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Michele Borboa, MS is a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, food, lifestyle, and pets.
It's true: Nobody can cajole, trick or provoke you into eating more sensibly or shedding those excess pounds.
Caryl Ehrlich: You might think that to have a food addiction, you need to be addicted to one particular food. You cannot pass a place where you purchase a particular item of food without thinking about that item and purchasing it. You eat the dessert, bread or whatever you've purchased to eat with your meal as soon as you enter your home. Binge eating, compulsive overeating and food addiction are when the portion and frequency of the item keeps progressing despite negative consequences such as gaining weight.
SK: In addition to the high risk of obesity, what are the other dangers of being addicted to food? CE: Many years ago, you most likely celebrated with food for someone's 50th anniversary or a special birthday, or far fewer special occasions than you do now.
CE: Think of a restaurant setting as an extension of your own home kitchen, except someone else has shopped, peeled, chopped, minced, diced, sauteed and served. CE: If you give thought to what you are going to wear, your hair, makeup and accessories, why not give thought to which food components you want at a party? If you're at a wedding or other festivity with a football-field-size table of food offerings, walk around the table first without a plate. SK: What special tips can you share for moms who are under particular pressure when shopping for, preparing and serving the family meals? CE: Quite often, people who are food addicts or compulsive overeaters are also perfectionists. It is most helpful if, weeks earlier, you start with a plan (and a realistic time frame for each item on your spreadsheet) so you can complete some of the projects well in advance of the actual festivities.
CE: The easiest way is to go back to where you were before the holidays (if you are determined to let all structure dissolve by the wayside) to be aware of the things you were doing then. Review your journal: In reviewing your food log after the holidays (unless you were mindful and didn't gain any weight), you'll realize you ate a lot of extra items and the portions were bigger. Breaking a food addiction can seem an impossible feat, especially since you are faced with food every day. Alysa Bajenaru is a dietitian and mom who is passionate about getting people back in the kitchen. At Attune Foods, we believe what matters most is what’s inside so we make our foods from simple ingredients, simply made including our Uncle Sam cereal, Erewhon organic cereals and grahams, and our attune probiotic chocolate bars.
Since my brother and I were first diagnosed with Type II diabetes more than twenty-five years we have struggled with one diet after the other. It doesn’t matter if you are the person who has just recently been diagnosed with diabetes or someone you love, chances are it’s been devastating to hear the news from your doctor, no matter how long you worried about it finally coming to pass.
If you have Type II diabetes you almost surely already know that this metabolic disorder is caused by being overweight. I am also a Type II diabetic as well as my brother but I would NEVER tell you that you can never eat sugar again. If you are going to have dessert, reduce the number of carbohydrates you have in  your main meal. Adding things such as peanut butter, nuts, ricotta cheese or yogurt to your meal will slow your digestive process down significantly.
If you’ve already made up your mind to eat something you know isn’t good for you, at least take the time to enjoy and savour it.
Michele is a health and wellness expert, personal chef, cookbook author, and pet-lover based in Bozeman, Montana. Caryl Ehrlich, author of Conquer Your Food Addiction and a former compulsive eater herself, explains the dangers of food addiction and how people addicted to food can satisfy their hunger in more healthful, less destructive ways. But if you are genuinely concerned about your health and are ready to take control of your eating habits, Caryl Ehrlich has some advice on how to stop using food as a means of self-abuse or to distract yourself from painful feelings. Can you clarify the differences between a healthy relationship with food and a food addiction?

But it is a behavioral addiction, and you get in the habit of eating not when you are physically hungry, but when you are emotionally hungry or frustrated, bored, angry, sleepy and grumpy, or possibly when you need distraction from stress, tension or some other upsetting thing. In an early edition of the Harvard Medical Health Letter, editor William Ira Benton said, "Pleasure is not a necessary component of addiction. And when an addiction hijacks your brain, you can't be in a conversation without thinking of your next fix.
Today, you celebrate your birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, the first day of school and the first day of winter, spring, summer and fall. Instead, change your focus: You can decorate a room, the tables of food and the lighting, and pay attention to the music, seating and ambiance. At a holiday meal, for example, I like turkey, stuffing and whole-cranberry sauce; I'll pass on the side dishes that I can have all year-round. If you can't do something perfectly, you don't think your efforts count and you might consider all your attempts a failure. By thinking ahead, you may be more realistic about how long each task actually takes and ask for help either with shopping, cooking, decorating or all three. I used to write the word "mailing" on my to-do list and would then be disappointed when that word kept getting transferred, sometimes for weeks of to-do lists. Now that they're over, what is the best way to lose weight and to nourish our health for 2013? You were most likely eating because food was there or because everyone else was overeating and drinking, not because you were hungry, which is the only reason to eat. Put utensils down between bites of food (make each bite no larger than a nickel), and make sure your mouth is empty before inserting more food. However, taking small steps to change your approach and attitude toward food can help you break the overeating cycle. You were probably shocked even though you knew your poor eating habits would eventually catch up with you.
Your doctor has probably  been harping at you to lose ten or fifteen pounds for the last ten years and all that advice has been falling on deaf ears. Having sugar with a meal is okay as long as you exercise daily and take into consideration how much “sugar” you are eating.
Now, having said that, if you ask MY taste buds they will tell you that Lay’s Ruffle potato chips are the best carbohydrate treats that were ever invented.
Though I would not encourage you to rely on this method of thinking, remember that good fats can help carbohydrates digest more slowly.
Food addiction is no different than substance abuse or compulsive shopping; in the same way drug abusers and compulsive shoppers can't resist drugs or merchandise, food addicts feel helpless against their urgent need for food — too much food. Ehrlich, who founded the Caryl Ehrlich Program in New York City, promotes a behavioral approach to weight loss that teaches you a healthful approach to eating and weight loss. If you build a tolerance to the portion and frequency of food, you'll find you need it more often to achieve the same result you used to feel from a smaller portion and less frequent uses of your substance. More plausible is the hypothesis that the addictive element of this behavior is not food, but the cycle itself." The opposite of loving food is not hating food, but being indifferent to it.
When the smallest of achievements have occurred, someone says, "Let's eat!" You have more friends and therefore more celebrations. And in your home, you most likely wouldn't be serving an alcoholic beverage, a basket of bread, an appetizer, a main course with salad, vegetable, starch, dessert, coffee and an after-dinner drink.
During several of the courses, I also help the host or hostess, who can always use an extra set of hands. Only when I broke it down to counting the names, buying the envelopes, addressing the envelopes, writing the greeting, printing the greeting, purchasing postage stamps, folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes, affixing stamps, and finally taking the envelopes to the post office was I able to move the project forward one step at a time.
You'll eat far less than you would have had you remained mindless about how much, how late or how fast you eat. Alysa was also recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and is educating others about gluten-free foods as she learns the ropes herself. Since we’ve been on insulin we have both become even more determined to lose some weight and get our diabetes under control. But take heart, you have more control over what’s going on with your body than you might think.

The thing you need to concentrate the most on is keeping your A1C levels as close to normal.
If you are taking in a steady flow of energy (food) you will have more energy and you will, ultimately, burn more fat. From the moment you wake up, your body which has been denied a meal for at least 8 hours will be starving for carbohydrates by first light. For example, during the holidays, as an already overworked mom, you might set unrealistic goals for the shopping and preparation of meals, gift buying and wrapping, taking care of the kids and being hospitable. A little bonus is that the very act of writing down what you eat reduces food consumption by 10 percent (or more). In reviewing your food log, you might see that you often eat more items at dinner than you do for breakfast and lunch combined. Choosing a wide variety of foods, preparation styles, temperatures (sometimes hot, sometimes cold) and seasonings, and trying foods you've never had, will force you to evaluate what you're eating rather than zoning out by eating. By losing just ten pounds, we  were able to make dramatic changes in our lives not to mention our A1C levels.
In fact, if you take charge of your life, your diet and your exercise routine, you have the potential to completely turn things around.
This is what will fundamentally drive your blood sugar levels down and that’s what you should be aiming for. Start your day off with a good choice of complex carbohydrates and be sure you pack four to five small mini meals to get you through the rest of the day.
The problem is that you most likely make every celebration and food fest an exception to the [eat sensibly] rule.
Seeing just these small changes have had a tremendous impact on us and our whole family is looking forward to the reclamation of our lives.
Think of them as “snacks” if that helps — just don’t go more than 3  to 4 hours without some sort of food. In addition to the weight on your knees, ankles, neck and spine, it is also weight on your self-esteem. Then when you've decided what you want (and need), go back, get a plate and put onto your plate the amounts you'd serve yourself at home. Next comes processed wheat products like white bread, rice and white (non-whole wheat) pasta. Other health risks might be high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, shortness of breath and a higher chance of diabetes.
Often, you won't remember what you ate at a party but rather who you were with and how much you laughed. This is about making just a few small “adjustments” to your eating habits, things you do very simply and easily. Complex carbohydrates like the kind found in whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and quinoa are processed slowly by your body.
Losing just 5 or 10% of your total body weight will put you far ahead in the long-term prognosis of your your health.
This means that only a slow and steady stream of sugar is released into your bloodstream at a more controlled rate. If your body is not having high blood sugar spikes, your pancreas will not be forced into releasing more insulin. Make sure you have some food before you sip your wine, interspersed with additional sips of water. The difference between Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes is that ALL Type I diabetics produce NO insulin in their pancreas. Most Type II diabetics actually produce TONS of insulin and that, in part, is what makes them fat and more “insulin resistant”.

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