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De acuerdo con el Centro de Nutricion (CLD), un buen snack no debe superar 7% de las calorias totales del dia; es decir no debe contener mas de 150 kcal, bajo en sodio y azucar y que no supere los 3 gramos de grasas saturadas por porcion, come snacks saludables este Halloween. Kiwiblog es un sitio que ofrece informacion de recetas, recomendaciones, consejos y tips para la cocina, la salud y el bienestar, asi como todo lo relacionado a la organizacion de fiestas y reuniones. 5-A-DAY, Balanced Diet – we hear these terms all the time but what do they really mean for us and for our children?
The food guide pyramid (see picture) is a good guide as to what our children should be eating each day.
Remember these are just guidelines and we don’t need to eat the exact number of recommended servings each day. Welcome to the healthy lunch ideas series, where I will post healthy lunch ideas that I actually make for me and my kids and we actually eat!
Vanessa Pruitt is a wellness coach with the goal to help people take one step at a time toward a happier, healthier, more natural life. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! If your kids tote a lunch to school, it's likely they'll be complaining about their brown bag offerings before the first week of school ends.

Any sandwich can go from blah to hurrah when wrapped in a tortilla and sliced into pretty pinwheels. Bagels and cream cheese offer a nice change of pace for kids tired of lunch meat sandwiches. Instead, our children’s diets and ours, over a period of a week or two, should average out to the recommended servings. She is the original creator of Natural Family Today and Nerdy Millennial, where she also blogs about tech, pop culture, amateur photography, and more. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This article is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It doesn't take long for most kids to tire of the same old lunchtime snacks -- white bread, a bit of meat, a smear of mayo. Let your kids tote a simple version of this favorite Friday night snack by sending them to school with a bag of low-fat mozzarella slices, pepperoni, and multigrain crackers. To make a sandwich wrap most kids will adore, spread a tablespoon of veggie cream cheese on a small tortilla, place a slice of turkey, some shredded carrots, and a couple leaves of fresh spinach in the center of the tortilla.

Take a hint from this American trend and pack up tiny ham and cheese sandwiches on small rolls.
Serve whole wheat bagels with a schmear of cream cheese and a dollop of pure fruit preserves for a fresh, healthy take on those same-old sandwiches. Some days they’ll eat more and others less, but overall a healthy balanced diet is maintained for our children and us! If you send in something clever and creative, you risk your kid coming home in horror at the bizarre combination of foods they had to pull out in front of the entire lunchroom. Most kids love this homemade version of Lunchables, enjoying the opportunity to stack together their own pepperoni cracker sandwiches.
Pack your kids a bag of pretzels, and a bag of cheese cubes for a simple, vegetarian lunchtime treat. King’s Hawaiian rolls are readily available at most grocery stores, with their small serving sizes and touch of sweetness, they offer an ideal canvas for lunchtime sliders that most kids will absolutely devour.

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