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One of the biggest challenges for anyone who is trying to gain weight is how to eat enough extra calories without feeling too full. Food is composed of protein, carbohydrates and fat, and of these three macronutrients, fat provides the most calories. Lean proteins like egg whites, chicken or turkey breast or white fish are extremely low in calories. If you get filled up too quickly at mealtime, make sure you include high-calorie snacks between meals. Not getting enough sleep can really affect your health: it can lead to weight gain, weaken the immune system, and make you feel foggy the next day. Greasy, heavy fatty foods not only make you feel sluggish the next morning, but also make your stomach work overtime to digest all that food, causing discomfort that can make it difficult to sleep. Surfing the web on your laptop or iPad in bed is what many people do right before saying goodnight, but the blue light these devices emit stimulates the brain, making it harder for the body to unwind, relax, and sense that it's time for bed. Exercising regularly is the key to sleeping well at night, but hitting the gym right before you're about to snooze isn't the best idea. If you have a big meeting in the morning or a project due at the end of the week, getting some work done after dinner may ease your mind.
The caffeine found in coffee, tea, and even chocolate is a stimulant that can keep you up longer than you planned. Bickering with your sister on the phone, watching a disturbing show on TV, or reading an emotionally taxing book isn't exactly helping you on the road to relaxation.
Today, Conner Rensch is looking slim and sexy, but not so long time ago she had incredible 308 pounds. Although she had a weight problem since she was a little girl, she began to overeat when she was a teenager.

When she reached 308 pounds on the weight scale, she decided it was time for a change, and she managed to lose half of her weight mass. Because of her amazing body transformation, Conner was photographed for People‘s January edition, dedicated to weight loss. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Science in food and nutrition from Framingham State University in Massachusetts. While increasing portion sizes will provide additional calories, people who don’t have large appetites may not find that an effective means for gaining weight.
Foods that are high in unsaturated, or healthy, fats help to add extra calories if you’re looking to gain weight. Choosing whole eggs, dark poultry meat or fattier fish like salmon, sardines or bluefish adds extra calories without extra quantity.
Good choices include trail mix with dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate, peanut butter or cheese with whole-grain crackers or bread, or guacamole made with added olive oil and served with chips. Adding a scoop of protein powder or even dried milk powder to a glass of milk helps to boost its calories even further. If you're constantly having trouble falling asleep or you toss and turn all night, avoid doing these six things before going to bed. Aside from needing to eat right after, it revs up your heart rate and your energy levels, making it difficult for your body and mind to settle down enough to fall asleep. Just be sure to put your work away at least an hour before going to sleep to give your brain a break, so you can go to sleep feeling calm, not hyped up or anxious about tomorrow's deadlines.
How much caffeine your body can handle depends on you, but a good rule of thumb is to put that cup of joe down a few hours before bed.
Prevent getting your nerves and emotions wound up by engaging in calming activities like reading a light novel, sipping herbal tea, taking a hot bath, or doing some of these gentle stretches in bed.

She was booed and humiliated for years, and she decided to reduce her pain with a lot of food. Of all those insults and provocations, she took a big hit when she received anonymous message that she is fat and she must kill herself. Today, people from all around the world are looking at Conner as a motivation to lose weight and stay healthy.
A better way is to focus on incorporating higher-calorie foods into smaller meals and snacks throughout the day.
Any time you have a span of more than three to four hours between meals, and definitely before bed, eat a snack to help gain weight. An average-size serving of any of these can add an additional 150 calories, without being overly filling. Swapping out fat-free dairy foods such as skim milk or nonfat yogurt for higher-fat choices like whole milk, full-fat yogurt or cheese is another way to boost calories.
They can be calorie-packed by mixing in fruit, a scoop of peanut butter, protein powder and higher-fat yogurt or ice cream.
Drinking a glass of vino too close to bedtime — or drinking two or three — will prevent you from having a restful night of sleep (even if you pass out fast).
In addition, olive and canola oil are both heart-healthy oils, which provide an additional 120 calories per tablespoon. Drizzling an extra tablespoon of oil into salad dressing, vegetables, potatoes or rice -- or on top of grilled or roasted meats -- is another way to boost calories a bit without increasing the quantity of food eaten.

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