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Surviving College Life » 5 Things Every Freshman Should Know - Survive College with tips about roommates, studying, and more! Surviving College Life is a drama-free zone and reserves the right to remove any inappropriate, spammy, or malicious comments. Receive a FREE E-Newsletter from Fox College Funding®, with powerful tips on how to avoid paying the full price for college in each issue. With tuition costs rising, mandatory room and board for some students, or just living away from home, college can get even more expensive than what you had imagined.
Microsoft Office Suite is offered at a discount price to students, or possible even cheaper through your college. Bike to class: make sure to secure your backpack, and save personal and environmental costs! Use public transportation: many larger schools offer free transportation from off campus apartments to different parts of campus.
Pay attention to grocery store ads: they often have great deals in produce, meat, and bulk dry goods. Make group meals: have a taco or pizza night with friends and have each friend bring one ingredient–cheap and fun!
Use any student meals or dining dollars that your school offers: some schools require you to have a meal plan, so you might as well utilize it. Skip the bottled water: this water does not have to meet the same clean standards that tap water has to meet.
Movies: some theaters have a certain day where students can see movies for a sizable discount (in my area, students can see movies for $5 on Thursdays, for example).
Live shows: if your school has a performing arts center, they often offer a free ticket once a semester to students. Donate plasma: this is a great way to feel like you are helping people while at the same time earning a bit of extra cash. Become a tutor or mentor: help others while improving your work and possibly even beefing up your future resume. Pay a little on your unsubsidized loans every month: paying a little now, even $20 a month, can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when it comes to paying back your loans. With all the money you save by following these tips, you’ll be out of college with some money to spare!
I found this tips to be very useful to students who are not equipped with a lot of money, thanks for sharing it with us. Living in the dorms at San Francisco State University has forced me to become very creative in order to survive living in such a confined room that lacks essential everyday necessities, such as a kitchen. The first few weeks of college can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're moving away from home for the first time.
As with anything in life though, there are a few cheats and tricks that can make things a whole lot easier for you. Fill up on food before drinking, not after – your liver will be too busy breaking down alcohol to break down that 2am kebab.

Issues like these must be given attention to since this concerns you and the future ahead of you.
With Jeff Winger determined to get his degree, he creates a study group that although made to study law ends cracking witty meta-humour and pop culture related jokes. Though different, the group becomes a closely knit fabric with each member contributing to their tenacity and ability to survive the school.
I know, I know, many of us have watched The Chew, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, and did want (and still do) want to become an expert chef someday. Talk to an academic adviser, look in to free tutoring (offered on many campuses), or stop by your professor’s office hours. Learn more about managing your finances and learning to budget here, and consider whether you should get a job during the school year.
Even the simple act of leaving your door open when you’re in your room can help you get to know the other students on your floor. If you want to get a head start and start saving before you’re a broke college kid, just follow these tips.
Eat on campus, or spend dining dollars at any convenience or food shops on campus before eating out. Buy a water pitcher with a filter and a BPA free water bottle, and you will save tons of money in the long run while drinking healthier water!
Just hoping you’ll be able to make some money during book buyback at the end of semester is going to be disappointing.
You could also offer to sell the book to someone you know who will be taking the class next semester.
You can make decorations for your rooms, paint each others nails instead of paying for a salon day, and anything else your imagination can handle. Sell your art on the streets, play music at local businesses for tips, and offer to cut your friends’ hair for an affordable price. Side effects can be dangerous for donors, and the small amount of money doesn’t seem to be worth the risk. You must allow yourself to assess those problems and think of ideas on how you would cope up with them.
As they all struggle to make something out of their almost messed up life, drama, arguments and a generous supply of humour is all we get as a by-product.
They are ever making fun of movie cliches, parodying a film or talking of some performing troupe. Bella Thorne and son of action star, Patrick Schwarzenegger are going to star in an upcoming movie entitled, Midnight Sun. The said movie is an American rendition to the 2006 Japanese film of the same name. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account.
It’s easy to get swept up in the swirl of social events and the freedom of managing your own cash, but don’t get spendy too quickly! One of the trickiest parts of adjusting to college is discovering how different it is from high school.

If this is your first time away from your family, friends, and everything familiar, homesickness is bound to strike at some point. It is a very different experience from highschool, but in some ways its better because things are more flexible.
A bigger monitor can also mean easier homework–you have the space to have a browser and one or two documents on the screen at the same time.
These printers are well taken care of and are generally much more reliable than a home printer. If plain oatmeal is too boring for you, add a little honey and fruit (frozen bulk or fresh). The demand for books goes way down and leaves you getting $10 for something you spent $100 on.
Besides the free one, most student tickets to shows and athletic events are offered at a discount price, as well. Many larger gyms offer more than just workout equipment–pools, rock climbing walls, tennis courts, etc. Here are some of the life hacks that got me through my freshmen year at state, and will be your survival guide to making it through college or the dorm life. Not like the other first days we used to have, this one is different among the others because it’s not high school anymore, its College. According to an article at our sister blog, the Pay for College Blog, the average college student has over $3,000 in credit card debt–and that is on top of the debt you may already be racking up in student loan debts.
Getting involved in your college community can help you beat homesickness, make new friends, and (bonus) give you something new to add to your resume.
College is a big, exciting, and often overwhelming experience, so give yourself time to adjust.
There are a few dilemmas that students have to face when entering a new world, such as College Life!
Jeff Winger finds himself in such a situation and decides the best place to get another almost botched degree is at this mediocre school, Greendale. Building yourself a schedule can help you make time for a job, social life, study time, and all those to-do list items in between.
Talk to your RA to find out what kinds of clubs, religious groups, service organizations, and other activities you can get involved with on or near campus, and give a few of them a shot.
Problems like finding a new friends, interpersonal issues like how would you fit in a bunch of other students, do you have to express the true you or have a poker face, what organizations or clubs would you join that would develop your skills and a lot more. Can’t figure out the laundry thing, or want a recommendation for a fun off-campus excursion?
The same applies for new roommates, classes, and friendships: give yourself time to learn and adjust, and be patient!

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