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TweetDesigner Masaaki Hiromura has combined typography with symbols and signs in this wonderful Japanese food type, which replaces specific portions of kanji words with the food ideogram that the word embodies. Also, that noodle character could absolutely be a new logo for a noodle shop somewhere in the East Village.
Unlike other natural disasters, you can’t see an earthquake coming your way; the time to prepare is well before the actual event. This should include amble amounts of food, water, and clothing for each member of your family for anywhere from three days to two weeks. Water: It’s recommended that you store one gallon of water –in plastic containers – per person per day. Sanitation and Hygiene supplies: trash bags, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, bleach, and paper towels. A communications plan ensures you can contact one another in case everyone is not in the same location when the earthquake occurs. Communicate with your family members about what they should do in case an earthquake hits.
Share what you have learned with family, household and neighbors to encourage them to be informed.
Building an emergency kit for yourself or your office can be extremely time consuming and expensive, and when you look online for a bag you feel comfortable purchasing, you notice they all contain cheap items, most of which will expire every couple years.

PrepareUs is dedicated to raising awareness of disaster preparedness by emphasizing the importance of planning with your family and having the necessary tools to survive an unexpected disaster.
Please complete the following to receive notification when new materials are added to the website. Founded in 1960 in Ikebukuro,Tokyo, we celebrated our 50th anniversary of establishment in 2010.
As a professional company in disaster prevention field, we keep providing relief and security with our knowledge and techonology accumulated since establishment.
We continue running our business on the aim of protecting lives and property from disaster so as to achieve a safe and secure life. The result is a clean, iconic look that communicates ideas without a need to understand Japanese characters– in other words, type that has replaced words with symbolism. The stoke and style of the kanji is also in line with the cleanliness of the icon, whether its an eggplant or an octopus. Only four months into the year and there have already been a reported 4,218 earthquakes worldwide. If you are inside, move as little as possible and stay away from windows to avoid being injured by shattered glass. Many communities have systems that will send instant text alerts or e-mails to keep you informed of road closings, local emergencies, and bad weather.

We took the stress out of getting prepared and have developed a package that is unlike anything offered by other companies in the emergency preparedness industry! We have developed the All Inclusive Disaster Preparedness Package which does not exist anywhere in the disaster preparedness industry.
A deluxe 3-day emergency survival Go-Bag that exceeds FEMA standards and offers premium products no other bag on the market offer. A unique comprehensive step-by-step guide, that we wrote ourselves, using all the fliers out there from FEMA, Red Cross and other expert sources, which prepares a family to make a plan in 7 days. And, to guarantee that a PrepareUs Go-Bag is the last one a family will ever need to think about purchasing, we developed a unique refill system for used or expired food, water and sanitary supply. This guide provides the essential information for developing a family emergency plan which ensures every family is ready in the event of any unexpected emergency. Every 3, 5 and 7 years, instead of having to go out and buy a new bag or worry about what expired, we will update customers on when to replace these items and offer the supply at cost when you purchase an All-Inclusive Package.

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