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I want to address the First Aid Kit because this is the one that you will more than likely need immediately. You may call them Band-Aids but regardless of the brand, you will use these more than anything else in your kit.
As a softball coach this is my most used item and I keep close tabs on them to ensure I have enough. Headache, aches, pains, fevers, swelling, or infection cause Ibuprofen to make the number two spot. The purpose for this product is while a wound heals you want to keep it free of germs and possible infection.
Not exactly everyone’s favorite item but when it comes to ensuring a wound is cleaned, this is my go to favorite. Keep in mind, if a cut or open wound is bleeding freely, I typically will not use one simply because the blood is actually cleaning the area.
I know it sounds weird but there are times when something happens and you can’t get medical attention immediately. After becoming a prepper, someone mentioned superglue as an emergency wound closer and I nodded my head in agreement.
While I am currently looking for a supplement for my vehicle, Bug Out Bag and Home Medical Kit, I absolutely recommend Ace type bandages.

In addition to all the items mentioned in your article, I keep a small homeopathic kit within my first aid kit. This is not to be confused with the kit in your house or vehicle but instead one that you carry on your person or in your Get Home Bag. I have doubled the normal number from a store bought kit simply because I am always hearing, “Do you have a band-aid?”. You probably use Neosporin but again, regardless of the name, this product takes my number three spot in the countdown. One of the projected top causes of death in a post apocalyptic society is due to infection from a small wound. So much so that upon injury my children’s first question is, “are you going to use the alcohol?”. He thought I was the weird one because I had heard of it all the while he thought he just came up with a great idea. I do keep it in my kit because my children are allergic to dog dander and if one of their friends has a dog and comes to play, they need the benadryl. This is ideal for multiple mosquito bites, beestings, poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac as well as other allergic reactions. I keep a small roll in my kit in case I have to deal with a serious injury such as a sprain or even worse, a broken bone.
Regardless if you do or do not already have a kit, I highly recommend these top five items, and even the honorable mentions, get added to your kit.

Whether is for bumps and bruises during an outing or camping trip or an annoying toothache that doesn’t quite require medical attention, I make sure I have plenty of ibuprofen to go around. We used superglue during football season when I was a child when someone would get a busted chin or cut on an arm or leg. I want to be able to stabilize quickly in order to minimize trauma and get to proper medical assistance without causing more damage to the area.
All of these items can fit in a snack size zip top bag and can be placed in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
Wanting to adjust and have quantities of items more to my liking, I decided to assemble my own.
Superglue will suffice until after practice and we wouldn’t have to deal with the band-aid falling off and the wound getting infected. Use a second zip top bag and place the first bag upside down in the second to make it water resistant and depending on the bags, even waterproof.

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