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Before you start reading the steps, remember that you need 2 days for this process after which you will have healthy shiny hair like never before temporarily.
I do have a remedy ?? Take some mustard oil and apply it to your hair everyday before bedtime. Hi Asshra ?? For hairfall, you can apply coconut oil to your hair everyday before going to bed.
1) Use green tea water on your scalp…2) Healthy diet3) Natural shampoos4) Egg hair mask once a week5) Condition your hair using silicone free conditioners6) Use a wooden comb for combing your hair7) Apply aloe Vera to your hair8) Use Neem oil on your hair9) Protect hair from, dust and sunlight10)Use Amla powder mixed in coconut oil. Hi Arpita,i am a bit cnfused,after applying aloe vera gel,after like say 5-6 hours do i apply olive oil after that or straightaway wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.can i use green tea rinse after conditioning.will the two that is aloe vera gel and green tea go well together? And what if one does nt have natural aloe vera plant at home?wil the ones present in amrket do?like nature’s or brihans aloe vera gel??please suggest!! Apply Aloe in the after noon and then you can use green tea wash to rinse it off completely. Blend all of them together resulted in a thick paste, apply with the help of hair dye brush after brushing your hair, make sure to cover your hair from root to tip leave it for 30 mins and thereafter rinse it off.
Saumya the Navy of TV industry believes that a balanced diet is the best mantra to have happy hair. Krystle D’Souza believes the same, green veggies and healthy food is the secret behind Krystle’s beautiful hair.
She says she washes her hair frequently four times in a week and applies oil for her healthy locks. Eating healthy food, oiling hair and trimming is what Aasiya Kazi feels the best way to have long healthy tresses. Well, we think this exclusive hair tips from your favorite TV celebs would for sure heal you make your hair head sway over others. First aid training learn aid st john ambulance wa, Why choose st john learning first aid with st john ambulance western australia puts you in a class above the rest. Ambulance services aid provider st john ambulance wa, St john ambulance wa provides high quality ambulance and first aid services for the welfare of the western australian community.
Provide aid 2 days st john nsw, Provide first aid 2 days nationally accredited training hltaid001 provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation hltaid002 provide basic emergency life support hltaid003.St john ambulance youtube, St john ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity. Make up is an inseparable part of a woman life, belonging to any race, class, age or religion.
Though internet is loaded with make-up tips for round or long shaped face but finding the tips for the women with oval face is bit difficult, so here we give you 5 best make-up tips for oval face, you shouldn’t miss. As there are many sites on internet loaded with make-up tips often suggest women with oval face shape to change their normal foundation to choose other one to team up with their oval face shape. An important trick to keep in mind while doing make up for oval face is to be careful with bronzer.
This makeup tip is applicable for all you gorgeous divas out there, choose lighter pink or coral shade blush to color you apple of the cheeks.

As we said above you can’t use heavy make-up at the same time for eyes and lips to avoid overdo. Extract some Aloe Vera Gel directly from the plant, apply it to your dry hair, and scalp so that the gel completely covers them up! At night, before going to bed, heavily oil your hair with some light oil like olive oil (Luke warm) and go to sleep.
Touch your hair now ?? I am sure you hair it will feel extremely soft and bouncy and it will have a natural shine. You an use Yoghurt (I know it sounds weird and yuck but it works) on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair to remove the bad fragrance. Well, another tip from my side to maintain the shine of your hair is to use fenugreek mixed with some curd.
Throughout the years our driving women from Bollywood or TV industry have brandished glossy hair. The other secret behind her long silky hair is a mixture of amla, reetha, egg, shikakai with dahi. Right set of make-up helps to hide the face flaws and diverts the attention to best features of the face and makes a woman look stunning and flawless.
It is not necessary that a right set of make up for one face shape type can suit the other. But it’s a wrong suggestion as foundation has nothing do with face shape choosing foundation is solely depends upon one’s skin tone. As the cheekbones dominate most of the area of an oval face so drawing a heavy line with bronzer will lead to a great make up disaster. Varying from creamy eye-shadow along with fake eye lashes to smoky eye make-up you can go ahead with anything according to your choice but make sure not to go heavy with both eye and lip make-up at once.
Today I will share my tried and tested DIY method of getting soft, silky, shiny and smooth hair at home! You can also check her recent 6 month hair growth challenge results to know more about natural hair care! After waking up, remove the oil by using Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and then apply Dove conditioner. I love this tip and I always apply a paste of Fenugreek to my hair and keep it for 45 minutes and then rinse it off. I know it is difficult but at least try to eat healthy food (fruits and lots of green veggies) one time a day! My interests are blogging, cooking and I love taking care of my skin and my classic length hair! As different face shapes have their own set of benefits as well drawbacks so make up needs to be done accordingly otherwise it could lead to a make-up disaster and can make you look like a clown. When your eye make-up is heavy like smoky eyes color your lip with neutral or light color and vice versa.

Ranging from darker shades to glitters or juicy lip glosses you can carry anything with absolute grace. Either lighter or darker shade you may use but make sure to just to have a little touch up with bronzer on the cheeks.
Start using natural hair masks available in the market and always protect your hair from sun rays and pollution by using a cap. Another important tip to remember here is that don’t use similar color foundation and highlighter. Some say to me that this is hereditary problem and cannot be solved as my mother and grandmother also have hairfall. July 27, 2016 IncnutIncnut Incnut Ayurveda Says Eating These At Night Will Make You Healthy.
But, along with this, the timings of your meal also play an important role in the proper functioning of your body.Breakfast has often been called the king of all meals, and many diet experts have also termed it as the most important meal of the day.
But just because one meal is so important, it doesn’t mean that it is ok to skip the other meals. Many believe that eating at night will make them fat, and thus, they prefer skipping dinner.According to Ayurveda, the night meal is one thing that you need to be very careful about. Junk food, oily food, nonvegetarian items, frozen food, heavy-to-digest food, curd, or ice cream are a few things that you must avoid eating during night time.
Sometimes, a slight adjustment in your diet pattern can cure or improve most of these conditions. So, the next question that arises is what type of adjustments can improve your health.Diet Tips For DinnerIt is suggested to eat food that is easy to digest at night.
Also, try to eat a healthy and low-carb diet as it gets digested easily.If you have the habit of eating curd at night, replace it with buttermilk. Prefer chapatis over rice since chapatis are easy and quicker to digest.Do not overstuff yourself.
Eat in limited quantitiesTry to include more of dal, green leafy vegetables, curry leaves, and a small amount of ginger in your meal.Salt is supposed to increase the water retention in the body.
You can also add a small amount of ginger or cardamom to the milk before boiling it, which helps in reducing the mucus generating properties.Do not drink cold milk. Have it while it is still warm.The thumb rule you must follow while having your dinner is to make sure that whatever you eat, you should not get a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Instead, your stomach must feel light so that you can sleep properly.Also, since your body does not perform any physical activity at night, it requires less energy.
And, if you eat in large quantities at night, the energy that is produced from the food gets stored in the body in the form of fat, and this finally leads to obesity or weight gain.Not only Ayurveda, but modern science also suggests having light food at night.

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