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If you think about it, the only thing more terrifying than a shark attack in the ocean is a shark attack on dry land. You'd think that's where the fun ends, but the best part is actually everyone else's response to the film. If Spielberg could go back in time and stop Jaws from happening to prevent 2013's #SharkNado, I believe he would.
Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter to get breaking celebrity news, hot pics, and more delivered straight to your inbox! Sign Up for the Us Weekly Newsletter!You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities! Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens tore through Sunday night, leaving significant celebrity carnage in its wake.
Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens tore through Sunday night, leaving significant celebrity carnage in its wake. Syfy announced on Wednesday that it had given the go light for a sequel to the crazy, tornado-hurling-sharks-of-doom upon us all, cultural phenomenal that is Sharknado. The original Sharknado, which became a social media sensation last week, was set n Los Angeles. In keeping with the social nature of the original, Syfy launched a Twitter contest to give the sequel a subtitle. Regal Cinemas is hosting almost 200 midnight screenings across the country of the made-for-TV movie on Aug.

These super tornadoes suck up a ton of sharks — because we all know that thousands of sharks hang out by the shore, right?
The plot includes Fin (main character) visiting the White House to be honored for fighting off sharks in the past. He spends the entire time talking about how much of a waste this movie is and how everybody is going to hate it. See how our very own stars of Chrisley Knows Best fared as Syfy's devastating human-chomping storm ripped through Las Vegas in this clip starring Todd, Savannah, and Grayson Chrisley. It followed a family trying to survive a tornado that had swept sharks out of the ocean and dumped them on the citizens of L.A. Although no details have been discussed as far as plot for the sequel, Syfy announced it would be set in New York as opposed to L.A. There's even more reason to get to know the phenomena, since Syfy also announced that there will be a Sharknado sequel.
Also reoccurring cast members include Cassie Scerbo, David Hasselhoff, Tara Reid, and Bo Derek.
I probably wouldn’t pay a movie ticket to watch it in theaters, but enjoyed watching the on TV. The singer revealed what to expect in the Syfy flick when it premieres on Wednesday, July 22, and more during a recent visit to Us Weekly's New York City headquarters. They claim that the first one was good but 2 was awful and 3 is building up to be terrible as well.

Keep reading to get a primer on the TV movie, see the best GIFs from the ridiculous footage, and read the most hilarious celebrity reactions. I can’t imagine the fear in everybody’s eyes when you look up and see sharks flying down at you.
The plot of these movies is sharks fall from the sky and people start to die and get eaten all over the place. I am not sure having a 4th movie is a great idea, but having a 3rd movies isn’t that bad of a idea at all. I am curious to see what Mark Cuban and Jerry Springer do in their new roles and if Fin and company can survive the attack of sharks.
They include Anthony Weiner, Michele Bachmann, Jerry Springer, Chris Jericho, Ann Couter, and Mark Cuban. He claimed and news came out that DeAndre Jordan was leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to sign with his Dallas Mavericks.

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