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Oral communication refers to all human interaction where the spoken word and language skills are used to communicate ideas to another individual or group. Communication, whether oral or written, become particularly critical in the business context because subject expertise without accompanying communication capabilities can be a severe handicap if a person is never able to share their vision or ideas.
The most common setting where you will need effective oral communication in the business world are in interviews, staff meetings, one-on-one discussions, presentations to peers, seniors and juniors, telephone discussions and informal coffee-room conversation. Here are the things that need to be the ground rule for good oral communication in all these contexts a€“ it should be relevant, clear, precise and engaging. If you are working on your oral communication skills set conversational targets such as making sure that you be informative in a group meeting. If information and conciseness are the foundation of good oral communication, tact in tone, phraseology and body language are first level of construction.
Having said this it is important to assert that this is not about playing or controlling your listeners. Whether you are a small business owner or you work in a large corporation, oral communication will have a big impact on your life and by investing some time and effort you can master this critical life skill.
The articles appearing on these pages are written by independent writers and do not necessarily relate to the opinion of management. According to a new Iowa State study published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, employers recalled oral communication skills more than others for new college graduates. The data are based on responses from 52 employers in engineering, business, health sciences and social work.
Collecting data that universities and colleges can use to shape curriculum motivated Coffelt to take a different approach. Coffelt says there also needs to be a stronger emphasis on communication curriculum before students even step foot on campus to make sure they’re prepared for their courses.
This form of communication is vital to all human relationships whether they are personal or professional because it is an effective way to let the world know about your thoughts and ideas. An inability to communicate can lead to significant losses at the personal and company level.
Yes, it is true that some people seem to be born with the ability and tend to breeze through conference speeches and client presentations but those of us who do not have this natural born talent can acquire it by observing and adapting. You may sometimes need to interface using technology as in a telephone conference or a videoconference and there may also be occasions for larger scale presentations such as to a larger professional group. Sometimes it is necessary to see the absence of this to learn the value of these elements in oral communication.

Communication allows people to stop assuming what is going on in the other person’s mind, often making up things which may or may not be there, and actually find out how the other person feels and what they are thinking and what is going on with them. Unfortunately, some employees are less than avid with communication, and this could be for several reasons. We provide breathalysers and urine drug tests, not to mention the oral fluid drug tests which we give out.
Regardless of their chosen professions, there are certain skills every student needs to be a successful employee, and those include communication skills – specifically, oral and interpersonal communication. Tina Coffelt, lead author and an assistant professor of communication studies and English, says one-third of employers surveyed identified strong verbal skills more than written, visual or electronic communication skills. Each employer was asked about the type, frequency and manner of communication an intern or new, entry-level hire would use through the course of the workday. She and co-authors Matt Baker, a doctoral candidate in English; and Robert Corey, a lecturer in English, designed the study so that employers could list the types of communication they required, rather than ranking a set of skills predetermined by the researcher. This is an important step, because it reflects how we simultaneously use these skills at work, Coffelt said. Technology is one way college instructors can help those students struggling with grammar rules or sentence structure. Regardless of their field or profession, employers say new employees need strong oral and interpersonal skills to be successful. While written communication can some times be delegated or handed over with someone with the right skill sets, oral communication is not that easy to hand off.
Remember that effective oral communication does not mean you have to be a good speech maker but that you have to be able to be good at connecting with your audience and communicating your position. A long-winded personal anecdote, while it may be very funny, may be terribly irrelevant and may distance a listening audience in a business setting. If you have information to share it is easier to speak up and contribute and if you find yourself digressing you can use this as a yard-stick for curtailing yourself. You should pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues of your audience and this will help you choose the right words and right tone in handling the situation.
It will be seen as the manipulative ploy it is and you will get branded as the much maligned a€?used car salesman.a€? The basics of all good communication are honesty and respect for the other party and that holds true for all oral communication. Communication allows people who have brilliant ideas to bring them out in the open so that a team of other people can start working on bringing them into reality! Screening tests are necessary in order to keep employees in a healthy state, communication-wise.

The results do not diminish the need for these other skills, but more likely reflect usage.
Oral skills included interpersonal communication, presenting and listening skills, as well as team or group work, Coffelt said. For example, offering online quizzes or additional assignments to complete outside of class will help students enhance their skills. Coffelt says it would be beneficial to have data on the importance of these skills for employers.
Whether you are in a meeting or a telephone call, it is critical that you present your ideas with clarity and precision and the very nature of the circumstances means that you cannot rely on others to do it for you. If you are pitching an idea to a potential client, even if you have the perfect product and the perfect price, you may have to sell you idea. If they are allowed to abuse substance unchecked, their workplace environment will only become poorer and poorer quality over time.
Some employers may view visual skills as a support to other forms of communication, or as less of a priority in some occupations. They could simply have a quiet spirit and do not usually do most of the talking, but instead listen and allow other people to talk. A price conscious client will appreciate that feature being high-lighted but a client who thinks in terms of delivery date and long-term relationship building may like it if you communicate those elements of your organization. However, one of the reason can be that someone continually takes things personally because they have low emotional maturity, and they are abusing drugs or alcohol at the same time. Communication would help to keep employees from stressing so much, but often the damage is too late when they begin exhibiting this abusive behavior at work. At any point, tempers can flare up, and there is never a good way to know if someone is going to be fit for duty, as you may say it.
Use drug testing to determine who is able to handle the pressures of daily responsibilities, and who is not.

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