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Different Maple Tree varieties drop their seeds at different times – and it can range from Spring to Fall. A recent wind storm here in Indiana left my yard littered with thousands on these little pods of goodness. After 5 minutes or so in boiling water, these will make a perfect side dish to any main entree. I’ve been told to boil the seeds, dump the water and boil them a second time to get rid of enough bitterness. I heard from Linda Runyon that you can mash these together into a cake and fry them in oil to make little maple cakes.
I always thought that the maple seed de-hulling skills I have left over from childhood were useless.
After 3 days learning survival skills at the Willow Haven Outdoor facility, I feel different inside. I’ve just come out of hibernation from writing another survival book (details to come soon). A Condom is easier to fill when water is falling into it versus just sweeping it through the water.
The most obvious way to use a condom to aid in survival fire is to protect DRY fire tinder.
One condom  even protects this entire bracket fungus – which contains a load of excellent natural tinder.
After a little detailing and carving I ended up with a nice little pocket sized Sling Shot Frame.
I decided rather than launch imperfect rocks with a leather pouch, I would use a loop of bank line as a anchor point to nock a hand-carved mini dart.

Worse case scenario, a condom can be used as a crude rubber glove while dealing with any first aid related issues. While there are many natural options for a fishing bobber, a make-shift condom bobber is pretty darn effective. I have to say, I did feel a little pressure to perform when he was watching me carve out the Condom Hand Drill set below. As long as you get plain panty liners, (non scented, no gel inserts or whatever), they are actually very useful.
Thanks for all the info, this is all really great stuff that truly helps when we have all bug out. Arent condoms usually lubricated, i dont have any first hand knowledge about buying condoms. Put a condom on over your socks and another pair over them to keep your feet dry in the wilderness. I had never thought of those uses.It still amazes me how many household items that can be used for survival.
FRANKLIN, Ohio ( WLWT ) -- Two Ohio parents have been charged with child endangerment after police found their son alone trying to sell his teddy bear for food Sunday. Outside is not the most comfortable of places to practice, as temperatures will jump between 90 and 96 degrees for the team, Monday morning. Aside from tinder, they make great wound dressing, placed in a bottle for water filtration, wrapped around a condom as a makeshift water bottle, insulation… to name just a few.
The strength needed to stop arterial pressure is a fair amount & I wouldnt trust my life on something that can so easily break! Just a tip for all of us to help out it would a big help to keep a zip-loc bag with a dozen or so butane lighters, a few newspaper come in handy for starting fires(don't take up much space and also act as an insulator in cold weather), a magnifying glass, 8oz bottle of Betadine Solution (a few drops goes a long way), a few tiny rolls of first aide tapes, needle and threads for stitches(dental floss works good too and more resistant to bacterias).

In Trojan"s sensitivity pack they include bonus condoms in travel packs called Trojan2go protective condom cards.
The fact that you don`t have to order a bunch of expensive items from a site that is only there to make cash, is awesome.
Even better, should a seen my daughters faces when I ask for tampax and a box of Trojans for Christmas. I could go on and on,(via flints, fish hooks and line, sterno, paraphen, lets have a bug out bug in session? These are hard side trays with a soft top they are about the same size as a regular package condom but they are rigid. But of course, trail cam photos are often a little weird, slightly incredible, or downright hilarious.Here are some of the best around! If they fit in your kit they may be a little more durable than a standard soft sided condom package.
For example, a single condom can be pulled over a medium sized dopp kitt if the backpack is not really water proof.
If you are packing condoms in a small survival kit, be sure to include a handful of purification tablets for a complete water purification system.

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