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In a bid to discover Australia’s favourite takeaway cuisine, researchers from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia analysed CommBank transactional data for all takeaway purchases between 2008 and 2012. The report also found that people in Victoria and NSW are the most prolific takeaway eaters with an average per-person spend of $81 and $79 per week, respectively.
I also note Tasmania doesn't appear on the list or the shortlist of places it doesn't include. I'd like to know how they separated people who paid for takeaway meals from those who paid for dine-in meals though.
Not how it reads though, so if it is my understanding they are crazy numbers, if it is your understanding, then ok no issue.
After having lived in the outer Perth suburbs of WA and visited family in outer Brisbane I can guarantee one of the main reasons Chinese is more popular than Thai is because there are very few Thai takeaways, especially if you compare to outer suburbs of Sydney.
Every day is a holiday here, and this particular post happens to be one of the most popular posts on Daily Holiday Blog! Traditional lasagna is made of layers of flat pasta sheets, cheese and tomato sauce, but there are many other variations.
So in honor of the day, I pulled together some amazing lasagna recipes from around the web along with some great lasagna trivia. No dejes pasar la oportunidad de tener una convivencia con la naturaleza en un dia soleado.
Si ya te haz decidido a realizar un picnic, toma en cuenta estas recetas super sencillas, faciles y rapidas que puedes preparar. Kiwiblog es un sitio que ofrece informacion de recetas, recomendaciones, consejos y tips para la cocina, la salud y el bienestar, asi como todo lo relacionado a la organizacion de fiestas y reuniones. If you enjoy sitting back in your sofa and watching your favorite team, you probably also enjoy the snacking that goes along with it.

It then combined its data with anecdotal evidence from a national survey comprising 1,026 Australians in capital and non-capital city areas.
South Australians were the lowest spenders, purchasing an average of $49 worth of takeaway per week. Nonetheless, it would appear that a significant proportion of the country still prefers the old-and-trusted staple of Chinese when it comes to takeaway dining. The CBA transactions analysed were all takeaway transactions between 2008 and 2012, so I would presume this would be in the order of tens of thousands.
I'm thinking that perhaps by 'per-person' they actually mean the person doing the buying but not necessarily the person doing the eating.
There are so many more interesting cuisines to try, but Australians (Westerners in general) keep flocking towards "Chinese".
El Tehineh es un dip arabe y se utiliza para acompanar pan arabe, platillos de carne y platillos en general. Este rico sandwich vegetariano tiene portobello a la parilla y verduras dentro de un pan ciabatta. When it comes to football food, wings and beer are maybe to be the first on the row, sticks and dips are likely a close second, but maybe its time to try something new!
However, each state has its own particular favourites, with Thai, Italian and US fast food chains topping the list in certain parts of Australia. Interestingly, the most popular takeaway food type varied significantly from state to state.
And unless you can think of a reason why CBA customers would prefer certain types of takeaways compared to other bank customers, I don't think the bank itself would be an issue.
It would be interesting to know the % of people who pay by bank transaction and whether this subset of people skew the results.

Mum or Dad buying $80 of takeaway for the family is more believable than the average person buying $80 of takeaway for themselves.
I've had so many people tell me I'm just not doing it right, but whenever I get convinced to go to a nice Chinese restaurant with them it still tastes the same and I'm left feeling sick.
Es importante, al eliminar la carne de la dieta, reemplazar el aporte de proteinas con otro alimento. Si deseas los puedes poner en la parrilla y servirlos con una ensalada de arugula con vinagre balsamico y aceite de oliva. But hey - I know this is a PR piece for a bank rather than a true research piece to be critically analysed.
The "meats" are all the same funky pieces, which only differentiate in colour, not taste or texture (seriously). El tofu es, entonces, el alimento ideal, tanto por sus propiedades alimenticias como por la versatilidad de su sabor.El tofu es basicamente la cuajada de la leche de soja. They are mostly all very sickening (to me, anyway, it may be what's added), and for some reason have a glisten to them.
Lo que tienes que hacer es quitarlo del paquete, escurrirlo, y almacenarlo en un plato o papel de aluminio en el congelador.
Sofreir la cebolla picada en un poco de aceite hasta que este dorada.Anadir las setas fileteadas, el tofu cortado pequeno y los tomates desecados picados. Mientras preparar las empanadillas: rellenar los discos con la preparacion del tofu y cerrar (con un poco de agua, pegar las dos esquinas de la masa y sellar haciendo un repulgue a gusto).

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