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The holidays throw us off our game – we eat a little more and exercise a little less. Holidays are for celebrating and are meant to be enjoyed, but you don’t want to have to sacrifice your health or body every time you attend a BBQ. If you’re looking for healthy snacks to bring to your Fourth of July party, here are a couple of simpleand healthy tips.
Another good option for cooling down the kids on hotsummer days is to make your own popsicles without the added sugar. For more information regarding my nutrition services, including weight loss, feel free to contact me. Even though your long weekend is probably packed with barbecues, picnics, and parties it doesn’t have to be a diet disaster.
Make sure there’s a not-so-bad for you option at all this weekend’s festivities by bringing along one of Katie Brown’s quick and easy dessert recipes.

Don’t go on an empty stomach! Eat an apple, nuts, smoothie or healthy snack before you go. Eat slowly. Use small plates, take your time eating, and drink water before and during your meal. Freezing berries in ice cube trays, along with a little water, will help flavor your refreshments without watering them down. The following round up can really be served for any summer BBQ.And believe it or not, healthy 4th of July recipes can even include mayo, sour cream, ketchup, pie, baked beans and corn muffins! Before you head out to grocery store,  take a look at these tips, recipes and nutritious food options to help keep the 4th festive and healthy. Here is the entire recipe but you can change the icing to celebrate your July 4th festivities.
Use these strategies to avoid trigger foods, make the best choices, and lighten-up your cocktails this July 4th.

You could also layer the popsicle by freezing a small amount of pureed fruit in the mold, then layering with yogurt. That’s because the mayo and sour cream are homemade, dairy free and have no refined oils. Avoid dishes that you don’t know how they were made or include unhealthy fats and artificial ingredients.
Same goes for the pie, baked beans and whole grain corn muffins.So, while a table filled with our healthy 4th of July recipes may look just like the one at your next door neighbors house, the ingredients will be very different. Throw in some frozen fruit to pretty up the glass and keep your drink cold instead of ice. It will only set you back 130 calories!

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