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Hey Paul, the new Punchwood Island series is really cool, you should start? making a house! Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL.
We are a very friendly community with some oddballs in between, but the admins are fair and friendly. Skyblock - If you want more of a challenge, head over to skyblock and see what you can do with just a tiny island in the sky with a tree on it. This is a great server, and I would highly reccomend hopping on and checking out the variety of servers here. I'm spending so much time in skyblock and skygrid that my survival house is getting cobwebs! So you can get to your base or another place after you die, so you don't have to run all the way. Still need to price a few more and need to decide which abilities (if any) will be for sale and price them. Capture the flag is closed to renovate the arena and we haven't gotten TNT drop moved in yet, but otherwise all is running nicely.
Some of the players are building new arenas for more games like a four person (maybe team, not sure) skirmish in the sky and a capture the flag arena.What we really need are more opponents! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

Our players have created most of the arenas on our arenas server and several of the buildings on our survival server. Can you survive and make a home for yourself or will you be slimed!?Additional NotesMonitored no grief family friendly server for all ages. I want to get the staff trained on how to use the shopkeepers before I open it to the public. But, after a mostly sleepless night I had an epiphany and, with one minor change, fixed the whole thing.
Let me know if there's anything else that should be for sale there.The dirt says 16 dirt blocks but its actually 15 dirt and 1 grass block so that you can start a grass patch wherever you need much more easily than tracking dirt across from an existing grass block. My current #1 priority is figuring out why our chat handler is not populating the chat prefixes and suffixes for our groups (MOD, Admin, etc). That way they will be ready to assist you and answer questions when you hire your shopkeeper. It also has proven stable over the last three weeks which was the main drive for the reset.I came back to an all new to-do list of bug fixes, all of which have been fixed.
Hopefully that will also solve our nickname issue (inability to set or change exisiting nicknames).It is quite possible that the solution to the prefixes will require a new chat handler and the best one that I know of for an environment like ours will require a change to our permissions handler as well. A In our case 'Eressi Minecraft'In the address put in the host name or IP address for the server. Right now we're running superflat on it and we'll run that for a month or so before changing it to something else.

Most notable was new players (less than 2 hours on the server) were not able to build in Skygrid and the trade merchants in Skyblock were not trading with players. If you have suggestions on what to run on adventure (like a favorite adventure map) let us know. A Being new I'd suggest to head for survival first, it is just like single player minecraft but there are other players in the world. Enjoy the view from the top!Ocelot Round-Up - Another game from the brains of Eressi players.
My grandpa was like a dad to me, he was into mechanics, electricity and just did everything a dad would do to a kid. A Press 'T' to talk and you can type in questions or hellos or whatever and be heard by other players on the server. It may not be easy but its always fun and often hilarious.That makes 10 Arena Games and counting!I also improved transportation with warp signs to all arenas from the spawn area.Go check out the arenas, they are rockin!

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