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Here we are providing the different types of Sweet potato toast and Nutrition’s in the sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes contains raw are rich in complex carbohydrates, besides simple starches, dietary fiber and beta carotene, while having medium levels of other micronutrients, such as vitamins like B5, B6 and manganese. These vegan slices offer a satisfying crunch and hint of sweetness of midsummer radish sprouts and cherry tasty tomatoes.
Cannellini beans and zucchini ribbons Cannellini take a dive in a lemon dressing and herbs before making their way to a fat slice of potato.
New research suggests that it’s not how much time teenagers spend watching TV but how intensely they watch that adds on the pounds. The same engagement with video games or computers, however, wasn’t related to weight gain, the researchers noted. One reason might be that there are lots of TV ads for sugary or fatty foods, which might shape young eating habits, Bickham said. To look at the effect of TV on gaining weight, Bickham’s team recruited 91 teens aged 13 to 15. In addition, they used a handheld computer to note what they were doing at random times and what they were paying attention to at that moment. There was no such correlation between weight and attention paid to video games or computers, the team noted. The study could only point to a correlation between TV viewing and weight gain in kids; it was not designed to prove cause-and-effect.
Christakis said public-service ads that promote healthy eating might help counter all the ads for fast food and sugary treats. Katz was a lot more dubious about deficiency of a link among weight gain as well as computers and game titles. Mother nature’s ideal snack, a banana is not only delicious to eat but offers myriad of health benefits. Tags: a banana a day, banana and body building, banana and weight gain, bananas, bananas and depression, benefits of bananas, health benefits of bananas, health benefits of bananas during pregnanacy, kela, nutrition in bananas, side effects of bananas.
You can use a banana guard as well which are readily available at almost all places including Amazon. As ripe bananas are easily digestible, and rarely cause allergic reactions, they make a popular solid food for babies. Apple bananas: Grown in the rainy tropical forests of Hawaii, this variant of the fruit is exceptionally sweet and is used for making fruit salads. Cavendish bananas: The most common variety of the fruit, these are long, yellow, with a sweet mild flavor.
The health benefits of bananas are well known and one of the most prominent health benefits of bananas includes weight gain and high iron content.
Read on to discover the numerous nutritional and health benefits of bananas, as well as some storage tips and our favorite recipes. It should be noted that unripe bananas must not be kept in the refrigerator as this interrupts the natural ripening process. Mineral Content: Bananas contain adequate levels of minerals like copper, magnesium, and manganese.
Hearth Health: Bananas are packed with Potassium, a compound that helps your nervous system. Kidney Cancer: Studies have revealed that women eating 4-6 bananas a week reduced their chances of Kidney cancer by half. Cures Ulcers: Bananas lower the levels of the acidic gastric juices in stomach and build a protective coating inside. Cures Anaemia: Bananas are an excellent source of iron, which stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the body and increase the number of red blood cells in the bloodstream.

Improves Digestion: The natural fiber present in bananas makes way for smooth bowel movement.
Reduces chances of Stroke: A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that eating bananas as part of the regular diet reduces chances of strokes by as much as 40%. Cures Diarrhoea: Ripe bananas combined with tamarind and salt are used to treat dysentery and diarrhea. Cures Cramps: Bananas also have high amount of potassium that plays a role in the treatment of cramps, as this element allows the muscles in the body to contract and expand. Relief from Wounds and Burns: The mashed pulp of bananas can provide pain relief from minor burns and other wounds. Hyperkalemia: This is a serious disease characterised by irregular pulse, nausea and delayed heartbeat rate. Tooth Decay: In case you do not brush your teeth properly after having bananas in the evening, the slight pieces of bananas stuck between your teeth may be the most harmful elements for your teeth. Constipation: A study published in June 2005 had 29 to 48 percent people considering bananas as constipating foods. About UsNature and Nutrients is an effort to provide information to general users about the nutrients in our everyday food articles and how we can maximize the benefits out of them.
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And how to make those Different Sweet Potato Toast Recipes, these Soft and orange sweet potato is often called as yam in parts of America, the sweet potato is botanically different from the genuine yam. Once cooked by baking, small changes in variables micronutrient density occur to include better hardware vitamin C content to 24% of the day-to-day value per a hundred g serving. Go gentle with sliced banana, almond butter and cinnamon; or salt to stick with relish, red onion and tuna. Tender roast beef roll-ups sitting on top of a round earth apple smothered in mashed avocado, garnished with sliced tomato, pickle and jalapeno. The teens noted their daily TV watching as well as how much time they spent on the computer or playing video games.
Although time spent watching TV was not related to how much any child weighed, however, the amount of attention paid to TV was.
But one expert agreed that the intensity with which kids watch TV might be key to weight gain.
Dimitri Christakis, director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. In addition, parents can record programs and fast-forward through the commercials when they watch. It is especially good for treating stomach ailments as the fruit is easily digestible and has a soothing and healing effect on the human body. Fresh and creamy, sweet and delicious, easily available and cheaply-priced, this fruit is enjoyed by one and all. As a result of this, bananas have been used by a lot of gym goers and bodybuilders to increase weight.
But, on the other hand, ripe bananas can be placed in cold storage but must be consumed within a period of 4-5 days.
A 2005 Swedish study found that women who ate more than 75 servings of fruits and vegetables cut their risk of kidney cancer by 40 percent, and that bananas were especially effective.
This is done by placing the mashed pulp on the affected area and then wrapping it with a cloth or paper towel.
We have different types of Sweet potato available those are Orange (Beauregard) and gold varieties.

If you cannot give up on the classic one, the third option is sliced avocado with a dusting with lemon zest. It is also a great source of energy and Athletes and sportsmen swear by its health benefits. Even patients of stomach ulcers claim that consuming the fruit has soothing and healing effects. However, little is known that the fruit that is available all across the year, through almost all parts of the world is beneficial for your body in many other aspects.
Ripe, fresh fruits are nutritionally enriched and sweeter in taste than unripe, raw green ones. As bananas are very rich in potassium, there is a slight chance of excessive potassium being retained by the body. Sweet potatoes plants are cultivated throughout tropical and warm temperate Atmosphere wherever there is enough water to support their growth. Bananas contain a high level of natural sugar, which explains why many athletes eat bananas before, or even during, a competition. The health benefits of bananas include lowering blood pressure, improved nervous systems and many more. Sweet potato are featured in many favorite and famous dishes in Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and other island nations. July 27, 2016 IncnutIncnut Incnut Ayurveda Says Eating These At Night Will Make You Healthy. Most are still not fully ripe when sold and it is recommended that they should be stored at room temperature until they are fully ripe. But, along with this, the timings of your meal also play an important role in the proper functioning of your body.Breakfast has often been called the king of all meals, and many diet experts have also termed it as the most important meal of the day. But just because one meal is so important, it doesn’t mean that it is ok to skip the other meals.
Many believe that eating at night will make them fat, and thus, they prefer skipping dinner.According to Ayurveda, the night meal is one thing that you need to be very careful about.
Junk food, oily food, nonvegetarian items, frozen food, heavy-to-digest food, curd, or ice cream are a few things that you must avoid eating during night time.
Sometimes, a slight adjustment in your diet pattern can cure or improve most of these conditions. So, the next question that arises is what type of adjustments can improve your health.Diet Tips For DinnerIt is suggested to eat food that is easy to digest at night. Also, try to eat a healthy and low-carb diet as it gets digested easily.If you have the habit of eating curd at night, replace it with buttermilk. Prefer chapatis over rice since chapatis are easy and quicker to digest.Do not overstuff yourself. Eat in limited quantitiesTry to include more of dal, green leafy vegetables, curry leaves, and a small amount of ginger in your meal.Salt is supposed to increase the water retention in the body.
You can also add a small amount of ginger or cardamom to the milk before boiling it, which helps in reducing the mucus generating properties.Do not drink cold milk.
Have it while it is still warm.The thumb rule you must follow while having your dinner is to make sure that whatever you eat, you should not get a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Instead, your stomach must feel light so that you can sleep properly.Also, since your body does not perform any physical activity at night, it requires less energy. And, if you eat in large quantities at night, the energy that is produced from the food gets stored in the body in the form of fat, and this finally leads to obesity or weight gain.Not only Ayurveda, but modern science also suggests having light food at night.

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