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Thais are known for adding spices to their dishes which give their foods flavor, sometimes even to raw foods. However, these are unintentional parasites and often just occur partly because of the fermentation process or at least, the process’ inability to kill off these parasites within the allotted time which are eventually eaten by unsuspecting people.
One popular dish in Thailand that fits the description is the pla som (sour fish) whose preparation involves the mixture of spices and raw fish which are then left to tropical heat for three days. Because of the nature on how the infestation occurs, the parasite is referred to as the liver fluke and the condition, the liver fluke disease.
Other common causes of liver or bile duct cancer are also as a result of pathogen infections. Food is sold everywhere in Thailand and the risk of getting the aforementioned diseases-causing bacteria is quite high so you better be careful than sorry in the later time. If you are new in Thailand but have some friends who are quite familiar with the dining places around then ask them to help you find safe restaurants or you may use restaurant reviews available online. Always take care of yourself. The same is very much true among the people of Thailand whose tenth killer disease is liver or bile duct cancer which affects both male and female alike. While spices are often regarded as healthful  because of their natural substances, the same cannot be always true among raw foods, especially fermented fish which aficionados affectionately refer to as something that “tastes like heaven, but smells like hell.” As tasty as the food may seem, there are instances where the food itself contains something that no food lover would have bargained for – parasites. When eaten, the parasites found in the food accumulate in the liver which then results to a deadly disease, that is, the bile duct cancer but whose chances of occurring affects only 1% to 5% of those who have the parasites in their liver yet is nonetheless potentially lethal.

Alas, because of the love of this kind of food, bile duct cancer is a common killing disease in some parts of Thailand that kills over 70 people a day according to a university statistics in the same region. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
A good night sleep is essential in maintaining good health and to ensure mental alertness during the day. Image credits (1) Incoming search terms: summer safety tips for adults short hindi poems on nature Health Triv. PROMODINI : The Affairs of Lonely House Wife [+HD + Eng +Hindi Subtitles] by Talking Books Movies 22,103,457 views. About Swimming has news, tips, instruction, training techniques for how to be a better swimmer. Get live coverage, news headlines from Sports, Business, Technology, Crime, Videos, Movies and more. LogotalkZ is a Logo Inspiration Gallery with purpose to showcase logo designers work and to be a huge logo collection for inspiration. In fact, it is the most prevalent disease that kills most males in that particular region (specifically the north-eastern part of Thailand) of the world, even topping other cancer diseases such as lung cancer (for both male and female) and breast cancer (mostly for female) which are also among the top ten causes of mortality among the Thais. These  are known to promote the development of either liver or bile duct cancer which significantly affects  Thai people.

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This is partly according to a statistics as gathered by the World Health Organization in 2011. However, one cannot also disregard the fact that apart from the pathogens mentioned, the practice of over-consuming alcohol  has its role also in promoting the disease.

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