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And now I’m excited to finally use the frog cookie cutters for some frog sugar cookies! Start by using your food coloring marker to draw an outline of the frog’s tummy and spots. After you’ve filled the frog cookie with green royal icing and added your eyes, let the icing dry for about 20 minutes.
The set included flowers, a butterfly, a watering can, and a frog, which immediately was my favorite.
Next, outline the frog shape in green royal icing, tracing around the tummy and spots that you drew. It’s a great idea to make a bunch of royal icing eyes and store them in an air tight container. With the black royal icing, draw the frog’s mouth and with the pink or red royal icing draw a long swirled tongue. That frog cutter is so fun… and the decorating is easy, especially with your smooth icing!
To learn how to make lady bug royal icing transfers, check out this tutorial by Sweet Creations by Stephanie.
Immediately fill in all the green areas of the frog with royal icing and place your royal icing eyeballs onto the wet icing.
For step-by-step directions on how to make royal icing eyeballs, check out Royal Icing Googly Eyes by How Does She. If you don’t want to make a batch of royal icing just for the mouth and tongue, you can also draw these parts on with food coloring markers.

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