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With breakfast being the most important meal of the day too many of us adults and children alike are leave the house with very little or absolutely nothing in their stomachs.
Everyone knows what the benefits are of having a healthy breakfast, how on earth do we get our children to eat if they are in the mood of “I’m not HUNGRY”, or we have gotten up late or the most annoying one of all is “ I can’t make up my mind”?
We all know that the best way to eat healthy meals while staying on top of your food budget is by meal planning.  This is something that Stephanie has talked about often, and she has even written a book about the subject.
However, for one reason or another, there are bound to be times that we fail to plan a meal every once in a while. This has actually happened a lot to me lately!  I am 20 weeks pregnant with our second child, and I have unfortunately fallen off the meal planning bandwagon during this first part of pregnancy.  I plan to hop back on soon, because it really is worth the time it takes to site down and plan! Top whatever greens you have in the refrigerator with a protein, veggies, cheese and homemade dressing and you are good to go! Omelets are so versatile and can really make quite a lovely dinner.  Courtney wrote a great post with tips for making the perfect omelet along with 10 different ideas for filling them that would be a great starting point for your omelet dinner. One reason I always try to keep chicken stock in my freezer is so that I can whip up delicious, satisfying soups at a moments notice.  Stephanie has a great tutorial here about making soup from scratch without a recipe using whatever you have on hand. If you have tortilla chips in your pantry, cheese in your fridge, and any amount of additional toppings then you can make nachos in such a short amount of time.  It’s a fun meal that the kids and the adults will enjoy too! Throw some meat, veggies, and seasoning in a hot pan and cook until the meat is done and the veggies are crisp-tender.  Serve over brown rice (another good thing to keep in your freezer!) and voila – a delicious stir-fry dinner in no time flat! My I-don’t-feel-like-cooking go-to-meals are tacos, hamburgers, Italian chicken (cook the chicken breasts in Italian dressing on the stove with a lid and they thaw while cooking), or spaghetti. When I make pizza (rare around here) I use a baking powder spelt dough- lots of recipes online and it makes up fast. And while I’m deciding, I chop some onions and start cooking them, and then peek into the fridge to see what left-overs we have. Are you looking for toddler finger food recipes so that you can fix a delightful meal for your little one?
In our toddler food categories you could find finger food recipes and ideas that contain grains, dairy, protein, fruit and veggies. Very young children without teeth should never be given foods that are small, hard, or slippery because of the choking hazard they present (such as whole grapes Take a look at various healthy options for toddler food recipes. An article by Clarissa Camus of Easy Kids Recipes about making toddler finger food snacks to keep your toddler happy when you go out.

Perfect for classroom celebrations, sports parties, or neighborhood potlucks, Annabel Karmel's Delicious Finger Food Recipes like Chicken Nuggets, Mini Quiches Easy Toddler and Babies Finger Food Recipes.
After have nothing to eat all night breakfast is a good kick-start in the morning to rev up our metabolism, feed the body and mind by providing the energy your child need to be alert and pay attention in class, get their work done while being able to participate in other activities like football or basket ball. Having cereal all the time will turn you off breakfast in the morning so like with the toast why not make cereal more interesting by add stuff to it.
So you’ve over slept and your only have 5 minutes before you need to leave the house.
Although I am linking to some specific recipes, this list is mostly meant to give you ideas of meals to make using whatever you have on hand. Our family favorites include grilled cheese (on my homemade, whole wheat bread) and homemade tomato soup.
If the ground meat is frozen I just put it in the skillet over medium high heat (because I cook everything with too high of a heat lol) with a lid and it thaws as it browns, which is great time saver.
I’m 33 weeks into my current pregnancy and have definitely fallen off the bandwagon a time or two lol! Sometimes when I feel like we have nothing after work, we find ourselves picking up food to-go, especially with our busy schedule but this is a great list and would be great if I could put together some freezer dinners. I get large packs of ground beef when they’re on sale and on a big cooking day cook it all up with onions and seasonings (and any bits and pieces of celery, carrots, bell pepper etc). Frittatas baked in a skillet or muffin tins are always an easy way to throw a bunch of leftovers into some eggs.
Having a toddler eat finger foods that they can easily pick When searching for toddler meal ideas, the concept of finger foods comes up fairly often.
Toddler finger foods ideas: Looking to transition your child from baby food to finger food?
You can make your own simple toddler finger foods and make your own toddler menu for any meal.
Finger foods are a quick fix for cranky toddlers, especially for between meal snacks and when Fun Finger Foods. If you think your child is ready for finger foods and are looking for great ideas and tips, then you're in the right place! If any of these foods are new to your baby, it is important to apply the four day rule as Toddler finger food recipes.

Children who skip breakfast are very tired, easy irradiated, restless and unfocussed compared to their fully fuel classmates. Make toast much more interesting and appealing by adding cheese and tomato or how about a banana toasted sandwich. What about the leftover pasta from last night, baked beans with a toasted bagel, the possibilities are endless. Written by Mindy, Contributing Writer When I first read about skin brushing several years ago, it took me a while to grasp the concept. We try to have less carbs at night so this can be challenging but we love to have eggs, we’ll have to try the omlets! I then portion 1lb into baggies and pop them in the freezer (laying flat) so i always have it on hand. Put it in the oven and it will be ready by the time you have set the table and found all the kids.
This is because finger foods give toddlers a sense of control and To kids, teeny tiny appetizers are just the right size.
Finger Food Mania:Tips and Recipes for Introducing Finger Foods to Your Baby from Families Online Magazine.
If any of these foods are new to your baby, it is important to apply the four day rule as you introduce them. Also, I keep about a cup of cooked, diced chicken with a quart of broth in the freezer at all times. Ingrents: kosher salt, water Tasty Toddler Finger Foods Fantastic finger food recipes that even the pickiest eaters will love! Then it’s only a matter of defrosting, bringing to a boil and throwing in some noodles for a quick-n-easy chicken and noodle soup. It’s a very lean meat and, despite the sound of the name, can be minimally processed depending on how you have it done. We cut this up with cheese and crackers for a quick but satisfying meal or a meal on the go.

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