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On the very northeastern edge of Minnesota is an unspoiled, 1.1 million acre wilderness that is laced with more than 1,200 miles of streams, thousands of lakes, and an abundance of sandy beaches and wetlands surrounded by a rich forest. But right now, Twin Metals, owned by Antofagasta of Chile, is proposing a massive, sulfide-ore copper mine within the Boundary Waters’ watershed, just upstream from these priceless wilderness waterways. Wilderness visitors are often surprised to learn how naturally at home moose are in the water. Moose in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are often found wading through marsh areas in the summer eating water lilies, wild rice, and other aquatic plants. Moose are struggling from the stress of winter tick infestations exacerbated by the impacts of climate change, liver flukes, parasites and deadly brain worm.
6 tips for planning a secure remote cabin - american, 6 tips for planning a secure remote cabin. The Adventure Station Wilderness Survival Kit teaches kids outdoor skills like knot-tying, navigation and identifying animal tracks.

Product Comments: I must say, while this is a present for my nephews, I want to purchase one for myself. View DetailsWe have included some high quality, crucial items such as a 7" full tang survival knife with magnesium fire starter.
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the last wild and unspoiled places in the contiguous United States where struggling moose have a chance to recover and thrive in a healthy water habitat that’s essential for their survival. Department of the Interior to safeguard moose and permanently protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide-ore mining. Moose can easily swim for miles without stopping and submerge as deep as 10 feet or more below the water’s surface to feed. They are attracted to these pristine waters because the aquatic vegetation has more protein than terrestrial plants and provides crucial nutrients needed to get through winter months. Friends of wildlife are pressing for the permanent protection of life-giving habitat in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, to give moose a chance to bounce back and survive.

Using the contents of this kit, kids can learn and master basic outdoor survival skills, like orientating and how to tie and use ropes. In fact, moose calves are born near water, and the species relies on water habitat to avoid and escape from wolves and bears. Studies are showing us that a healthy aquatic habitat can be key for the long-term sustainability of moose in the northern woods of Minnesota.

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