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When we think about the values of our modern, consumer-driven lifestyle, it often comes down to two things: money, and stuff.
We could remove ourselves out of the equation by becoming self-sufficient, without being driven by greed and competition.
After the break check out ten tips for leaving that job you hate, and going off and building a life in the unknown.
When I first journeyed off the grid I had to learn about keeping food the so-called “old-fashioned way.” Shopping is a little different when you trade in your refrigerator for a root cellar. There are many foods that are typically stored in a refrigerator when it's not actually necessary.
Fresh Eggs  - If you rub mineral oil on fresh eggs, they will last a week without refrigeration.
Cheese – It may be slightly softer coming out of a root cellar opposed to a refrigerator, but it will keep.
Fruits & Veggies – Putting fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator actually keeps them from ripening to their fullest flavor potential. Condiments – Ketchup, mustard, real mayonnaise and hot sauce all contain vinegar, which is a preservative.
Smoked Meats – If properly sealed, smoked meats and things like salami and pepperoni will keep for quite a while without a refrigerator (as long as they are sealed and stored properly).
All of these foods CAN be stored and kept without refrigeration BUT you have to be sure they are sealed and stored in the proper conditions, especially after they have been opened, because once oxygen hits the food items they begin to breakdown.
A properly functioning root cellar should always be around 52 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity levels should remain between 85-95%, so it is important to have the proper gauges to measure the temperature and humidity. Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet Series: Apple Cider Vinegar – How To Make It, Use It And Store It! Blacklisted News is an independent platform for critical coverage of world news and beyond. Whether you're a media buyer or an individual, we have simple cost-effective web banner advertising rates and packages. He admitted that she had the right to live without utility power, but said that her alternative power sources must always first be approved by the city. Given the state of the country and the world today people are beginning to wonder if they can survive when municipalities can no longer provide for their citizens.
Antiquated infrastructure that has been patched together for years because of financial woes is weakening by the day.
The question now becomes can you live without municipalities supplying you with all the things you have become accustomed to.
In some ways, you cannot break the bonds completely because there are things that you cannot provide for yourself but this has been the case for thousands of years. Therefore if you think you can escape to the backcountry and never see another human being again maybe you better rethink certain things, but there are things you can do to lessen your dependency on others and on municipalities. The questions you must ask yourself include what happens when the power goes out, do you have a backup plan. Solar panels are expensive but you can start out small by getting just a few panels to operate just a few appliances, in particular heating and cooling appliances, water pumps, refrigeration and hot water tanks.
Solar system using single panels to operate certain appliances but are not adequate for the entire household.
In many cases, any surplus generated is sold back to the power company to be used, as a credit for power at night and on days there is limited sunlight. Any source that generates electricity and supplies electricity to the grid must be approved by the power provider and in some cases, they will have to inspect your system and put safeguards in place to prevent high voltage feed back along their lines that may cause harm to anyone servicing the lines.
You can off course purchase or build a structure that is not connected to the grid giving you free rein to develop whatever system works best for you. Once you are no longer connected to the local power grid and the sun is absence for a few days your battery bank will be depleted.
Wind power is another alternative and if you plan to go completely off grid, you would probably need a wind turbine(s) along with a solar panel array.
You first have to determine how much electricity you need generated and then position your turbine at a height sufficient to generate the desired amount. Turbo power is another option, which harnesses the power of water to operate an electrical generator. You may have a source on your property but the source originates miles upstream in areas you have no control over.
You need electrical generating sources that you have complete control over and fast running rivers while you may control a portion of one you do not control the entire river or stream. Before you decide to run off and start building that cabin miles up in the hills you not only need to worry about power you need to also consider food sources that you will need. Unless you want to be digging latrines every few months and moving the outhouse over the new pit because the old one is full then you will need to install a septic system if you want to go off grid or now live in an area that does not provide a sewer system. You may think right now the nearest bush or tree will do but this is impractical and unsanitary. Septic systems are not complicated but to do it yourself you will need certain skill sets, lots of energy and time especially if you plan to do all the digging by hand. You have to make sure the soil can accept the waste by conducting a perk test to rate the absorption and retention level of the soil.
Whatever you choose can be accomplished, but it will take time, effort on your part and money.

However, you need to begin before disaster strikes and have a plan in mind before building that cabin high in the mountains because it will not take long for you to realize just how dependent you really are on your local municipality.
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There are many DIY projects you can start that you can take your first steps toward living Off the Grid. If you are fortunate enough to live near a source of flowing water micro hydro is another potential source of energy. Sustainable living is a concept that I believe many of us will be using more often in the future. This entry was posted in Off Grid and tagged Off Grid, Off the Grid, Solar, solar panels, Wind by admin.
I’ve seen a few people on Twitter & Facebook mention how they’re living off the grid, while regularly posting status updates. As far as I know, unlike electricity or drinking water, you cannot obtain an internet connection without being dependent on a government sanctioned utility, whether it be a local cell tower or a satellite.
We get the job and often a job that we don’t find enjoyable or intellectually stimulating because we believe we have to to make money. As long as there is a cool enough place for them, they will be just fine – a root cellar or a cold-flowing creek will keep items fresh. It is the margarine that is a little harder to keep – the vegetable oil separates and makes runny liquid butter. Pumpkins, squashes, and many root vegetables can be stored in a root cellar through the winter. Just as with most other food products, if kept in a cooler spot these condiments will keep just fine without refrigeration. Just like when you have a refrigerator, it's always best to check the quality of the food before consuming. The humidity levels are important; they keep the produce from shriveling up and drying out. To be sure it was cool enough, we devised a pulley system that we used to lower the gallon of milk down into the cold water of the spring-fed cistern. We don't shy away from controversy, and will publish anything that interests us and matches our focus for the site. But unplugging from municipal services has been ruled illegal by a court in Cape Coral, Florida. Eskin ruled that Robin Speronis is not allowed to live on her own private property without being hooked up to the city’s water system. The IPMC also would make it a crime for her to use solar panels instead of being tied into the electric grid. Storms that at one time would have hardly been felt are now causing untold damage because of the weakened nature of power grids and other infrastructure.
Garbage removal, sewers and sewage treatment plants, plowed roads, sturdy bridges, electrical service, treated water piped to the home and gas for cooking and heating are just some of the things that are provide by your local municipality. In any village or town throughout the ages there have been engineers, carpenters, medical practitioners, and farmers that others have turned to for needs that families and individuals could not meet on their own.
What happens when the transportation hubs breakdown, do you have a plan to supply food, water and other necessities to your family. Power is the key because without it you will find life much harder and once simple tasks will become complicated ones. Illumination is down on the list of priorities because you can make candles, lantern oils and use the daytime hours to accomplish tasks. This system does require the home be connected to the local power grid to absorb any surplus electricity generated. Today most homes are connected to the power grid but this does not mean you have to use that power. Some people have homes in areas that simply do not have any infrastructure in place at all, so solar wind and water is an ideal way to generate electricity. The solar panels would generally be installed on the roof for the greatest access to direct sunlight.
However, whenever the sun is shining the panels are generating power and recharging the battery backup system. Once again, you will need a battery bank to absorb any surplus electricity, but when used with solar panels you are assured of a constant supply of electricity. Many areas of the country have zoning laws and ordinances that may restrict height, position or outright prohibit the use of wind turbines.
In the event of a disaster, the water source can be interrupted from natural causes or from someone or even a town damming up the river for their own water and power needs. Windmills do not generate electricity but they can be used to pump water from deep underground into holding tanks and then gravity fed to your home, to irrigate crops and to holding tanks for livestock.
Land is a finite commodity in other words you cannot make it and it does not appear one day off the assembly line. Many homes in the country have their own septic systems but if you live within certain areas, they are regulated by the city or state.
Eventually uncontrolled waste would find its way into your water source by leaching into the soil or from runoff caused by rains.

Your biggest concern is contamination of any wells you have on the property so make sure you plan carefully.
Do you want to be completely free and independent of power companies and water treatment plants? To reduce the economic burden you can acquire the skills and knowledge needed and do much of what has to be done by yourself and start small and build up gradually so you do not have to spend so much money at one time. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. This 88 year old woman has been living in her 83 year old house since she was three years old. Circulating the heated water into an insulated storage tank for later use can make a significant difference in your energy bills and bring you one step closer to getting Off the Grid. Each one of these is a stride in the right direction and by following one of these at a time can get you to the goal of being independent and Off the Grid a step at a time. Furthermore, you make yourself much more vulnerable to government tracking, when you’re connected to an internet source. Can you be considered living off the grid, if you’re mostly off the grid while dependent on one public utility? It's not that you have to change the way you eat, you simply have to change the way you shop. One spring, I was using a pulley system and stored my milk jugs in the spring-fed cistern, which gave us almost 4 days of holding time.
Take a bowl of water and gently place the egg in; if it sinks to the bottom it is fresh, if it is at the bottom and slightly floating it is a little older, and if it is floating then it is not fresh – discard it.
There are many things that have a substitute; for instance, during the spring and summer months, we would purchase powdered milk or canned milk.
Submit your article contributions and participate in the world's largest independent online news community today! What happens when energy is no longer affordable or available do you have a plan for, transportation, cooking and heating your home?
It may be exciting or even romantic to think of you sequestered in a nice warm cabin all winter living off the land and being independent.
Once the sun goes down or on cloudy days, the battery banks would provide the needed electricity. Drilled wells are ideal because of their reliability but deep wells require large pumps, which require electrical power to operate, so consider a shallow hand dug well that you have control over as a backup when power is unable for a few days for whatever reason. That does not mean that land cannot be repurposed for the sake of growing foods and raising livestock and in the event of major catastrophe you will likely see buildings come down and crops being planted in their place. Human waste piled up and lying about will harbor bacteria and create a rodent and insect infestation. This is usually accomplished by the use of lateral lines that collect the waste as it rises in the septic tank. On the other hand, you may simply want a backup system in place for when there is a crisis and you are left to fend for yourself.
Built by her father, this house is quaint and lovely with a natural spring connected to the tub. Growing your own vegetables can be very rewarding and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing when they came from and what went into them. So they’re either making regular visits to a nearby library, or they’re connected to private or public WiFi, which in either case, is traceable.
Root cellars are underground storage areas that stay at cool temperatures, even in the summer. It is possible to store 50 pounds of meat without refrigeration; you just have to properly cook it and can it. However, a few trips to the outhouse when it is raining, below zero or you have to shovel a path because it snowed last night and things may not look as exciting. If you do not believe, you would be on your own during a crisis research some of the more recent events. Living without electricity, she mostly does her chores by hand such as make her own soap and gathers crops from her barn.
I think root cellars make one become more mindful about shopping and eating, making one especially aware of over buying and over consuming – 5 gallons of ice cream won't last long without refrigeration unless it's late winter.
These ways of preserving and storing are important to those both on and off the grid – a root cellar can be an addition to a home that has a refrigerator.
Today a few acres of hardwoods could literally be gone in a matter of years if it was the only source of fuel. In the event of a power failure, you would have the means to keep your foods chilled, heat water and operate heating and cooling devices. Anything that can be done on the grid can be done off of the grid, you just have to do it a little differently. Wood is considered a renewable and sustainable energy source but it takes decades for hardwood forests to renew themselves.

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