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After the walking dead invades the streets, how will you protect yourself on your home turf? Experts say to get to the country where the infection is less spread out, but if you intend on staying put in the Rocket City, here are some helpful places to set up shop.
Like in Left 4 Dead or Dawn of the Dead, holing up in a local mall isn’t the best idea (where are you going to escape if the undead corner you in Lady Foot Locker?) but it could act as a good base in a pinch.
It’s less glamorous to clean out a whole building of elderly zombies, but with any luck it will be like shooting infected fish in a barrel.
With enough people in your group, it can be transformed into a Terminus like fortress, cannibalism optional. Besides hightailing it to the countryside, experts agree that the next best place is a densely wooded area.

Less people means less potential zombies, and nature made strongholds like Huntsville’s Historic Three Caves are practically move-in ready. Now you get the chance to combine carnival rides with another fun past time: shooting zombies. About Stephanie SchrenkStephanie is a native Huntsvillian in her 20's and a fan of "oversharing".
Even the CDC offers a handy guide to surviving the apocalypse, but it can be hard to know what to do when it comes to your own terrain. For people that need to get to a safe place fast, the Law Library on the Eastside Square and the Madison County Courthouse both have nuclear fallout shelters. She loves finding things to do in Huntsville, and is a fan of chatting up strangers, party planning, and paranormal blogs.

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She hopes to know every Huntsvillian's story one day, but in the meantime she blogs about what she loves to do.

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