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We have been gearing up for the Back to School Season over here in the Ruff household… printing supplies lists, shopping school specials and figuring out what to do for our new school year teachers! We also have another great Back to School printable collection on sale now – perfect for back to school supplies and classroom parties.
We were asked to create some designs for a young ladies Art Themed Bat Mitzvah and are absolutely smitten with the final look of the event.
Ready & Rested Conventional wisdom suggests we hit the road early to beat traffic to get to our far off holiday destinations on time. Forget Forgetting A great way to relax about traveling during the holidays is not to get worked up about forgetting things. She has expressed interest in making money and is great with kids, but you wonder if she is really ready to babysit. This holiday season, give her a truly unique gift — your support for her new babysitting business. Julie Hunt, the host of the Babysitting 101 DVD, suggests babysitters arrive at a client’s home with a fun-filled Tote Bag that includes everything they need for the job. A great gift idea for your babysitter is to fill a cute tote bag with inexpensive necessities along with a copy of the Babysitting 101 DVD.
Start with the Babysitting 101 video: a trusted source for training excellent babysitters for over 15 years!

This Glow in the Dark LED Flashlight will come in very handy should the power go out while she’s babysitting. Every babysitter should be organized, and with a pocket calendar like Mary Engelbreit’s 2014 Monthly Pocket Planner, she will never miss an important babysitting gig! Last, but certainly not least, every great babysitter comes equipped with an age-appropriate toy or game to play with her charges! Before hopping on the crazy ride we call motherhood, I studied engineering and taught math and science to middle and high school students.
Even if you just had your 3,000 mile oil change, taking your car in for a tune up is one measure of insurance to take to get you to your destination safely and with as few headaches as possible. There are myriad apps to make driving from one destination to another easy, aside from GPS.
Just remember that it’s not the end of the world if you forget your toothpaste or pajamas — you can borrow them or buy them when you get to your destination.
Whether you need road trip supplies or you’re looking for perfect gifts for the whole family, shop Lakeside for dazzling deals and perfect presents. She may have already gone on a few babysitting gigs, which left you waiting near the phone at home, hoping she would have all the tools she needs to take care of other people’s children. She will love that much of the prep-work is done for her, and after watching the video she will be ready to be a great babysitter!

Now, perhaps like you, I fill my days singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and praying my preschooler will eat a vegetable — any vegetable! It doesn’t have to be all bad — you just need to bend a little to make it safe and simple. On your end, make sure your car is equipped with a first aid kit and emergency supplies in case you get stranded in a snowstorm. That’s a more important question to ask yourself than “Are all the presents packed?” According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy drivers caused about 72,000 accidents in 2013, resulting in 800 fatalities and tens of thousands of injuries. GasBuddy leads you to the cheapest gas on your route, iExit lets you know what services are available as you approach exits and AAA has a mobile app to connect members to roadside assistance as well as trip planning. When you’re planning your trip, don’t try to convince your body to get up when you’re normally asleep; get up at your regular time to reduce the risk of drowsy driving. Just remember that, although smartphones make driving cross country easier, you should keep paper maps and emergency phone numbers written down in case something happens and you can’t access your phone. When you’re on the road, make sure to take advantage of rest stops to recharge for 15 minutes before you start driving again.

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