as I could to get the bonus.
The first thing that you need to beware is the helicopters at Wave 6, and if you got sentry guns at that wave, DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR SENTRY GUNS to the helicopters because it got destroyed very easy. In this wave, they are going to land just one jugannut, the one simple way is to use the “air strike” so when you see the white smoke before they landed on the ground, you put the air strike bomb immediately so when juggernauts landed they will be killed within 3 secs, and if by doing that method, please drag your riot shielder far away to make sure you don’t sacrifice any of them, and if you missed it, just frag and kill them as quick as possible before they start to chase you.
For single player, mostly I put 2 sentry guns and 1 grenade sentry gun and make a protection circle at the “air supply” station with 3 riot forces, and if I plan to get extra sentry guns then I need to make sure I got time to go back or all force won’t die during on that process, the most preferable timing is the time between the time nearly the end of that wave (with 1-2enermies left) to the pending time for the new wave.
You will realize that the more waves that you can surpass the more enjoyment and addiction for the survive mode that you are going to get. Due to the massive size of MW3 and the amount of maps, here’s a short guide with some great tips on how to survive the endless onslaught of enemies.
In theory they woull be good against Juggs but they move so fast that an ACR or MK14 would be better.
C4 spawn trapping is also possible, though hard to coordinate due to spawns being dependent on your position. Always flash nearby enemies if possible and revive only from prone position to avoid being hit. It does not matter which turrets you buy and place here but this is the best area to place them, i will explain this later on. They represent where the players should stand, which as you can see is upstairs, with 1 person in each room. You should have no problem at all covering this area and will have a huge advantage overall. You have a little more work to do, but with the turrets beside you, it should not be that bad.
Below i will include links to my other hubs that will teach you the tips and tricks needed to get to high levels on the other survival maps.
I will try this out, and if it works with me and my partner a lot better than ours, ill add second portion or adjustments to my guide. Sounds like a good strategy, should work, and ill try it out, and let you know what i think. The only gun in MW3 I can think of that has "pp" in it is the PP90M1, which isn't such a good survival mode weapon. I will not use nay of my own, because i know how those work, so I will be trying the once I have yet to try. To be honest I have been really busy with work, and vacation ad haven't had time for much of anything..

MW3), the multi-player platform from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has provided a unique shooting experience in which you will never ever had before, it is pretty much the video game that you wouldn’t want to miss it, and today we 123inkcartridges are here to offer you some gamer tips how to play wisely for the Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode, in this case, the UNDERGROUND map.
In the underground map, the best place is to hide at the tunnel (the one near weapon station), the purpose is to kill fast and DO NOT WASTE any money for guns. Most of the time, I hide the sentry inside the Air Supply station so sometimes it can help me a bit by killing the helicopter faster if I put my sentry guns at the right angle, in this case, I need to hide at the air supply station and “kite” the helicopter and hit it, try to finish those two helicopters without spending extra $750 refills and DO NOT USE SHOOTGUN to kill the helicopter because it will takes you forever.
It is never a good idea to knife a suicide bomber, especially since their bombs go off right after their death.
Be it a LMG, sub-machine gun, assault rifle, or a sniper, it’s always good to have an attachment to help aim or reduce recoil.
I like MK14 with ACOG as it can quickly drop enemies with 2 shots and it is still effective at closer ranges.
Since you are elevated all the enemies will have to follow a certain route, and this will put you at an elevated advantage.
Basically each round you should start off by each being in position, with one person facing the window by the turrets, and the other person in the room near the staircase. So what you should do is worry about the window first, and take out all enemies that build up right outside the window. After Wave 6, you can start buy the riot troops with three extra hands which can help you a lot.
If you are being overrun in one of the later rounds, call one of your teammates to come give you a hand.
Juggernauts, however, are easily picked off with Predators since they aren’t bomb proof. Not all guns appear in the hands of the enemy early on, so youll run short on ammo eventually. The sights used for aiming aren’t always easy to aim with so one should definitely invest in a sight. Being able to carry LMG and an ACR makes you more dangerous than a fat man eating a can of beans. Second off, there are plenty of escape routes for when or if you get trapped or need to get away from juggernauts. After the window, then you should also be watching the turrets as well, so the enemy does not build up to much on the turrets.
However, if you are short on cash because you bought a LMG, just unleash hell upon the jugg.
The third part is there is limited ways of getting to you, If you place the turrets where i have shown below, and go where i show, you will have no problem stopping all enemy troops from coming after you. This is a quick way to get lots of money to get a lot of firepower for juggernauts and choppers later on.
After lvl 23 leave the chopper alive, and resupply while dodging the choppers fire by going prone when you hear its gun spin up, it will shoot directly next your head.
I *think* I get the general gist of what you're saying, but it is rather hard to understand. Also, claymores in high activity parts of a map can greatly reduce the amount of enemies that actually cause damage… If they are placed correctly.
While dodging the chopper pickup C-4 and Claymores, to set in spawn positions by the barriers at the edges of the map and in key grouping positions to thing the spawns out, (Quicker rounds but slow set up so its just as fast as grinding but use less ammo over all and make all the points back from multi kills and streaks). Starting from the restaurant door closest to the equipment box, place 5 C4s with enough spread that you get the area by the door (outside of it, of course), behind the yellow car, and behind the green car. Those are where the enemies will crowd, trying to throw frags THROUGH the wall at you.While facing the same direction as the sentries, hug the left wall and move up into the corner. As well as another grenade turret on second story with the first one.When jugs come i wait till they hit the top of the stories and. YOU have to shoot them, the sentries will NOT because they apparently think they might shoot you. Place 1 on the ruined doors facing the stairs, and the other immediately to the left of it facing the well. Go back to the usual corner and deal with the ground enemies first (like you usually would). If you REALLY need to visit the killstreak box, do it while on the run during a juggernaut round or leave 1 enemy alive and run for it.

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