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For effective emergency response to spills on site and on water, we offer a range of different spill kits for the containment and clean up of oil, chemical and general liquid spills. All spill kits contain a clear check list of contents, emergency call out number should you require assistance, disposal bags and ties for safe disposal of used absorbents and a PPE set appropriate to the spill kit specifications.
For expert advice and assistance on your exact requirements please call us and we will be pleased to assist. Pollution Prevention Guideline 22 (Dealing With Spills) Section 6.4 states "Make sure your site has stocks of pollution control equipment, suitable for your stored materials, readily available and where possible stored near possible spill sites. A spill kit is an emergency stock of absorbent materials used to clean up spills of any liquid. No, if you are in an industry where small regular spills are unavoidable then a spill station is the best solution. Most of the spill kits we provide have the same basic contents; these are absorbent materials, PPE, product to seal leaking containers, product to seal drains and hazardous waste bags so that you can correctly dispose of any hazardous waste created.
What you need in your spill kit will all depend on what liquids are likely to be spilled, what quantities are likely to be spilled and the layout of your site.
To decide on the absorbent material you use you need to identify what liquid could be spilled. If the spill could be oil coolants, water, detergents and mild chemical solutions then you will need maintenance absorbents which are grey, these will absorb and store any liquids. Now you know what type of absorbent you need, you will have to decide on the amount you need. If you are still unsure on what you need in your spill kit we offer a site survey service where we can identify potential pollutant sources and recommend suitable spill kits to mitigate these.

All spill kits contain a check list of contents, an emergency call out number card and disposal bags and ties for safe disposal of used absorbents.
Natural solutions head office is based in South Wales and covers all areas of South Wales, West Wales and Mid Wales including Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport, Port Talbot, Powys, Llanelli, Neath, Pembrokeshire and Aberystwyth. We have a second office in Exeter which covers the South West of England including Bristol, Plymouth, Bath, Gloucester, Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Worcester, Southampton and Swindon. We are also expanding to the midlands and currently operate in Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Derby, Stoke, Nottingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield. We also operate across the midlands, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Derby, Stoke, Nottingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Slough, Heathrow, Leatherhead and Surrey. Best promotional cotton bags, canvas bags, tote bags, laundry bags,pp non woven bags, pp woven bags, foldable bags, tarpaulin bags, cosmetic bags,makeup bags, beach bags, wine bags, sports duffle bags, backpacks, school bags,oven mitts, potholders, kitchen aprons, wristband, shoe bags, pencil cases,felt bags, first aid bags, waist bags, neck wallets, garment bags, luggagecovers, laptop bags, medical bags, tool bags, canvas pouches, canvas purses arefrom Istanbul – Turkey with fastest delivery. Lanxi Sunlight Jijiu Products Co., Ltd --a mostly specialized plastic household manufacturer in China.
Lanxi Sunlight Jijiu Products Co., Ltd -a mostly specialized plastic household manufacturer in China. Various kinds of first aid kits for different purpose, such as in car, office, school, construction site, Army etc. Whenever you are on the beach, in the snow or hiking, take along this ready-to-go first-aid-kit especially designed for dogs.
Our Car Emergency Kit provides many of the necessities required to ensure you can handle any minor accidents on the road. Our range of standard spill kits can absorb anything from 20 litres up to 1,200 litres of liquids and are suitable for most industrial situations.

They can be used to prevent pollution and to leave a working environment safe and free from a slip hazard. Spill kits should only be opened in emergencies and stock should be replenished following the incident. The size of your spill kit will be governed by the size of the spill you are likely to encounter. Typical spill kits will combine a mixture of socks, pads and cushions which can be deployed to contain and absorb as much of the spill as possible. It contains the most frequently used plaster and dressing material, suggested for private and travel, home and do-it-youself activities. It is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the water-tightness leather materials. If people regularly dip into spill kits for small spills, when a large spill occurs there is an insufficient amount of absorbents left to deal with the spill.
If a spill is likely to come from a punctured drum then you will need dammit paste and if it likely occur near to drainage inlets then you will need dammit mats.

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