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I’m sorry, while your list is has good essentials (sarong is a great one), and it is lighthearted and fun, is this really Nat Geo worthy?? Shannon, i just follow ur instagram and wondering one thing, what provider you usually used to travel ??
Must be nice to not need a closet full of meds, integrate numerous doctor apts, carry a first aid kit, not need a tampon, etc. I agree that the notebook, camera (not that one though), and iPhone are definitely the top three when traveling. Iphone, yeah, but with energy embedded for one day, your road trip becomes … shopping trip to the supermarket, not more.
About Intelligent TravelNational Geographic believes that to know the world is to change it.
August 7, 2012 By Irresistible Pets 11 Comments Having a Pet First Aid Kit is something that ALL pet owners need to have. The last thing you want to do during an emergency is to go searching around for phone numbers and addresses.
I would also recommend purchasing a First-Aid Book for Pets that you can keep inside of your kit.
Gauze Pads and Roll – This is to wrap wounds and can serve as a make-shift muzzle if need be. Sterile Saline Eye Solution – To flush out foreign objects in your pet’s eye or to help clean around the eye area. This is pretty much what we have in Parris and Blue’s first aid kit, but I also have something else in ours.
I do animal rescue and I picked up a bottle of dog aspirin to keep in my first aid kit too. There’s no doubt, moving everything you own and everyone you love from one home to another is a BIG deal.
Bundle all moving and packing essentials together, including a folder with important papers, phone numbers, and confirmations. When moving to a new area, a pet can get disoriented and lost if they become separated from the family. We cannot say enough good things about the Benchmark staff: the people that helped us to build our dream house meant for our retirement. Once the liquid has cooled enough to handle, pour it through a strainer into a large container.  Make sure that you mash the goldenrod against the strainer to extract as much of the liquid as possible. Make sure that you wear kitchen or cleaning gloves while handling the dye, otherwise your skin will become discolored.  You should also wear some kind of apron or old clothing in case you get splattered while working on this project. Learn more about how you can use plants to dye fabric, and you can open the door to all kinds of possibilities if you’re ever thrust into a long-term survival or self-sufficiency situation. If you are already reading this article then you probably are the person who thinks that there might some emergency situation and you have to list the items and things which you have to take with you anywhere and anytime.

Even if I’m miles from the nearest coast, I want to make sure I can take advantage of any body of water that crosses my path. The Olympus mini PEN is tailor-made for trips: It’s small, but has interchangeable lenses that give your photos that professional edge. I keep it with me as an extra precaution — though I’ve never had to use it, and hope I never will! Sometimes, I don’t want to stop for a full-blown meal when there are miles to cover, so I bring snacks. I always bring a few books: a couple of old standbys for when I’m longing for something familiar and a few new ones that unfold alongside my own journey (Wildebeest in a Rainstorm is a recent favorite). One thing I have in the car next to my water bottle is a large fruit cake that you can purchase at any supermarket. It was intended as a fun and lighthearted piece for travelers to who like to get a little off the beaten path.
Agreed that social media is great for keeping parents at ease and feeling like part of the adventure. I do most of my traveling in the mid-west, power snacks and good books are an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places—and we're taking you along for the ride.
We hope for the best, but sometimes accidents happen and being prepared can make all the difference in saving your pets life! There are lots of Pet First Aid Kits on the market that you can purchase already assembled.
There are specific items that you may need depending on your pet’s breed and medical history. You can get a detailed description of what to include in this post, Are You Prepared for a Pet Emergency? Children’s Motrin can be used for pain and inflammation but call your vet for dosing instructions. There are a lot of things to remember, a lot of efforts to coordinate, and a lot of emotion when you move. Determine what needs to be tossed, donated, or packed up to make the move to your new home. Well in advance of your expected moving date, visit websites of moving companies you are considering and sign up for email updates. Make sure they can easily return home by updating tags and microchips with your new address.
Having all services connected before or soon after moving day will make you feel right at home. Make your first aid kit the last thing to pack and the first thing to unpack so you don’t find yourself rummaging through boxes to locate a much needed bandage or antibiotic ointment. This means that if you were to make a purchase through one of these links, I would receive a small percentage of the sale price - and that would be lovely.

I constantly use it jot down the juicy insider tips I learn from friendly folks along the way — a curious traveler’s bread and butter!
It’s perfect for nights when I want to enjoy the natural world, or when I roll up somewhere and there’s no vacancy. While it’s tempting to grab a Snickers bar, I know it will bring me crashing down quicker than I can say “Hungry? After realizing there were no gas stations, no small villages, no other cars – nothing at all for miles I started calculating in my head with the amount of water we had and i remembered forgetting to buy salted nuts or potato chips.
A couple of our items overlap but I discuss all types of tricks and tips as well as gear essentials. There are some items that you may need to purchase from your veterinarian, so always check with them if you have any questions.
Be sure to stop by our DIY Pet Project gallery for more do it yourself ideas for pet parents! But if your moving adventure is well-planned and well-organized from the start, you’ll be able to fully enjoy one of the most special experiences of your lifetime.
Hold a garage sale before the big move, especially if a long-distance move makes transporting large items difficult. This is also a great time to organize vet records and store medicine, food, and treats together in a clearly labeled box.
Right now you are searching for new item and lists which will be perfect but there is no perfect list of the bug out bag. The sarong is the most versatile; it dries quickly and can go from beach towel, to dish towel, to skirt, to headscarf all in the same day. I find that way I can put exactly what I want and need inside of the kit….and save some money! When I am not being a mom or a wife I love to bake, I love to sew, I love to read and I don't like to sit still. I did not tell my children but I was icecold inside although the desert heat by my own foolishness.
I agree with Michael, most rental cars nowadays come equipped with GPS, as do all smart phones… as for the comments which suggest bringing a Knife or a whiskey bottle? Welcome to Crazy Little Projects where I show off my latest crazy projects and show you how you can do them too. Native people has taught us, while us making road trips to Turkey and Greece many years earlier, to always bring both water and salt while us visiting places as Olympia, Efes and Cappadocia in hot summers.
Everything from college survival kits to creative ways to give money, these ought to at least get your creative juices flowing so that you can figure out just what to give!

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