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Jaimie lives with her husband on their off-grid homestead known online as An American Homestead. My husband is originally from NW Arkansas, and when we visited his family there years ago, the ladies went to Eureka Springs while the men went golfing.
You are off grid so you deal with humping that heavy wieght of water daily and I bet you are very good at recycling water and it’s many uses. Your comments about hot water made me think of a video I watched recently and I wanted to pass it along. I understand the little red light they are in smoke detectors, we also have an alarm on our home and ths red beam, catches you when you move.
My parents started and ended their honeymoon in fancy hotels, but they spent a few days mid-trip at a campground.
Camping would certainly minimize honeymoon costs and you could really unplug from the outside world.

My parents camped on their honeymoon…but it has always seemed odd to me- and I love camping.I just always have imagined something a little more luxurious for a honeymoon perhaps? While those pictures definately look enjoyable I would NOT want to celebrate my honeymoon that way.
With sweat equity and resourceful scavenging this narrow boat owner has carved out a low cost way of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
It was nice, a lovely place, but I wasn’t used to living in hilly land and got really tired! While I do not live off the grid I did spend over 13 years in the military and I was always popular as I carried a small propane stove in the field and could make warm water even for a spit bath.
I think many preppers don’t realize just how heavy water is nor do they think about how much water is needed to run a household if they had to move the water daily instead of just turning on a tap. There are also some other videos on his channel which use heat (such as from a wood stove) to heat water fairly effortlessly.

I def want to be either in a nice bed & breakfast in Europe with my new husband or relaxing on a tropical island somewhere far away from the US!
That could work as a hot water holding tank if you can’t afford an Igloo jug at this time.
We are doing everything on a budget, so, this is a great way to affordibly extend out honeymoon and is totally our style. Kmart has a camp shower with battery powered pump that you can fill with hot water that is under $45.00.

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