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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I did our 30 day clean eating challenge! One of the most important parts of eating clean is having your kitchen stocked with the right foods. Above is my own Clean Eating Food List that you can print for yourself to help plan your meals and to always have healthy clean choices in your house.
Follow my “Clean Eating Recipes” Pinterest Board for loads of more great recipes! If you’re more of an eye-makeup kind of gal, nude lipstick may just be the shade for you! Another tricky lip shade is lilac, as it can be hard to find the right outfit that will complement your makeup look.

Swiping a little bit of berry lipstick on your lips is the easiest way to achieve a great look, especially if you’re planning on wearing a red dress.
Demi Lovato is naturally beautiful, but this dusty rose lipstick elevates her beauty to the next level. Print this Clean Eating Food List to take with you shopping and to help plan your meals each week.
I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet in the New Year and I agree, it helps if you keep the good stuff on hand!
This tutorial will help you find the perfect lipstick color to make prom night the most memorable night. Perfect for eye-centric makeup looks, nude lipstick won’t overshadow your other makeup and will help bring your look together. If you’re brave enough to try this shade, a rule of thumb to follow is to pair your orange red lipstick with a bright-colored dress.

To make deep plum lips work, keep your eye makeup light with an added layer of mascara to make your lashes pop.
To add some personal flair to this elegant look, pair your dusty rose lipstick with a deep red, royal blue or royal green dress. To get extra wild, pair this lipstick with yellow eye shadow – it’s the perfect combination!
To avoid looking washed out, incorporate darker hues into your eye makeup like grays or browns. So, to help you pick the right shade perfect for your personality and big night, we’ve put together this tutorial to guide you in the right direction.

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