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When Ondoy struck us last year, I did a post on preparing a Go-Bag A go-bag is essentially a bag that contains all your family’s essentials that you keep in a safe place at your house so that when disaster strikes, you can grab the bag and just GO!. Before I begin building a new go-bag for this season, one thing I want to have right now is a first aid kit. Of course, you can add more like Iodine, Calamine lotion, bug spray, bandages, cotton balls and other special medicines and items that your family might need. Filed Under: blog, Friday Fun Find, Tips Tagged With: Friday Fun Find, List, Ondoy, Tipsshare away! You can get this kit or other versions of this kit from mercury and other drugstores ?? great idea on the lighter!! The course will be delivered on a Saturday at one of our nurseries and will be delivered by Sophia, who is a fully qualified First Aid trainer, County Council approved, a childcare graduate, Early Years Professional and our manager at Penryn ! You will receive a certificate from Flying Start and a free First Aid handbook, and all for only ?15.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. When you get a cut or a scrape, you usually have your own first aid kit to help out with that, don’t you?
I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately, and thinking about what I would prepare for myself for those ‘off’ days.
A journal that you use specifically for writing about things you like about yourself, and things that you’re grateful for in your life. I’ll also take this opportunity to indicate that meditation and yoga have been really useful for me to centre myself when I’m feeling angry, lonely, or upset. I know it might be a bit of strange idea – after all, mostly we’re encouraged to look after our physical selves and not to give much attention to our mental health until something goes wrong. As a social work student, I occasionally hear great pieces of life wisdom from people who have been in the business for a long time. This is really helpful, I have a mental illness and needed someways to bring me up from my down days, so this has helped. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. The first-aid centers are staffed by licensed nurses who are extremely helpful, and their services are free. If your condition cannot be treated with over-the-counter medicine and you think you need to see a doctor, you can visit one of the local urgent care centers.
Buena Vista Urgent Care is located near State Road 535  (the same road as the Crossroads Shopping Plaza) and offers walk-in treatment for everything from minor injuries to family medicine. Hopefully you never need any of these services, but if you do, it’s good to know that they are there and ready to assist you however they can, so that you can get back to feeling better and having a good time. Last year we stayed off property at a condo near Disney and decided to take a swim before heading to the Magic Kingdom. There’s a 33 year old company in Orlando called the Medical Concierge that sends doctors to your hotel room. My husband was told he would have to take the chair back, but there were lots more abandoned in the car park, and he was more concerned about getting me home so left it there with the others.

Disney did all they could to help but it wasn’t easy and very embarrassing getting out of the park.
My daughter is in the Disney internship program we are looking for a local primary doctor for her is there any recommendations? To those who’ve joined the ongoing diaper bag giveaway, I want to thank you guys again!!
We have a basic go-bag in the trunk of our car but last time I checked it had 2 bags of Pee-Wee and a bottle of mineral water.
I bought a transistor radio so that we could still hear the news during blackouts but that still needs batteries (I’ll take a pic of it soon).
I agreed to the partnership given that our family has been using Unilab products for the longest time now. This is where I share my fun finds, reviews, super easy recipes and my musings on parenthood in general.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. This could be in playlist format on your mp3 player (or your phone), it could be a CD from your favourite artist, or even (and I know we’re getting a bit old school here) a mix CD or tape that you’ve put together or that someone has kindly put together for you. These can be ones that you have written to yourself (an interesting practice, but one that can be really enjoyable) in a friendly tone, or from other people in your life. A lot of the time when we’re feeling low, just having that sense of safety and warmth is enough to make us feel even the tiniest bit better.
I’m not encouraging people to spend time ‘living in the past’ – that would be counter-productive. I know it sounds ridiculous – why would you want to sit around seething for twenty minutes? Mindfulness is to do with being in the present moment and being ‘mindful’ of everything that’s happening without being stressed about it.
Social work can be extremely challenging, working with some really difficulty, heavy issues. Playing sports, going to the gym with a friend or heading to the dojo for some training are all quick and healthy ways of burning adrenaline and releasing endorphins. I’ve been in there many times for things like Motrin, or a band-aid, and have seen guests of all ages come in for help for everything from a skinned knee to bug bites. The sad part was instead of receiving treatment from a urgent care doctor, my parents took me home, so I had to miss an adventurous day with Mickey Mouse.
I fell ill on the second day I was at Disney and I called dialed them up and the doctor was able to diagnose and treat me from my hotel room. Docs on call told me they could not help my husband with fever and chills and he should go to ER.
A cast member called 911 right away and upon arrival made the diagnoses that she was just severely dehydrated.
Please know that I will not be involved in any partnership that conflicts with my own beliefs and that will compromise my family’s welfare. Some people are better equipped for dealing with these sorts of things – some people (though I must admit I haven’t met one) don’t actually have these little ‘episodes’ of feeling blue.

Showing gratitude can make you feel good whatever mood you’re in – just saying thank you to yourself for knowing when to rest and take time out is great. You can ask them specifically to write a nice letter for this venture if you feel comfortable with that, or you can simply exchange letters and keep them together if they make you feel happy. It doesn’t have to be a stuffed animal or a blanket, it can be an action figure that you loved playing with, or even just something that reminds you of feeling safe and loved.
I’m just suggesting that by having this box of things that bring you joy, your low mood may be easier to handle, and may not hang around as long.
One good technique is to think of five things that each of your senses is experiencing – that is, five things you can see, five things you can hear, five things you can smell, five things you can feel, and, if you can do so, even five things you can taste. One social worker once said that the way he gets through those hard, heavy days is by keeping a notebook on him at all times. While there is no pharmacy inside and there are no doctors on duty, should you require prescription medications or further medical assistance, they can direct you to such services.
The Medical Concierge came out, did a bunch of tests from out of their doctors bag and he tested positive for strep, put on amoxillian and ibuprofin and was feeling better the next day. Instead of going to the hospital and missing out on a day at MK we opted to go to the first aid center and let her drink fluids and rest for a while. Many people will have their own specific first aid kits depending on the area they live in and what they’re prone to – and how cautious they are. For those of us who do could it be possible to prepare a sort of ‘Mental Health First Aid Kit’ for yourself? This technique just helps to take you out of the situation that is upsetting you and put you back in control.
I needed blister help, twisted my ankle at Epcot and had an allergic reaction while on a tour!
They were helpful on the phone too and worked with our Disney Travel Insurance to get everything covered through a 3 way call. Even if it wasn’t in actual physical box or bag, and just a list of things that you keep in a journal or your brain – what sort of things would you put in there? So, even techniques can be put into your mental health first aid kit – you can write down a few things that you know can help and put them in there, too.
I only got one kind of crabby nurse but it was 9:30 at night and it had been a hot day and the poor woman looked worn out!
The nice thing about both of these urgent care facilities is that they offer a free shuttle to guests staying at nearby hotels and resorts. I would encourage you to call the front desk at your resort if you need an urgent care center and they will be happy to help you.

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