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Each of the 48 LTOTM Personality Types consists of a sequential order of the 4 Temperaments (Guardian, Artisan, Idealist, Rational), plus Introvert or Extrovert. If you are familiar with David Keirsey, you'll recognize the purple part of each type name is similar to Keirsey's names for the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. The main LTOTM names were chosen based on verbs that most closely related to the personality types' behaviors. Personality theory registered copyright © 2008 Brian Lewis, under the unpublished title Knowing Your Role, all rights reserved. LTOTM, Lewis Temperament OrderTM and Temperament OrderTM are a trademarks of Brian Lewis 2008. I read a lot on different blogs these days and one of the hot issues discussed by many bloggers is how to get more comments on blog posts and boost their social proof.
Write in a conversational tone as if you are having a discussion with a friend and always remember to give them space to speak. If you are concerned about spam, be sure to install GASP the WordPress Comment Spam Plugin. Now one last crazy idea is to randomly select the commentator of the month and reward him or her. I use the free version of comment luv and a few of the other suggestions you mentioned and I like to think that my personal blog is a discussion board. I have to agree with you Joi and have noticed that I tend to go back to blogs more that have comments that are actually visible and where I can not just add a comment but actually reply to specific comments also.
Encouraging commenting means you are trying to build a good, healthy community that is revolving around your blog. If we have done the right with comments, I have idea about the bad reason because the blog comments will give benefit to each others, blogger and commenters.
Do you also think creating a post uniquely for the most active commentator of the month is worth it? Si vous vous dites par exemple dans votre tete « je ne suis pas capable de franchir le pas », cette petite phrase sera repertoriee au plus profond de votre cerveau. Pour pouvoir controler a 100 % votre propre vie, le mieux est de savoir gerer vos etats internes. A repetition, ces agissements constituent d’excellents exercices pnl confiance en soi. Si vous souhaitez reussir sur tous les plans dans la vie, que ce soit professionnel ou amoureux, sachez que la volonte joue un role primordial.
Alors a vous de jouer, renseignez vous sur cet outil formidable, lisez quelques livres et commencez a mettre en pratique.
We’ve had two previous flashback episodes to the time before Steven was born, and while “Greg the Babysitter” might not have been as romantic or emotionally tense as the others, it provided us another glimpse into the development of Greg and Rose’s relationship, and their development as people. The initial impression viewers of Steven Universe may get of Greg is something of a stereotypical layabout dad: a washed-up rock star living in his van and working a dead-end job. Rose, too, still has a lot of growing until she becomes the person we got a glimpse of in her videotape to Steven. We also revisited what the writers seem to be setting up as Rose Quartz’s major flaw: communication.
Although Rose Quartz will probably get the most analysis from “Greg the Babysitter,” we all know who the real MVP of the episode was: baby Sour Cream.
While watching any new episode of Steven Universe, I ask myself, “how does this come back to Steven, the character?” He is beyond the protagonist; he is the emotional core, the audience surrogate, and the one at whom most of the show’s morals are aimed, on some level or another. Since the types are defined by temperament order, no mapping is needed between temperament and type. The main differences in naming are that there are 48 LTOTM types and the LTOTM type names are verb-based.
Each verb has a new definition in LTOTM theory of exhibiting temerament intelligences and expressivity in the type's temperament order.
Although types on the same role wheel span different temperaments and have different goals, they have similar social communication styles and work patterns.
This results in the open direct detailed communication style that these types have in common.
This results in the free flowing descriptive persuasive communication style that these types have in common. While most of the articles you read on blog commenting are focused on the site visitors, very little is being said to educate the post authors or blog owners. Instead let’s discuss what needs to be done to get your readers coming back for more interaction and blog commenting. Don’t be like the Sunday preacher who should be listened to from the inception of his sermon to the end.
With a huge list of advantages to the commentator, a majority of your readers will do a blog search looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs to leave comments on.
Frankly speaking, there are times that I read some blog posts just to gain an understanding of the content so as to leave the required comments.

If you have the latest version of CommentLuv, then you have the best and most updated copy of ReplyMe. I have personally noticed this as one of the reasons some readers are consistently commenting on some blogs.
Although it may drive people off, it makes the comment approval easier so I won’t have to sift through spam. While it doesn’t drive your commentators away, it does a great job in filtering spams. One need to read thoroughly before he or she can write something useful to engage in the discussion.
Moreover, I love the Premium version of commentluv because I think that it was a great plugin which we should not miss.
Now I am here and read your comment, especially click through your comment permalinks and go through your own blog for a read.
But i think implementing both Captcha + GASP can reduce spam, but it’ll create annoyance to my visitors. After your recommendation, I will be using a top commentators widget on one of my blog, lets see how it goes. I like the idea of featuring the top commentators, its like a little reward you give them for taking the time to come and comment on your blog. Donc, si de mauvaises donnees y sont enregistrees, il va reiterer ces choses a un moment precis de votre vie.
Vous pouvez dire alors que vous etes dans la bonne voie pour atteindre le bonheur ou encore le succes. Si vous arrivez a maitriser vos etats internes par la methode pnl confiance en soi, vous arriverez a bout de vos objectifs. Steven Universe subverted this stereotype by showing Greg to be a talented musician, a caring dude, and a dedicated father.
We saw previously how Rose used to have a romantic but simplified view of humans, like cute little animals she could adopt and play with, but lacking the same emotional depth of Gems. His design, his voice, when he imitated his mom, his sly grins — please, Crewniverse, I would not be mad if you made baby cameos a regular occurrence on Steven Universe. An episode about Greg and Rose like “Greg the Babysitter” is going to give us delightful superficial connections to Steven all over the place (I wonder if Mr.
There are 24 combinations of temperament order, so 24 Introvert types and 24 Extrovert types; 48 types total. The LTOTM types also have secondary names to help clarify what each type is natural at doing. Where the Keirsey name was not able to be put in verb form, or there was a more appropriate verb-based name, the Keirsey name was adopted in the secondary LTOTM name. Instructor types like to oversee others behavior, are comfortable telling others what to do and remain accountable for what they say. This is because the multiple definitions of composer are best suited for the Idealist INFP.iarg type in LTOTM theory. Trigger response by asking questions and encouraging people to share their opinions in the comments. Most often, captchas are some of the things that drive me off as soon as I land on the page. While GASP will succeed to keep spam bots away, there is no way to find out if that guy on your blog will drop a spam comment or not.
Stimulez les bonnes ondes, reiterez des phrases positives comme « Je suis capable », « vas-y, tu peux le faire ». Une fois que la bonne volonte est acquise, vous pouvez apprendre a vous accepter, a vous estimer. In “We Need to Talk” she and Greg had their first serious conversation, and she finally began to view him on a similar level. We also know that while those lies were often well intended, they did end up hurting the people she loved. And since these flashback episodes seem to be becoming a regular feature, I have little doubt that we’ll get to see exactly how that happened. We even got baby Gems in the classroom short “How Gems Are Made,” even if the context was telling us how not-canon they are, a point Rose reiterates in this episode: “When a Gem is made it’s for a reason. Smiley’s predecessor banned Rose Quartz from Funland?), but on a narrative level, what is going on?
In the type names below, the four lowercase colored letters after the dot tell you the order of the temperaments and the I or E at the beginning tells Extrovert or Introvert.
The 16 preference based Myers-Briggs personality types are no longer used, but still directly relate 3-to-1.
On the left side of the wheel are the Growth Instructor types that have Idealist before Rational. However, if you want to reap the benefits of blog commenting as a blog owner, you cannot afford not to reply to comments.

If you point to some other resources for your readers in the comment box, they always come back to check. But, Obviously they’re hard to read, and these irritations drive people away from your site, and ultimately cost you money. Vous allez au fur et a mesure de vos exercices PNL comprendre que vous ne pouvez compter que sur vous-meme. As these flashbacks show, while young Greg was a pretty nice guy, he also had his own set of flaws.
These changes cannot happen overnight, however, and we can still see that relationship imbalance approximately a year later. It is refreshing in general to see so much of Rose, in the flesh (so to speak), instead of through worshipful stories from the Crystal Gems.
They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be and then… that’s what they are. On the left side of the wheel are the Cultivating Organizer types that have Idealist before Rational. On the left side of the wheel are the Artistic Designer types that have Idealist before Rational. On the left side of the wheel are the Liberating Motivator types that have Idealist before Rational. The simplest solution is that in order to avoid comment spam; Askimet or Spam Karma can filter out most of it for you. This is a Rose who seems genuinely infatuated with Greg — yet is also content to watch him get sunburned or climb to the top of a Ferris wheel. The line between Greg’s narration and the story itself is probably intentionally blurred, but I wonder if Steven picked up on Vidalia’s contempt of Greg’s similar blind adoration of his “space goddess.” We have been guessing that some hard truths about Rose are coming up, and this might be one more indicator that Steven needs to evaluate multiple sources to know what was up with his mom. Forever.” The motif of “change” was certainly strong throughout “Greg the Babysitter,” from Greg’s delightful ditty to Rose’s beach speech. These types stay aware of others personal situations and provide support for peoples needs. They guide others to follow social values and appropriateness and facilitate human growth and development. These types know how to balance and manipulate shape, form, color, sound and feeling to create compositions that reach people.
This is a Greg who will happily sit around a single mother’s house, eating her food, making messes, and not even say sorry. Anyone could tell, plain as day, that Pearl was uncomfortable with her and Greg’s relationship — yet it appears that the two of them may never have had any serious conversations about it. Although we did get a lot of Rose, the reason she would have been so desperate to change (to the point of, say, being reborn as a human boy…) is still shrouded in mystery. The Economizing Organizer types on the right side of the wheel have Rational before Idealist. The Operations Instructor types on the right side of the wheel have Rational before Idealist. The Constructive Designer types on the right side of the wheel have Rational before Idealist.
They are all about the human experience and love to excite people about culture, entertainment, music and arts.
In this episode, Rose can tell that Greg seems tired and distressed, but mostly seems amused, not concerned. What were your sins, Rose, and why were they so great you felt like you’d never achieve redemption? They know what is needed to finish tasks at hand and they make sure all materials are prepared and information is accurate to complete them reliably and economically. They know each step necessary to complete certain objectives and they politely coordinate peoples' efforts to complete them efficiently. They know how to improvise new techniques and strategies to solve problems quickly and effectively. One can imagine how that was a helpful attitude towards, say, a younger Pearl, where she could encourage her jumping into dangerous situations, with healing tears and Gem regeneration abilities to keep her from harm. She must know, intellectually, that Greg doesn’t have money, and humans need money to buy food, and humans need food to survive — but she never puts this all together to realize her boyfriend (?) is practically starving. The Commercializing Motivator types on the right side of the wheel have Rational before Idealist. They know what people like, how to make things look and sound impressive and what new things can be socially useful.
They expend lots energy and ingenuity making what people want available and maximizing apparent value.

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