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There’s nothing like eating your own home- grown veggies, and there are heaps of different foods that will re-grow from the scrap pieces that you’d normally throw out or put into your compost bin. Just remember … the quality of the “parent” vegetable scrap will help to determine the quality of the re-growth. You can either use the white root end of a vegetable that you have already cut, or buy a handful of new vegetables to use specifically for growing. Simply place the white root end in a glass jar with a little water, and leave it in a sunny position. Ginger also makes a very attractive house-plant, so if you don’t use a lot of ginger in your cooking you can still enjoy the lovely plant between harvests.
Re-growing potatoes is a great way to avoid waste, as you can re-grow potatoes from any old potato that has ‘eyes’ growing on it. Potato plants enjoy a high-nutrient environment, so it is best to turn compost through your soil before you plant them.
You can re-grow a plant from just a single clove – just plant it, root-end down, in a warm position with plenty of direct sunlight.
As you use your home-grown onions, keep re-planting the root ends you cut off, and you’ll never need to buy onions again. To propagate sweet potatoes, it is essential to use an organic source since most commercial growers spray their sweet potatoes to prevent them from shooting.
Mushrooms can be propagated from cuttings, but they’re one of the more difficult vegies to re-grow.
Prepare a mix of soil and compost in a pot (not in the ground) so your re-growth is portable and you can control the temperature of your mushroom. To re-grow pineapples, you need to remove the green leafy piece at the top and ensure that no fruit remains attached. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. Good news for any humans who eventually land on Mars: you might not have to grow potatoes in your own poo. But a team of researchers in The Netherlands have just raised a much more appealing crop of tomato, rye, radish, pea, leek, spinach, garden rocket, cress, quinoa and chives – in Martian soil.
It’s not soil from Mars, clearly, but NASA provided the sample from a Hawaiian volcano, along with a sample matching lunar soil from a desert in Arizona.
The team, from Wageningen University, has previously tried raising the crops in the soil alone, and failed.
With the grass added structure and fertiliser to the soil, they managed to raise a crop in the Martian soil as good as any raised in regular compost material.
There was only one problem – the crops could be grown, but not eaten, as the soil contained too much lead, arsenic and mercury.
The next experiment aims to make the food safe to eat, and you can have a chance to be a test subject by helping fund it here. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As hydroponic gardening grows in popularity and technology, hydroponics is entering a new world of controlling your garden with smartphones!  A new European company called Niwa is a technological breakthrough for greenhouses.  This first-time technology allows you to setup the very best environment for your plants and is literally a smartphone growing system. Their smart food technological device will literally turn your greenhouse into a smartphone garden!  Niwa is a small, smart-looking hydroponic farm ready to grow in your home.  Imagine fresh, succulent foods grown in your home with the latest cutting-edge devices and operated by your smartphone.
The difference between hydroponic gardens and Niwa is it's microcontroller with custom created software which is a built-in expert farmer.  You do not have to know how much water or when, what the ideal temperature is for each of your plant types or practically anything else.  Niwa has the knowledge and does it for you!
Niwa comes with built-in sensors in order to create the best environment for your plants by controlling temperature, lighting, humidity and when water is needed.  As various plants have various needs, the App will ask for your input on some very simple questions. For example, if you are growing flowers, the App will ask if you buds, if you answer yes, the system will start a new segment and new settings will be put into place. Should Niwa, while still new on the scene, be able to offer such great technology and place experience in the hands of novices, what a giant step this will be for hydroponics.  Only time will tell.
A hydroponic shop for an indoor garden, supplies and accessories for your plants, herbs and vegetables.

There are certain habits that you should stop and avoid if you are in search of tips on how to grow taller.
I can easily debunk that because I myself have done thousands of pull-ups in my lifetime where I hang constantly and I can tell you I have not seen a major height increase.
I personally been taking joint supplements on and off for years to maintain healthy joints and I have not noticed any difference in my height. If you really believe that saying "I will be taller" over and over every morning will make you taller then go for it! AdahSurprise to know that stretching exercise doesnt help to grow taller as many people post it in youtube. AshishPlz yaar sir koi ESA product btao na jisse meri gf ki height badh jaay vo 4.9 ki hai. Instead of spending a huge time to do the meticulous work of potting soil and buying herbs outside, why not plant herbs that can easily grow in water and set up a row of beautiful herb containers on your kitchen’s shelf? The basic rules considering when growing herbs in water is: grow herbs that you mostly likely to use it in your kitchen and the herb is perennial in nature. This herb garden project is one of the easiest gardening projects that you even let children experiment on how to grow herbs in water.
Fill a large jar or cut the top of an empty big soda bottle and fill it with clean water from the tap, and avoid using distilled water. Herbs that grow in water absorb moisture through the bottom tip of the stem, so clip each and every stem ends in such a position that increases the area for the stem to utilize. Growing herbs in water will provide you with a steady supply of fresh herbs throughout the winter.
So, wherever possible, buy local organic produce, so you know that your re-grown plants are fresh, healthy and free of chemical and genetic meddling. To propagate it, place the root end (after you’ve cut the rest off) in a glass jar with a little water, and leave it in a sunny position.
Cut the stalks off as you normally would, and place the root end in a shallow bowl of water – enough to cover the roots but not the top of your cutting. After a week or so, transplant it into soil with just the leaves showing above the level of the soil.
Simply plant a spare piece of ginger rhizome (the thick knobbly bit you cook with) in potting soil with the newest (ie.
Once the plant is established and you’re ready to harvest, pull up the whole plant, roots and all.
Pick a potato that has robust eyes, and cut it into pieces around 2 inches square, ensuring each piece has at least one or two eyes. Plant your potato pieces around 8 inches deep with the eye facing upward, and cover it with around 4 inches of soil, leaving the other 4 inches empty.
They enjoy warm humidity and nutrient-rich soil, but have to compete with other fungus for survival in that environment. I have found most success with a warm filtered light during the day and a cool temperature at night.
Either hold the crown firmly by the leaves and twist the stalk out, or you can cut the top off the pineapple and remove the remaining fruit flesh with a knife (otherwise it will rot after planting and may kill your plant). Water your plant regularly at first, reducing to weekly watering once the plant is established. A small garden will run $199 and a much larger version is $399.  Whatever plants you are growing from tomatoes to strawberries the App will upload the appropriate program settings, including the correct values for each type of  plant. Hydro-culture is a method of indoor gardening with a grow room box system, using water filtered treatment, nutrients and grow lights.
Stems of perennial herbs will easily grow roots in jars or glasses of plain water, creating a green concept for your interior decor as well as producing new buds & leaves for use in delicious food dishes through the cold winter months.
You can harvest your lemongrass when the stalks reach around a foot tall – just cut off what you need and leave the plant to keep growing.
Place it in a sunny window position, occasionally spraying your cutting with water to keep the top moist.

Leave the cut pieces to sit at room temperature for a day or two, which allows the cut areas to dry and callous over. Once established, cut back the shoots and the plant will put all its energy into producing a tasty big garlic bulb. Although it is not their preferred climate, cooler environments give mushrooms a better chance of winning the race against other fungi. Just remove the head of the mushroom and plant the stalk in the soil, leaving just the top exposed. Carefully slice small, horizontal sections from the bottom of the crown until you see root buds (the small circles on the flat base of the stalk).
You will see growth in the first few months but it will take around 2-3 years before you are eating your own home-grown pineapples. Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Inadequate nutrition can deny the body the nutrients it requires to grow and this means that you are more likely to become short. If you are using a glass container, make sure you change the water more frequently, as algae will produce more frequently in a glass container. This will help the stem to produce more leaves and sustain its growth for many months to keep your kitchen in fresh herbs until the next spring. When it’s time to cook, just snip off what you need from the green growth and leave the white root end in water to keep growing. This prevents the potato piece from rotting after you plant it, ensuring that the new shoots get the maximum nutrition from each potato piece.
If your plant really takes off, mound more soil around the base of the plant to help support its growth. Once the shoots reach around four inches in height, remove them and re-plant them, allowing about 12 inches space between each plant.
Remove the bottom few layers of leaves leaving about an inch base at the bottom of the stalk.
You have to take advantage of the period when your body is still growing to increase your height. The best place to look for them is in your outdoor garden, or you can get some perennial herbs from a nearby grocery store.
Onions prefer a warm sunny environment, so if you live in a colder climate, keep them in pots and move them indoors during frostier months. Calcium, zinc, and vitamin D are especially important because they help your bones to grow. Sports are good because it helps to work different muscles and allows your body to grow naturally.
Most people want to learn how to grow taller to impress their peers, potential partners, and bosses. If you are using stems brought from the grocery store; then cut off the bottom of each and every stems for maximum absorption of water.
If you are self-conscious about your height, there are some things you can do to help you become taller. Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight.

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