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Designed to support two full-sized adult individuals for as long as 3 days, this kit still maintains portability and readiness.
For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Three people - a rich couple and a crew member - are shipwrecked on a tropical island, and their subsequent fight for survival becomes even tougher when they begin to turn on each other. IMDb Picks: August Morris From America The coming-of-age story Morris From America is on our radar this month. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You can guarantee, when your battery indicator starts to flash is when you will need your phone the most.

Luckily, the Power Bank 5200 stores a whopping 5200mAh of power which is enough to charge up to two phones!
This is the second portable charger I have bought, this first one wasn't of good quality but this one is of a good quality and I can charge my phone twice before I have to recharge the portable charger. I had been thinking about getting one for a while, but when I was in the new Reading branch I was having a look, I liked the description of this one and thought I would give it a go. It works great, because of the design I can use several different types of cables in it, not just a phone cable.
We all love to feel involved and RED5 can’t think of a better way to join in with the judges on the talents shows than with this keyring buzzer. Even if watching tacky talent shows isn’t your cuppa tea then you can just use it in everyday situations, for instance. With double the nutritional provision of the 1 Person 3 Day Kit, blankets and lightsticks for two, and even more comprehensive first aid, the 2 Person kit is the premier kit for small household survival.

The Japanese girl is one of the 16 trainees competing for a spot in JYP Entertainment’s upcoming female pop group, tentatively known as Twice. All this power is stored into a small sleek and portable device with a smooth rubberized finish, ready to go on any trip with you.
Simply plug your USB charger into the Power Bank 5200 and it will automatically start refilling your battery power giving you more time to watch all the weird and wonderful things the internet has to offer.

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