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Two of the most common causes of senior hospitalizations are the overuse of medications and not taking the medication as prescribed. The list should include the medication name, the dose, how often you take it, why you take it, the name and phone number of your pharmacy, your doctor and all allergies. Fewer pills can mean lower bills, so ask your doctor or pharmacist whether you can take a higher dose of your medication once a day instead of a lower dose more than once a day.
This allows your pharmacist to double check all drug interactions and allergies every time you get a prescription filled. Keep track of all side effects in a journal and don’t be afraid to call your doctor or pharmacist if you are experiencing any negative side effects. Don’t chew, crush or break capsules or tablets unless your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you that it is safe.
Make sure you finish all the doses prescribed for medications like antibiotics and antivirals.
I can certainly see where keeping your medications straight gets complicated when you have a chronic illness or multiple health issues. To leave a comment please enable JavaScript in your browser settings!Yes, add me to your mailing list.
Social media has gone into a tizzy with news that Japanese model Risa Hirako is substantially older (45 years old) than what many actually think she is (25 years old) with many wondering how the social media star has managed to defy gravity, aging along with betraying any normal wear and tear. Born on February 14, 1971, the Tokyo based model often takes to posing in lingerie on her her blog and Instagram account, along with tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. According to a feature with the dailymail, one of the staying points with the model along with regular consistent exercise is her diet. Some choice yummies include, grilled prawns with vegetables (see above) and almond milk, banana and honey smoothies. She also opts for organic beauty products to maintain her glowing radiant skin and shiny locks.
How do you work out when your gym is at the top of a mountain or in the middle of a field in the pouring rain? Take a whole-wheat tortilla (or a toasted whole-wheat English muffin for a crunchier alternative) and spread it with almond butter. For a quick snack that sustains your child’s energy level in between meals, give him a glass full of orange juice and a hand full of cashews. The idea is again to give your child the “good” carbs from the crackers, combined with a protein boost from the hummus.
Over the next week I will be doing each of the workouts and tracking how many calories I have burned during each workout and to also give a brief summary of what each workout targets and how I like it. Included in your Beachbody package will be 7 color coded portion control containers, each a different color depending on the food group.  You will determine which calorie bracket is best for you and then use various tally sheets or logging printables to track how many containers you are eating each day and will have an allotted number per food group.
You then need to determine which calorie bracket you fall under in order to either lose weight or maintain your current weight if you have reached your weight loss goal.  There are 4 different caloric brackets but most women will fall under the 1200-1499 Caloric Bracket, the 1500-1799 Calorie Plan or the 1800-2099 Calorie Bracket Plan. I have designed three different 5 page bundles to complement this program and make things just a bit easier to follow this program.  They are all available at my Etsy Shop.

Additionally, you can get the 1500-1799 worksheet bundle by clicking here or the 1800-2099 calorie plan bundle, whichever best suits your weight loss goals and needs. By following the nutrition component of this program in addition to pushing yourself during the Country Heat dance workouts, this program really is an excellent way to burn calories while actually having fun and enjoying music that you love to listen and dance to! We love the 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme programs for helping us get back into the best shape of our lives! Our website is designed to give you all the tools, recipes and resources needed to follow this program and get the best results possible! Want to learn more about our progress with the 21 day fix and get more program approved snack ideas and recipes? Seniors are more likely to have drug-related problems because as people get older they tend to have more medical problems and may also be on multiple medications to treat those problems. Keep a current list of all your medications with you (and give a copy to your spouse or relative). Bring all your medications with you in their original containers when you visit the doctor. Don’t stop a medication because it is too expensive, ask your doctor for a cheaper alternative. All brand name medications are under a patent with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be the exclusive maker of that particular medication so they can make money to compensate them for research and development. If you must use two pharmacies for some reason, make sure the local pharmacy has a list of the other medications. Never start a nutritional supplement or over-the-counter product without getting your doctor’s or pharmacist’s approval first.
For medications that do not have expiration dates on them, it is best to discard after one year. Always accept the offer to speak to the pharmacist, especially when filling a new prescription. They should tell you both the brand and generic name of your medication, why you are taking it, how you should take it, what the most common side effects are and what you can expect for results.
I work with amazing people who do amazing things every day, and it’s my job to tell people about it.
Along with retaining a youthful attitude towards life, Risa sheds insights on lifestyle choices she continues to make which apart from genetics (have a look at the below picture of her with her mom) might explain her ever youthful appearances. A strictly organic diet which includes plenty of salads, homemade smoothies and herbal teas. While one also assumes Risa gets to live in a toxic free environment and might make an extra effort or two to keep out of the sun. That doesn't stop Vikings star Clive Standen, who doesn't get the luxury of a state-of-the-art gym when he's on the set of his show.
Calories from carbohydrates are much more readily accessible to the body than calories from fat, though.
Again, the protein in the almond butter will sustain the energy from the carbohydrates in the tortilla.

You can get a free 30 day trial membership to BeachBody On Demand by clicking here and stream all and any workout you would like from the full collection. And it is much harder to find an hour in the day to spare than it is to find a half hour uninterrupted.  This program will include use of the portion control color containers as used in the 21 day fix program.
You can order by going to the official website by clicking on the link below.  Make sure to bookmark our website or join our mailing list on the right as we will be tracking and testing calorie burns throughout the week. We're Jeanie and Joan, best friends since high school and have battled the bulge together since the 80's! This leads to drug resistance (super bugs) and re-infection because the medication wasn’t given the chance to completely destroy the infection.
Never mind a bevy of youthful looking covers which suggest a carefree youthful attitude towards life. Standen talks about preparing to play a hardcore viking and what goes on on the set of the History Channel series in his exclusive photo shoot with Muscle & Fitness. Try pureeing carrots, tomatoes and onions into the chili for an extra portion of nutritious vegetables. He gets the energy from the natural sugar in the fruit juice without being hungry again in an hour, Lisa promises. Or you can purchase the full program by clicking on the link below if you want your own hard copy as it is now officially available for order! Once a patent has expired, other companies can apply to the FDA to make a similar generic medication. Does Holy Angels have blood on its hands?Brenda on Why did Patrick Fowler stab girlfriend to death 26 times before killing 4 year old daughter? But if you give your child foods that are high in processed simple carbohydrates (sugary cereal, candy, donuts, sugared soft drinks, etc.) her energy will spike and then quickly peter out. And because there is extra protein in the yogurt, it’s more sustaining,” our nutrition expert explains. Generic drugs can cost 25 to 80 percent less than their brand-name counterparts, and because they must pass the same FDA tests, generics are safe. She says, when you fuel your child’s body with food on such a yucky weather day, it’s important you make them a meal that provides sustaining energy, rather than just a quick burst.
Complex carbohydrates (whole grains, pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, beans etc.), on the other hand, take much longer to break down into glucose, which cells use as source of energy.
Did you know that Greek yogurt not only is much creamier but also has nearly twice the protein of regular yogurt?
Proteins and healthy fats slow down the absorption of glucose, which is why both are important to sustain your child’s energy.

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