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51-year-old Eustace Conway, who currently resides on a 1,000-acre plot of land he calls Turtle Island in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, got his first taste of living at-one with nature when he spent a week in the woods at the age of 12, completely empty-handed, making his own shelter and living entirely off the land. When he was 18 years old, he traveled down the Mississippi River in a handmade cedar canoe. When Eustace was in his midtwenties, he decided that he wanted to study a primitive culture more closely, so he flew to Guatemala.
It was some time during this period that the two inset photos above were taken, which feature a youthful and beardless Eustace Conway wearing what appears to be a homemade shirt. But don’t think cameras are an issue for Eustace Conway, who is no stranger to the attention being on Mountain Men is sure to bring. Nowadays Eustace spends most of his time living off the land on Turtle Island Preserve in northwest North Carolina where he helps spread the gospel of self-sufficient living and oneness with nature. When I first walked on this land, Turtle Island, I knew I had found the sacred ground I had been searching for. We created a place where people can get in touch with the roots of humanity and connected with the resources and abilities that sustain our existence.
We break rocks to make stone tools, bend bark to fashion baskets, and spin sticks to create fire. At Turtle Island you can meet people who really live in the forest and take immediate responsibility for their actions. And to think I’ve defended this site and suggested it to friends because it always tries to get the story straight, not jump to conclusions and not make decisions without evidence. There you go with your pathetic buzz word again, when confronted with truth just call it hate and continue to live in your fantasy land.
Oh so you also have areas where you hide your scrap yard and your trucks, tractors, backhoes, motorcycles, and ATVs while claiming to do everything with horses?
The definition of suburbia is when developers cut down all of the trees, and then name the streets after them.
That’s an interesting thought but the truth is he has constant squabbles with his neighbors now. I talked to a friend of mine in NC and he said that Eustace Does argue with the neighbors BUT, the Neighbors are Developers that clear cut trees, doze out natural waterways and create environmental damage to the forest by eroding the natural landscape which effects his property. When parents pay $750 for a one week camp they probably assume they are putting their kids in the hands of responsible adults and that the camp has proper liability insurance.
I suppose that if you had some greedy person wanting to rip you off for $400,000 that you would just pay it, right?
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The igloos are created from a highly effective thermal glass which keeps the insides nice and cosy while temperatures outside plummet to -30?.
There are currently 20 glass igloos at Kakslauttanen but due to their popularity and the viral sensation that pictures of them have caused, they’re continually expanding their village to cater to demand. Hotel Kakslauttanen does also offer guests accommodation in the form of real snow igloos (-3? inside) as well as warm, cosy traditional log cabins which might pique your interest. Brenda's strategy was to use only 13 feet of this 19-foot container for habitation, as permits are not required for buildings that are under 10 square meters (107 square feet) in her region. That stint in the wilderness sparked a fire in little Eustace that led to many more adventures. When he was 19, he walked the 2,000 miled of the Appalachian Trail, surviving on only what he could hunt or gather along the way.

In 1995 he and his brother Judson rode horses across America, from South Carolina to San Diego, in 103 days! In addition to doing numerous speaking engagements and presentations all over the world, Eustace was also the subject of the National Book Award finalist biography The Last American Man by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert.
Here’s his personal message from the Turtle Island Preserve website that pretty much sums up what he and the Preserve are all about. We simplfy our day to food, shelter, water, and clothing which enables us to see more clearly the picture of how we fit into the bigger circles of life; our food chain, water cycle, Eco system, and environmental economics.
We drive horse and buggy, plow gardens, dry wild persimmons, cook stinging nettle, watch the morning light first hit the tree tops and lift a rock in a stream to see what mysteries reside there.
It seems those nasty government types feel it is improper to have hundreds of visitors using the woods as a toilet and structures in danger of collaps are a threat to those same visitors. He talks a good game about preserving the land but he exploits it as much as anybody and more than most. That to expose a fraud is “hate” if the fraud happens to be beloved by the uninformed? I’ll ask again, how much land do you own,,,Sq, feet, Acres, Section, what…how much? He claimed he lives on less the $2,000 per year and that his only source of income was selling firewood. I’m not sure, but read that the money he charges for kids to stay there is very high, and not worth it.
Charging $750 for a one week camp on his land and accepting zero liability for injuries to campers?
Developers and a local government wanting a more robust tax base, were what was behind this over reach. He has been arrested for trespassing on neighbors land where he thinks he can tell people what to do on their own property. That was Eustace’s problem, not that an accident happened nor that he was rightly sued for damages but that he was too cheap to take out proper insurance before operating a commercial enterprise. After years of Usless refusing to pay the claim was finally settled for pennies on the dollar and you call that greedy? Aren’t there more important things to worry about than Eustace cutting down trees on his property etc.?
Well that’s what the accommodation of Finnish hotel Kakslauttanen offers guests with a village of geodesic dome glass igloos. This special glass manages to stop condensation from forming on the inside while also preventing frost from settling on the outside of the igloo to offer guests a clear view of the northern lights. The glass igloos were originally designed to accommodate two guests each but Kakslauttanen will also be offering four-person igloos for the 2014-15 winter season.
The aim was to use materials destined for the landfill, to familiarize himself with new techniques and to test out the possibilities of "pod living" as a way to get out of the rat race. Over the next few years, he hiked the Alps (in sneakers), kayaked across Alaska, scaled cliffs in New Zealand and lived with Navajo in Mexico. We are eclectic, diverse, spontaneous and creative we offer a door to a renewed vision of an ancient natural reality that governs all. Maybe Conway can get volunteers to do the work of rebuilding and to pay him $750 per week for the privilabe of doing his dirty work, that has worked up to now. I don’t doubt Eustace knows HOW to live off the land, you would be surprised at how common that knowledge really is, but the point is he does not DO it, he just lies about it and even though you hear his lies and know he is lying you still warship at his stinking feet.
As for the lumber, the land he protects is HIS,,,unless you Don’t believe in property rights.

Is your mind actually so narrow that your can’t even imagine disagreement without hate? While the cameras were rolling for the show, the footage won’t air for months–so read on for tons of photos & reports from the big day! The unique setting merges old and new with a traditional igloo-shape being composed of an angular glass framework. Says Jeffrey:I also see pod living as a possible solution to my generation’s dilemma of homeownership.
They slept in the barns of folks they met along the way, or else snoozed beneath the stars when weather permitted. We have added many more tracts since then and built a farm from the forest and a program based on experiential education. He has an open house one day per year where visitors may see the areas Eustace wants them to see, otherwise the cheapest way to visit Turtle Island is to pay $65.00 for a one hour buggy ride and you still only see what Eustace wants you to see.
Eustace is a conservationist,,,he harvest responsibly unlike the Developers moving in next to him.Gee, are you jealous or just like to HATE? He claims to live off the land and grow all his own food but people who have interned there say that in fact Turtle Island produces almost no food but depends on donations and dumpster diving. The regulations where I live actually prohibit feeding livestock out of the garden…(They get out fine. Your constant use of that word says a lot more about you than about the person to whom you refer. We are living in a world where people are starving of hunger, wars are increasing, diseases are on the rise, animals are being extinct and the list goes on. How do we live in our own homes without building up crushing debt and being stuck in jobs we hate for most of our lives. And perhaps most shockingly of all, there were no sponsors for the trip or reality show cameras along for the ride. The best one however is when he claimed the government has a lien of $85,000 for back taxes on his property.
That actually Helps the forest by allowing sunlight onto the ground and cutting and using Dead Trees reduced the Fuel Wood during forest fires.
Even greed has become so paramount people that are living in industrial countries have to work on two jobs to make ends meet. Don’t know why you HATE this man so much but you should get to know what he does before you condemn. Focusing on one person what he does or doesn’t do does not justify the fact that we live in a world that outweighs the problem some of you are bickering about. I built small walls, known as ‘pony walls’ to raise the dome so the occupant could stand in the middle. I then built the dome structure from pallet wood fastened together using plumbing wire around hubs made from PVC pipe. After I ran out of that I used a “slip chip” made from wood shavings coated with clay slip and packed into a form. I was also interested to try using sheep’s wool as insulation because it is a natural, inexpensive insulating technique and sheep are abundant in the area.
At a farmer’s market, I learned about a local woman who let me swap a days work on her land for six bags of her sheep’s wool.

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