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Dead By Daylight has set the survival horror genre to the next level where the goal is to survive the enclosed forest and escape from the killer.
Leveling up faster will not only help you unlock the add-ons and perks, but also you can spend and share the experience point with the Killer if you are the Survivor and vice versa. Now that we know that the Survivors earn more XP then we can try playing as Survivor and then Share the XP with the Killer. If you want to know which perks can help you with the Buff then do check out our Perks and Unlocks Guide for Dead by Daylight.
The study on Neanderthals and cave art was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

You need to collect and unlock various items in order to help you survive longer, but these items can only be unlocked if you level up to certain level. Just for the information the Killer normally earns fewer experience points than the survivors so don't be sad if you're a fan of killing the survivors.
Newly discovered cave art at Gorham's Cave near the Strait of Gibraltar, however, suggest that there was likely more to our ancestors than was previously thought. Prior to the discovery, archaeologists found Neanderthal tools buried in the same sediment, suggesting that the etchings were around during the time of the Neanderthals, iStreet Research reported. To Level up you need Experience points and that is where we come in to help you gain experience points and level up faster.

If you are playing as a Killer and you manage to take down all the 4 survivors in the forest with the hooks then you are rewarded with 10-13K XP, but if you are playing as a Survivor and manage to escape the Forest then you earn around 15-20K XP. If you're hunting for higher level XPs then we recommend being the first one to open the exit door in order to gain more 2K XP.

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