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Within a couple months you should know exactly when your LH surge is and therefore the optimum time to have intercourse to ensure pregnancy.
The second of my tips on getting pregnant is to get yourself an appointment with the most highly recommended acupuncturist in your area.
This is especially important if you have been taking birth control pills for any length of time. In addition, you should ensure that at least 80% of what you eat is organic, free range and unprocessed food. You should also minimize your consumption of soy products as that will also result in a detrimental estrogen-to-progesterone balance. If you have a busy mind like me that just never seems to shut off, consider purchasing a hypnosis CD and listen to it when you are trying get your mind to shut down so you can sleep. Stress is probably one of the greatest barriers to getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. If you are producing a lot of stress hormones, then you are NOT producing the hormones necessary for getting pregnant.
If you want to give yourself the best chances of getting pregnant, do an evaluation of your life, list your current stressors and create a plan for reducing or eliminating each.
The sixth of my tips on getting pregnant is to ensure you are getting the appropriate level of exercise. If you are unsure if your current exercise routine is excessive, as yourself whether you would recommend it to your retirement age mother. My favorite thing to do when Ia€™m trying to get pregnant is to combine exercise with stimulation of acupressure points that enhance fertility. Set yourself up for success as a mother by taking a hard look at what kinds of changes you may need to make to your career so that you can balance it with motherhood gracefully. You can truly have it all, but that doesn't mean that every job lends itself to motherhood. Getting into a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and other activities can create a lot of difference and make your life easier. Plan according to a predictable bedtime routine that is suitable for both you and your baby. You may be reading a lot of books, articles and websites in order to understand the baby schedules. When you teaching your baby to follow a set routine, you have to make this process your top priority for first few days or weeks.
Ask any nurse who works with pregnant women what the top complaints are and you’ll quickly get a short list: fatigue, stuffy nose, leg and back pain (sciatica or joint pain) and sleepless nights.
Immediately make an appointment with the most highly recommended fertility expert in your area? This is important since you will want to have intercourse twice at most within your fertility window to ensure your best chances for getting pregnant. What many women don't realize is that having intercourse too often can actually lower the number of sperm delivered at the critical time, reducing your chances of getting pregnant.

A good acupuncturist will be able to stimulate your ovaries, ensuring the production of a healthy, mature egg to be fertilized as well as even out your cycle so that it is more predictable. Birth control pills cause your body to think that it is already pregnant so the ovaries don't release an egg. Perhaps you are currently consuming the very best foods for getting pregnant, but that is unlikely. The hormones, antibiotics and other toxins present in conventionally raised and grown foods are harmful to both your health and efforts to get pregnant. If your estrogen-to-progesterone balance is not optimum, you uterus will not have a nice thick lining for a fertilized egg to attach to. This may be the hardest thing to do, but getting eight hours of solid sleep per night is proven to reduce stress levels and at the same time give your body adequate time to flush out and remove toxins. The goal is to give your brain something to do other than worry, allowing it to slow down so you can drift off. NEVER watch TV to go to sleep as TV is known to stimulate your brain, resulting in less restive sleep.
Of all the tips on getting pregnant, this one may be the hardest to address, it was for me! Stress reduces immune system function and in general, animals that are preparing to run away from a threat are not in the best position to get pregnant. In addition, stress is detrimental to pregnancy itself, often resulting in premature labor, preterm babies, and preeclampsia, to name just a few.
If you have a busy mind like me that just never seems to shut off, consider purchasing a hypnosis CD or relaxation CD as I mention above for helping you get to sleep. If your job stress is excessive, then it will not only affect your ability to get pregnant, but also your ability to stay pregnant and create a healthy work-life balance after the baby is born. For example, if you work in high-tech sales and your job requires you to spend 50-80% of your time traveling around the world, it will be almost impossible for you to nurture a baby. With some planning now, you can transition into something that will provide the income and professional satisfaction you desire along with the time and flexibility you need to be a successful mother. You can follow certain guidelines for establishing a routine that works for you and your baby. If possible, try to avoid vacations, outings etc so that you do not have to deviate from the routine. None of these pregnancy discomforts are unusual, especially given all of the changes your body is undergoing during this time.As your pregnancy belly grows, your center of gravity shifts and your increasingly larger uterus puts more pressure on your joints and ligaments. You may even be as terrified as I was that you have "put it off for too long" and will not be able to get pregnant!
Over time, this causes the ovaries to get lazy from lack of use so that they will often either not release an egg or release an immature egg that isn't capable of leading to a successful pregnancy. To get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy, you need at least 80-100 grams of protein per day.
For example, meat raised in the US by conventional methods has hormones (estrogen) and antibiotics in it as well as toxins from the pesticides in the feed.

If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, much less get pregnant, getting a full eight hours per night is essential. The advantage to listening to books rather than reading (my second recommendation) is that it allows you to get into your favorite sleeping position and close your eyes.
Some other factors like a vacation, arrival of a sibling, older siblings will come in to play into your daily life. If your goal is to get pregnant quickly and have a healthy baby, there are seven important things you should do right now. You also need to consume a lot more healthy fats (omega 3) and cholesterol (egg yolks) than you are likely to be currently consuming.
But once your baby is around three months old, you can start practicing and following a bedtime routine.
Paying a close attention will help you anticipate the baby’s needs and life will be lot more easier for both of you.
Follow these leading expert tips when pregnancy aches strike.I’m so tired all of the time!Of course you are, your body is busy growing a baby. Sometimes the variation is harmless if your baby is getting enough food, sleep and play time. As soon as you learn you’re pregnant, start planning for extra rest during your day – even if it’s just 15-minute breaks where you can put your feet up, several times a day.
This is due to the extra blood volume and pregnancy hormones circulating through your system. Make sure you’re drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water of non-caffeinated beverages each day, and use a saline spray like Ocean or Simply Saline to keep your sinus passages hydrated. Try standing at least several times a day to take in full, deep breaths, and use a cool-mist humidifier in your bedroom to alleviate stuffiness.I can’t sleep!Whether from getting up frequently to use the bathroom or because you simply can’t get comfortable, most pregnant women long for the day when their baby is born and they can eventually sleep again.
Try using supportive pillows, like full-body pillows, or propping small pillows between your knees, under your increasing abdomen or against your back for the extra support where it hurts.
Try stress-relieving deep breathing exercises to calm you as you drift off.Ouch, it hurts to move!Face it, as your belly gets larger you’re just not as agile and graceful as you used to be. Warm baths and showers can relax sore ligaments and muscles and consider seeing a pregnancy-certified massage therapist (she or he will change their table to accommodate your belly so that you’re not applying pressure anywhere you shouldn’t). Round ligament pain often develops later in pregnancy; to relieve this pain simply lay on your side with your knees pulled toward your chest and stretch toward the pain.
To keep back pain from sidelining you, practice pelvic tilt exercises daily to strengthen your abdomen and support your back.
You can do these exercises standing or laying down: simply tighten your abs as you rock your pelvis all the way forwards and then all the way backwards.

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