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I dropped one point into Go for the Throat for a little added DPS, but that’s a matter of preference. I only throw one point into Entrapment because ice traps can be resisted quite often, therefore negating this talent.
Survival Tactics provides a nice reduction to trap resistances, but I like it most for its 4 second reduction to the Disengage cooldown. When it comes to PvP, I’m not usually a huge fan of talents that have only a 10% proc rate, but Master Tactician is too good for me to pass up. Depending upon your play style and whether or not you like to arena, pet choices can be fairly subjective. The reason I recommend these two pets is because they both possess valuable snare abilities.
However, spiders have some pretty cool abilities for PvP as well… First off, their snare can be cast from range, allowing the pet to lock down a target without getting into harmful melee range.
As a Survival Hunter, the one stat you’re going to want to stack above all others is agility. Since Survival gains 30% attack power from stamina, piling on health is not a bad idea either.
Intellect is always a good idea for the 1 to 1 attack power conversion from Careful Aim, in addition to the deeper mana pool. Crit rating is a decent stat, but I’d put it behind attack power and definitely behind agility in order of importance. Last but not least, if you plan on doing some arena, then there is one other stat you need to seriously consider. Druids are ever present in arena, and since SV thrives off of fire damage, it is important to be able to neutralize the Druid’s GotW. All in all though, it sounds like you’re doing quite well and have done some homework.
I would like to thank you i am working with your spec you have here and it has made a heck of alot of difference to my game.
I roll BGs with a carrion bird, The constant AP debuff with damage is something I couldnt resist. I’m thinking one point from Improved Tracking and one point from Hunting Party would be the places to borrow from to fill out Entrapment.
Careful Aim is just an amazing talent, especially since it’s such a value at only the 2nd tier.
Scorpids could still be useful in drain type situations, so as to bury your Viper Sting under their poison, but I feel as if there are too many other better choices. Garwulf let me ask you something, dont you thing that was better take 3 points of noxius sting and apply 3 points in improved sting so you can get a higher dps from serpent sting. 75 Spell pen is enough to negate GotW and helps in the off chance a Pally decides to throw up a fire resist aura.
I’ve played around with the flares quite a bit, but i have yet to actually see one help me out. I mainly try to keep a flare up at all times and a trap at my feet if I know a rogue is lurking about. There is not enough of a difference in terms of damage between pets to make a significant difference in PvP, which is why it becomes more of an issue of special ability. In all the fairness, pet damage can be anything from 10% to 13% of your total DPS when MM specced. So, I just made a Marksmanship Hunter PvP guide, however shortly after that I switched to Survival and had a lot better results from that.  I didn't have to constantly have the person in LoS to do damage to my target. A Holy Pally Sanctified and Myself as Survival were able to beat a 1900 MMR team of a Ret Pally and MM Hunter. Level 90: Glaive Toss, haven't tried Powershot as Survival I did with MM and didn't like it. Glyph of Camouflage, I find this one highly viable in arenas, as I am able to get to a good spot for a decent opener.
Aspect of the Cheetah, if I accidentally leave aspect on while trying to catch up with someone it's nice to just have it taken off instead of being dazed. As there is no real rotation guide for PvP situations as it's all dependent on who you're facing, who you're trying to kill, and your strategy. Counter Shot: Interrupt heals, fears, cyclones, anything that can cause you to lose the match.
I plan to add more content later and more macros as I add more to my gamestyle as the arena season goes on.
RequestsIf you wish to request a guide, feel free to fill out the Contact Form below, and we will work on getting a guide + video made for you!
October 12, 2009 By Garwulf 33 Comments Welcome to part two of my Survival Hunter PvP guide. In part one I covered my talent build, pet choice & pet spec, glyphs, enchants and gear itemization. In part two, my goal is to provide you with a few tips and pointers on getting the most out of your new build and play style.
There is obviously no specific rotation for PvP, as encounters are ever changing and unpredictable, not to mention we’re almost never afforded the luxury to sit back and settle into a raid rotation.
Depending upon what buffs my target has up, I’ll often switch to Tranquilizing Shot at this point to start knocking off buffs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always remove the buff you want it to, and sometimes it can be resisted. I’d suggest applying Serpent Sting if no other cooldowns are up, or if your target is a Rogue.
Steady Shot is seldom used, but if you’re in a BG or arena and are unmolested, feel free to blow Rapid Fire and break off a few steadies if your other higher priority shots are on cooldown. If you’re new to the class or the Survival spec, just pull Arcane Shot off of your action bar as soon as you spec SV, then stick Explosive Shot in its place. Lock and Load is an important part of Survival’s burst capability, so understanding how to effectively use it is critical.
Scatter Shot is not only a great spell interrupt and distance creator, but most important is its use as a setup for trapping.
Wyvern Sting is nice for a long ranged sleep, or to pre-emptively interrupt a heal or offensive spellcast.
Because BGs are often chaotic and sometimes lacking in coordinated team efforts, I often use frost traps to try and keep melee targets under control, as well as enabling my melee teammates to lock down casters. Apart from the obvious benefit of CC’ing your target(s), another reason to heavily utilize your freezy traps is for Lock and Load procs.
Although Snake Trap can be pretty quickly neutralized through even the weakest AoE, they can be pretty handy at times. Power Auras can literally do just about anything, but here’s a quick look at what I use it for. This looks like a bit of a mess, but the reason is I have all of my Power Auras activated for demonstration purposes. The yellow puss-cat just below the leaf is a warning telling me that my pet is taking damage and his health is below 60%. The gold symbols on the inside left and right of the Serpent Sting aura notify me when Lock and Load procs. Those six little red candy corn looking thingies flash when my health goes below 50%, letting me know I’m in a bit of trouble.
The blue circular aura around my toon shows when I am in Aspect of the Viper, and the bright star-like aura dead-center tells me that I am not in Dragonhawk. Lastly, the red jolly roger at the bottom signals that my target is below 20% and ready to die.
Basically, if I’m on top of my game, I should only have a few auras visible at one time.
As I said, Power Auras is one of the top addons worth having, especially as a Survival Hunter.
Rather than list all of the useful Hunter macros I can think of, instead I’ll just refer you to my macros page. These are pretty simple macros which allow you to CC another target without deselecting your current target. Well hopefully some of the things I’ve covered in this two part series helps a few of you out there.
Is this post over 3500 words and probably adequate for giving the newbie a jump-start in Survival PvP? If anyone has any other tips or suggestions, please send ’em my way in the form of comments. I have issues with the hunters mark aura, it will show up no matter if mark is up on target or not (read: i cant make it go away with marking the target).
Tried sifting through options but couldn’t find anything that I thought would cause this. OT: Awesome site, really really good info for me as I just dinged 80 on my hunter and plan to mainly do BGs and Arena on him. I’ll most likely just post a few screenshots, along with a detailed list of addons used and why.
Sorry to bother you so much with this but I just started an arena team with some friends and have been doing some BGs for honor and I am in need of a good UI. If you want the same in-game step by step leveling guide that we use to get to level 90 as fast as possible, take a look at our favorite in-game leveling guide.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera allows us to use two of our survivability tools more often. Intimidation allows the pet to stun a trash mob for three seconds, which will also interrupt casts. Focusing Shot – allows you to carefully line up your perfect shot for 100% wpn damage and generates 50 focus.
Lone Wolf – All of your damage is increased by 30% when you don’t have a pet active and you can provide one of several benefits to your party or raid. Any pet can be either Tenacity, Ferocity, or cunning and you can switch their specs at any time.
As Survival you don’t, of course, have access to the exotic pets (and their abilities,) but various other pets do bring useful abilities to the raid, beyond their damage. Cooldowns for pet abilities are longer than than they are in Beast Mastery and patch 5.3 doubled some pet cooldowns.
Buffs do not stack with any similar buffs your team might provide, such as Cat Mastery & Shaman Mastery. Wind Serpent – Increases magic damage taken by the target by 5%, which is great if a lot of magic damage is being tossed about. Haste is a very strong stat when you hit certain breakpoints, such as getting in an extra shot or DoT tick.

Mastery adds to your magic damage, not to any physical damage you might do and nothing for your pet, so it’s not as strong as the others. Readiness is an ability gained at 90 and will reduce the cooldowns on various other abilities. There are a bunch of changes coming in Warlords, but they won’t change your rotation much. Serpent Sting has also been removed, but it’s effect is now backed into Multi-Shot and Arcane Shot. Serpent Spread has been renamed Serpent Sting and remains as a passive ability for Survival Hunters.
Your Lock and Load‘s effects have been incorporated into Black Arrow and have been redesigned. Black Arrow deals 60% more damage, inflicts Shadow damage every 3 seconds, and triggers Lock and Load on Multistrike hits. Aspect of the Hawk (or the talent Aspect of the Iron Hawk)  should always active, save for when an encounter requires a great deal of movement in which case Aspect of the Cheetah may prove to be a superior choice.
Use Explosive Shot on cooldown as well as whenever Lock and Load procs granting you two shots without focus cost or cooldown. Use Arcane Shot to expend excess focus, but never completely use up your focus as you’ll need it for the above abilities. Explosive Trap instead of Black Arrow only if you can hit multiple targets at once with Explosive Trap. Your DPS cooldowns Dire Beast, A Murder of Crows, Rapid Fire, Rabid and Stampede should be used on cooldown. In Mists of Pandaria Agility is definitely your best stat, but gems with secondary stats have twice the value of agility gems, 320 Haste Vs 160 Agility, for example.
Note that if the socket bonus is something other than Ag or Crit you’re probably better off just dropping a Delicate Primordial Ruby into those yellow and blue sockets. Capacitive Primal Diamond: +324 Critical Strike, and chance on melee or ranged hit to gain Capacitance. Helm enchants are gone in Mists of Pandaria, shoulder enchants all come from the Inscription profession.
A cloak enchant will add Hit and the glove enchant will add Expertise, if you need to top those off. Hit and Expertise are gone, and so are any racials than have anything to do with those two stats. If you’re looking towards the end game the Orcs and Trolls are arguably the best Hunter races, with  Worgen and Draenei on the Alliance side.
Pandarens (Mists of Pandaria) can be either Alliance or Horde, they choose when they leave their starting area.
They can put enemies to sleep with a touch of the paw, but youi don’t want to be in melee range.
A DPS gain is their 1% increased chance to crit, which is a good stat for you, and ….
Their increased skinning skill and speed is a nice convenience, but of no special value to Hunters. The stone form ability is rather nice, washing away bleeds and reducing damage taken by 10%, and the latter part of that will find occasional PvE use. Shadowmeld drops aggro in PvE encounters, but it’s redundant with your Feign Death ability. Night Elf hunters also gain the benefit of a 2% dodge chance increase, another bonus to stack with Aspect of the Monkey when forced into melee. They have nothing that’s specifically useful for DPS,  though their escape ability is quite nice for PvP and occasionally of use in PvE.
Their diplomacy ability will  help with the rep gains with the many factions of Azeroth and beyond.
A somewhat more situational ability is the reduced duration Trolls get from movement reducing effects. Rocket Jump has definite uses at times, especially as “gain range” ability when Disengage is on cooldown.
An increase in Alchemy skill, along with a greater effect from your own healing potions, is also nice. Tauren are another generally viable Hunter race, gaining a 5% bonus to health that is occasionally useful, though it doesn’t scale well at high levels. You’ll also gain the benefit of Warstomp, an AoE stun that may allow you to gain range from the opposition.
Herbalism provides a nice little heal and a Haste effect, both of which are nice for Hunters and the Tauren’s increased Herbalism skill will get you into that heal just that much faster. However, once BM was laid to rest last week, I decided to jump ship and become an explosives expert. I could see where some Hunters may want to dip into Endurance Training for a little added insurance, but one hallmark of the Survival tree is added health and survivability.
Mortal Shots and Lethal Shots are necessary for PvP burst, but most importantly, they get you down the tree to Aimed Shot. We can be locked down pretty easily, so the further we can be pew-pewing away from our target(s), the better. However, I feel there are two pets that set themselves apart from all others as top choices. Both can lock down a target for 4 seconds, which is highly advantageous for battlegrounds, and invaluable for arena.
Crabs are sturdier mainly due to Blood of the Rhino, and possess some great PvP abilities such as Charge and Intervene.
There are a few racials and talents that can increase misses above 5%, but I’d recommend against stacking hit in place of another stat once you reach 5%.
I haven’t read through all of the comments posted here but I want to know if anyone else has played with the Talent: Savage Strikes much at low level PvP?
It is not because I want the 4 second entrapment from frost trap, but because even with diminishing returns I will have a 2 second entrapment from snake trap.
Although they’re one of the classes that really get under my skin as Survival, I still prefer a pet that works pretty good vs.
That combined with my resilience is usually enough for me to get the upper hand, unless of course I don’t have any CDs available. All pets will do a certain percentage of your total damage, but the difference from pet to pet in a PvP scenario is going to be negligible. In my post I indicated that a live tanky-specced Tenacity pet will likely produce more damage than a dead Ferocity pet.
What they’re mainly used for is utility, interrupts and a little added dps come kill time. While not hugely different from the crab, I like the thought of keybinding web and just using my spider when it’s time for the kill. The reason I am running with Posthaste and not the other 2 choices is because people love to LoS in arenas. And I tested barrage on a target dummy, and didn't feel to strong about it so haven't tried it in arenas. Basically a 20% damage reduction move that I can throw either on myself or my partner.  It also makes it so we cannot be critically struck for 12 seconds.
The purpose of this two part post is to offer up some basic tips and suggestions for those new to Survival Huntering, a quick-start-guide if you will. The purpose of that post was to offer a brief overview of the spec and to help better optimize your toon for success in BGs or arena. There are however a few basic things to note when it comes to knowing which shots to use and when. Maintaining uptime of the 50% healing debuff is extremely important when trying to take your target down, especially in arena. You may wonder why we need to glyph it considering the effect and cooldown are both 10 seconds. Explosive Shot is Survival’s highest damage shot, plus it has an incredibly high crit rate when properly talented and glyphed. Black Arrow not only adds a nice DoT and damage debuff to your target, but it also starts the proc timer running on Lock and Load. Since PvP is all about burst, Serpent Sting isn’t terribly important, especially since it can be cleansed pretty easily by many classes. Arcane Shot is not used by Survival hunters at all because it shares a cooldown with Explosive Shot. Just as in PvE, the trick to handling Lock and Load procs is to allow enough time in between Explosive Shots so that you get the full damage from the initial blast, plus the two subsequent ticks. Of course, if your opponent is low on health and Kill Shot becomes available, then by all means fire it off immediately. Since traps possess an arming time of 2 seconds, it is often necessary to set your target up beforehand.
Since Wyvern Sting has a posion DoT immediately following its sleep effect, one trick is to follow it with a Scorpid Sting in order to re-trap the target in a Freezing Trap or Freezing Arrow. I use Freezing Traps mainly for self-defense purposes if I see a melee target coming after me.
They are especially useful vs casters who are susceptible to interrupts, along with the chance that the snakes might apply Mind Numbing poison.
This addon is one of my absolute favorites, and one I highly recommend for all Hunters, not just Survival Hunters.
The pulsing green leaf and timer show me how many ticks are left on the heal so that I don’t overwrite it. I don’t use Mirror for PvP, but if you have a PvP trinket such as Anvil of Titans for example, Power Auras can be used to notify you of the proc and time remaining.
The strings listed here were for an earlier version of Power Auras, so they may or may not work as intended.
There are many other beneficial uses for Power Auras, so I suggest playing around with it some to find what works best for you.
You can set all sorts of filters for it so that your screen isn’t so spammy, plus you can configure triggers that will notify you of certain hostile spellcasts or enemy heals. This addon, or similar ones such as Quartz, are helpful in allowing you to customize how you want enemy cast bars, buff and debuff timers to display. For those unfamiliar, Gladius is a unit frame addon for showing specifically your opponents in arena.
With the amount of split decision making that goes on in PvP, anytime you can combine multiple spells or commands into one keybind, the better off you’ll be. There are however a couple of Survival specific macros that I’ve yet to include on that page. As I said, I didn’t write these posts to teach players the art of owning in PvP as a Hunter.

I didn’t foresee part two being this labor intensive, so when I got to the end and thought about linking all of the info to WoWHead, I said f**k it.
I was hoping to find a hotshot Gladiator to share some wisdom, but you may have to settle for me.
More than likely what it will be is a conversation starter where I give my advice and tactics, then others chime in with their experiences. Makes sure you have a stack of Tome of the Clear Mind in your bags and then tweak talents and glyphs to suit particular encounters. Ferocity is generally the best choice as it provides the greatest DPS gain, but there may be situations where Tenacity or Cunning might have use. It causes Multi-Shot and Arcane Shot to also apply the Serpent Sting poison, which does instant and periodic damage. Lock and Load now causes the next Explosive Shot to not trigger its cooldown, but no longer causes it to be free or reset the ability’s current cooldown. Serpent Sting should be refreshed by your Cobra Shot making it unnecessary for you to re-apply it directly the majority of the time.
There seems to be very little difference in priority between them, so use them as they pop up.
This means that socket matching will be worthwhile in some cases, particularly if the slot has a big agility bonus, say 60+ agility per slot. It will factor in race, all your gear, various other stuff, and help min-max for your particular situation. Most of the enchants below have similar enchants available, of lesser value, for less cash. Even the gathering professions have some value, though you might be better served by using those to build a larger gold stash.
Since gems with secondary stats are twice the value of those with primary stats (320 Haste Vs 160 Agility, for example) Blacksmithing might be the most valuable profession if you’re just looking for the buffs or gemming versatility since you can add the 640 in stats vs 320 Agility.
Since gems with secondary stats have twice the value of gems with primary stats Blacksmithing might be a very valuable profession. Goblins get a Haste effect and Rocket Jump (a useful escape ability.) Undead drain life and heal.
If Ag turns out to be as valuable in WoD as it is in Mists then this might turn out to be the best racial. Now you have a guide like Dugi’s which sits in-game, in a small window, and shows you step-by-step where to go, what to do, and a number of details to make it even easier. Since there may be other displaced BM PvPers like myself, I figured I’d provide a glimpse at my spec, as well as share some of what little knowledge I possess concerning Survival Huntering in the realm of player versus player combat. I usually do pretty well in both BGs and arena, but I am always out looking for ways to step my game up. I’m sitting well over 26K health unbuffed, so I saw better use for these points elsewhere.
For those players new to PvP, know that you absolutely must have Aimed Shot if you plan entering battlegrounds or arena.
Trap Mastery is great for added CC, as well as increased damage from traps and Black Arrow.
They also have a nice ability called Bullheaded, which acts like sort of a pet PvP trinket along with added damage reduction. Heart of the Phoenix is somewhat of an answer to the problem, but you have to sacrifice DPS in order to get it. If you arena, then I wouldn’t recommend going with anything below 700, since Hunters are nearly always the first focus fire target in any match. Attack power is good for Survival, but always itemize agility over attack power whenever possible. Survival’s bread and butter is attack power based fire damage which is not affected by armor penetration. Though I have not played with it past level 30 I get crits like crazy with Savage Strikes maxed from level 17 and kept it till now at 27 with my Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite. The extra time on the snare can seem like an eternity in PvP, plus as you said, it sort of helps account for DR.
I don’t really see any other configuration for the points in the MM tree, apart from maybe taking 1 point from GftT. Im just thinking that arcane shot is one of the mosted used shots by the hunter and the extra 15% bonus plus rapid killing 10% bonus gives good amount of damge. Their abilities are going to come in handy no matter who you’re playing against, where as a scorpid really only shines vs teams where you need to drain a healer.
In fact, aoe skills can be a problem if the target is near a cc’d target that the bear might likely break. So if I'm able to move 60% faster chances are I am going to be able to catch up to the person and finish them off.
Stampede is a nice burst, and Blink Strikes helps can be nice, but I have had the best results with MoC. In this part of the guide, I’ll give you an overview of the basic PvP shot selection, Survival Hunter mechanics, as well as show you some useful addons and macros. If you get lucky with RNG, these two opening shots can take your target down to nearly 50% within seconds. Depending upon your target and what buffs are on them, Tranq Shot may need to be used right away. Unless you’re a MM Hunter, Serpent Sting uptime need not be too high on the priority list.
This is a given for any experienced Hunters, but this guide isn’t necessarily intended for them. The beauty of Lock and Load is that your focus fire target need not be the snared target in order to trigger the proc. If you fire off your second and third explosives immediately, you will actually do less damage to your target than if you had fired off an alternative shot in between cooldowns, or just simply waited. This is more easily said than done, but one thing I try to do is utilize an ice trap of some sort every single time the cooldown is up. If I see a healer or caster DPS all alone and in mid-cast, then I’ll go for a Freezing Arrow. It’s highly customizable and can display all sorts of things including, health, mana, enemy cast bars, and even pvp trinket cooldowns. Hunters have quite a bit to worry about due to the abundance of abilities at our disposal, in addition to a pet to control and look after. I could then update the guide with the additional tactics; creating a comprehensive post on how to deal with other classes.
Also, thanks again for taking time out to create such an awesome source of information about our class. This means that you can just macro trang shot into your other shots so that every time you use a shot other than auto, it also shoots a tranq shot. I know that setting up a whole UI post its time consuming, so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to post your UI on a site like WoW Interface.
If you’re looking for advice on leveling your Hunter, check out our Hunter Leveling Guide. For example, you’ll be able to socket the two gems for 640 PvP Power instead of 320 Ag. Some of the trash mobs found in PvE content count as beasts, so this will be occasionally useful. Dugi’s will remember where you left off and then it will figure out where you should be at your new level and pick up from there. Even if Survival Instincts only provided a 4% crit bonus to Explosive Shot it would be a must have, but it also gives you 4% damage reduction. When combined with Survival Instincts and Glyph of Explosive Shot, this talent puts me well over a 50% crit rate for my Explosive Shot. Depending on how they’re specced, they can also dish out a little added damage over that of a Tenacity pet.
Also, Ferocity doesn’t have Roar of Sacrifice, which is pretty necessary for PvP in my opinion. This can be obtained by a 35 spell pen cloak enchant and 2 20 spell pen gems, or by slotting 3 epic spell penetration gems. Thing is, that’s a pretty important point not only for DPS, but also to make sure your pet has enough focus for its special ability. Thing is, you have to get the killing blow in order to receive the buff, which can be a real crap shoot in PvP.
The 2 second shorter CD helps to deal with those variables and allow for more uptime on the healing debuff.
Firing a Freezing Arrow on top of a healer mid-cast is an excellent way to provide you with more burst damage while nuking down a DPS target, plus it’ll prevent that healer from topping off your target.
If you’re lucky, your target may trinket the Scatter Shot only to find themselves in deep freeze immediately there after. Unless you know your Freeze trap target will be left alone, Frost Trap is almost always a better option, especially if you’re specced into Entrapment. As a Survival Hunter, I find the addon very useful for displaying a modular debuff timer for Explosive Shot. I have a separate SBF bar for my poison, so I still knew when to reapply, but I had thought the power aura was acting up or something. I’ve seen people post their WTF and Interface folders along with a premade profile on each add-on so that one can recreate their UI.
No problem, Dugi has your back all the way from level 1 to the level cap, or whichever level you start from. If anyone has any advice or constructive criticism pertaining to this post, macro suggestions, tactics, and especially arena strategies, then please share. Overall, Cunning and Tenacity just offer a better arsenal of talents as far as level 80 PvP is concerned. The reason for this is to burn through the 76 resistance provided by the Druid’s Gift of the Wild. I also think this is a beauty Talent for me when I am out of mana and I am forced into melee situations and or overwhelmed or both.
I try to keep half my gear with STA attributes and the other half with AGI and I think I have a ring that adds a few points to Crit Rating (I have nothing special).
Maybe I can improve this lowbie PvP build or be persuaded to not go into Savage Strikes at all in Low Level PvP.
Thanks Gar for this awesome site and you probably already know your PvP button at top of page is broke at the moment o.O If not, I hope you see this soon.

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