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After a bloggers' Facebook group discussion last week highlighted an important piece of information missing from someone's blog, I got thinking about all the other important things that should be included.
Here's a quick guide to the things that all bloggers should check they are including on their blogs: The first three have some legal requirements attributed to them, the last three are basics that you may have missed out - but I highly recommend you check that you're doing them all.
If you've ever received anything from a company in terms of payment, a freebie, or affiliate commission, you should have a clear disclaimer somewhere on your blog explaining all of those things. A short summary explaining what the abbreviations mean should then be added to your PR page, sidebar or somewhere equally visible.
Whenever you have been paid to publish pre-written content, or write a blog post with links, or work on any type of blog post, Facebook post, Instagram post, etc.
Some brands refuse to have the word "sponsored" mentioned; I have to admit although it's to the point I think it sounds a bit clinical. If you're not sure what to write, look at the disclaimer of some of the bigger bloggers and see how they've worded theirs: You'll soon work out the best way to word yours. As laws vary from country to country I'd advise that you find out exactly what the regulations are for where you live and follow them to the letter. A short message (preferably in your sidebar or footer so that it appears on every page of your blog) stating that you own the copyright of all your images unless otherwise stated, etc. Most bloggers are happy for you to use their images in a blog post as long as you give them a linked credit (I know I am). A do-follow link will boost the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the site it points to [by Google]. As I mentioned at the beginning of this point, do not work with brands that offer you payment for do-follow links. If you want solid proof of a time that Google took action against a company that worked with bloggers in the wrong way, read how Interflora were wiped off the face of the internet for quite a while in 2013.
Some brands won't bother contacting you via a Contact form, so if working with brands is important to you include an email address. Word of warning: I'd strongly advise against making the email address linked ("mail to") otherwise it's likely to be found by spam crawlers.
Hopefully you already have an About page (if not, do it now!), but have you included two of the most things that help your readers get to know you: Your name and your location?
Unless your blog is specifically about a brand, blogging is very much about getting to know people as individuals.
On occasion I've gone to a blogger's Twitter account to see if their name or location is written there if I've needed to get in touch with them to ask permission to feature them in a Bloggers You Should Know post. Imagine being at a social gathering where you've had a long conversation with someone and you realise you haven't been properly introduced and you now don't know their name.
I hope this makes some things clear for you - let me know how (and if you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll see if I can help)! Did You Know?In the United States, the common hangover culprits are red wine, vodka, and tequila.The morning after a night of heavy drinking dawns with a throbbing headache, nausea, fatigue, and a miserable feeling.
We, at Buzzle, have provided a least of certain easily available items that have worked in dealing with the after effects. Coconut water is an excellent source of potassium, a proven nutrient to ease hangover symptoms. Snacks like pretzels and saltine crackers not only ease the nauseating feeling associated with a hangover but are also easy to digest.
A spoonful of honey contains naturally occurring fructose that helps minimize the ill-effects of excess alcohol consumption. Heading home the next morning with the shirt that you wore for the party can be nauseating.
One of the best ways to freshen up after a late night booze is to use towelettes or facial wipes. A media kit is an essential snapshot of your statistical information that potential advertisers need to decide whether or not they want to use their advertising dollars with you. A media kit is your opportunity to show advertisers how they can benefit by partnering with YOU over all the other choices they have.
You can use a media kit to help you sell ad spots on your site, write sponsored posts, offer product reviews, receive publishing offers, and create brand partnerships.
It doesn’t matter if you want more readers or more sales to mark your growth, a media kit can help you get there. I would definitely include any other brands you have worked with, links to those partnerships. You ever heard those expressions that talk about how your referral of someone’s service is the best compliment you can give? Other items you might want to include are any regular features like a popular series, or blog hops you are a member of, any online networking groups you play a key role in, FAQ, disclosure information, and policies. Traditionally, however, the church as a whole has done a poor job at adapting towards an online presence. A lot of blogging has very grey areas where legal requirements are concerned (especially as different countries have different laws), but certain regulations should be adhered to no matter where you're based to protect yourself, your blog and your rights. Even if you've just started blogging I still recommend it: You may well be sent freebies in the future so if you have the disclaimer written up now, you won't forget to do it later. I've added mine to the footer of my blog as well as my PR page so that it's visible no matter what page the reader is on (and saves me adding it to every post or forgetting).
I add a message to my posts (where I have received payment to write them) to say that I have "written this post in collaboration with XXX brand" and then again, in my footer, my disclaimer explains exactly what "in collaboration" means (that I have accepted payment for it).

It may not stop anyone actually stealing your images - even with a watermark there's no easy way to completely stop your images being used - but making your copyright clear gives you some back up should the worst happen (and may make someone think twice about stealing them). Some bloggers watermark their images as a deterrent, but with a little cropping or Photoshop skills watermarks can be made to disappear easily so don't think you have to do this. In other words, even if that link gets clicked on thousands and thousands of times, the site won't see any boost to their SEO whatsoever. Google don't like payment being used as a "bribe" to influence SEO - they're much more keen to see SEO being grown organically - and payment for do-follow links is seen as artificially boosting SEO.
They know perfectly well that Google do not take kindly to artificially boosted SEO, but you don't know the extent to which their campaign is running and they will most likely try and tell you that "they're only guidelines" (or some other nonsense) that makes out you don't know what you're talking about.
To make a link no-follow, highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click on the "Link" button as normal.
You've captured their interest enough to make them want to come back another time and read more.
The top of your sidebar or the top of your blog is the best place to put them, not hidden within another page or at the bottom.
I'm not talking about your full name with middle names and your street address and postal code - just a first name or pen-name (minimum) and the area you reside (at least the country). The number of times I've found a great new blog, gone straight to their About page to get to know them a little more - and drawn a blank when it comes to their name. There's something about having no clue about what a person's name is and where they come from that makes them very hard to get to know, no matter how much they write about themselves. Hence, drinking plenty of bottled mineral water is one of the most important remedies to recover from a hangover.
Take this survival kit to your friend's bachelor's party, and I am sure you will be thanking me the next morning. An easy way to alleviate these symptoms would be to have non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen (Advil) or aspirin (Bayer).
As mentioned earlier, heavy alcohol consumption can leave you severely dehydrated, which means, it is imperative that you replenish your body. As aforementioned, too much of alcohol intake causes you to urinate a lot, resulting in depletion of nutrient stores. In order to get rid of alcohol breath in the morning, keep a mint-flavored or fruit-flavored chewing gum at hand.
Moreover, the sodium that is lost from excessive urination can be compensated by eating these salty snacks.
This is because those debauched festivities at night are likely to leave your shirt awfully smelly.
So, if you want to feel better the morning after and get in the pink of health as early as possible, make sure that your kit contains all the above items. You should include your email address and links to any social media accounts such as LinkedIn. Ad size and placement should be addressed in an easy to read graphic if you know this information beforehand.
You want all the information on one page in an organized manner and with a logical flow of the data. If you are unsure of how to lay out the information and make it look professional, it’s worth it to hire someone to do it for you!
You want to use similar coloring and text to that on your site to create a sense of continuity. If you create your media kit as a simple page on your site, it will be super easy to update regularly. Again, it can be a page on your site, a PDF download, or you can have interested parties contact you requesting the document if you’d rather.
Sure, there are a handful of churches that do an excellent job, but there are thousands that do not. Make sure, however, that you are not doing exactly that yourself with others' images; for example, using images and linking them to Pinterest as the source is a breach of copyright (Pinterest is not an original source)! Changing the link(s) to no-follow will ensure that Google won't take any notice of it, basically, so you're safe to accept payment or product in exchange for that link without violating Google's guidelines on link schemes. Believe me, I've had some pretty condescending replies sent to me in my time by brands and PRs. In the window where you add your link, check the box in the bottom-left corner that says "Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute". If you put it on your Contact page, ensure there is a clear "Contact me" somewhere at the top of your blog. You curse yourself for overindulging in alcohol and are desperately looking for measures to overcome the hangover. If you have an important task in the morning, or have to get back to work, taking these over-the-counter NSAIDs will relieve your headache, thereby allowing you begin your day as you normally do.
Excess alcohol makes you pee frequently, which unfortunately flushes off essential minerals.
Coconut water re hydrates the body faster than normal water or even the standard sports drinks. An easy way to overcome nutrition loss would be to have healthy beverages like tomato juice that is an excellent source of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. The breakdown of alcohol in the liver, results in the production of acetaldehyde―a toxic product. So, make sure that your kit contains a brand new T-shirt that can be swapped for your smelly clothes, when the need arises.

So, if you want to transform your dull, partied out look in the morning into something rejuvenating, don't forget to add a small pack of towelettes to your kit. So, to provide relief to your eyes from the scorching sun, and also to prevent your eyes from telling the world about your previous night of booze, use of sunglasses and sun cap is recommended. Come up with a mini sales pitch that conveys how important your unique influence is for their brand and exactly what they can gain by working with you that they can’t get anywhere else. Use Google Analytics, Alexa, or any other statistical tracking site to provide this information.
Leave a lasting impression that makes the advertiser want to contact you immediately about any opportunities to partner together. I would even include the latest updated calendar date somewhere on the page so readers know how current the information is. Many churches do not have a website, while others may have one but not utilize it very well. You're being asked to take a risk, and it's a risk not worth taking because both your blog and the brand's site may be penalised.
Sometimes I've resorted to spelling [A-ha - they've written color (not colour), mom (not mum) - they're probably American] or seen that they've written prices in Sterling £, not dollars [that means they're British].
Well, hangovers subside on their own and everyone has their own method or remedy to cure one.
Bananas are found to be high in potassium, an electrolyte that is lost after excessive alcohol consumption. However, in the presence of fructose, the metabolism of acetaldehyde into acetic acid takes place, which is a harmless product. At least make mention that if they want information on rates or package opportunities then they need to contact you for further information.
Whether beginner or long time blogger, testimonials sale you almost better than anything else!
But I can promise you this; the rewards of having a professional, well thought out media kit are too many to list. In fact, even seemingly well-to-do churches struggle with what information to put online and how to do it effectively. If they're pretty determined they will do some clicking around different pages to try and find those follow links (About page?
Yet, if one could have a survival kit that contains stuff that would alleviate the specific symptoms effectively, then the subsequent morning would become a lot easier. For churches to get better at creating an online presence, they need to know what kind of content to put on a website. Electrolyte loss from increased urinary output can always be replenished by having sports drinks, such as Gatorade, that provide adequate amount of electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Statement of FaithEvery church should make their statement of faith visible and easily accessible. If part of a denomination, chances are the information is available on a main website for the whole denomination or network, but it still might be good to summarize what the statement of faith is in an original and unique way that can speak to the specific context that the local church is in.
Without a statement of faith, it is hard for people to know the churches official stance on doctrine, which can deter newcomers or enable the pastor to have a free reign of speech in the pulpit with no accountability.2. This may be a link to a podcast, but the point is to just make sure that the teachings of the pastor are accessible and preferably free. This helps people go back and listen to past messages, share the link with friends, bring in new attendees, and has the potential to spread the gospel even further. If the church desires to sell the messages in CD or Mp3, that information should be up there, too. But, even if the church decides to do this, it’s a great idea to allow free streaming or a downloadable podcast for the messages.3. Contact Info For PastorsPeople who come to the website will undoubtedly have questions or concerns that they may want to talk about.
For that, it might be good to have the pastors email addresses and phone extensions (if applicable) to provide church members with easy access to their pastors. If the church decides not to have any pastors contact info, perhaps a specific email address should be made available for any questions.4. This can be a welcome video, quick devotionals from the pastor(s), or recap video of church events. This type of media gives members the opportunity to watch and retain valuable information, and then pass it alone to others (even outside of the church) by spreading on social media. Articles and devotionsInstead of just utilizing the website as a buffet of advertisements for upcoming events, it would be beneficial to consistently put freshly written materials on the site. If anyone on staff or volunteering in the church is gifted in writing, they may be able to do this. All that is necessary is to write up short (maybe 500 words) devotionals, and once in a while throw in an article regarding a current event topic or recent church event. It can foster an online community within the church and enable people outside of the church to see what it is all about. Attendees will enjoy spreading information from the site on their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Of course, this can allow the local community to hear about the church and potentially come out to visit.

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