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Learn about the Industry Competency Initiative and how to use the Competency Model Clearinghouse. View the competencies that are essential for workplace success in economically important industries. Learn about the many innovative ways industry competency models are used to address workforce challenges. Search for Models in Action and learn about the many innovative ways that the workforce investment system, employers, and educators are using industry competency models to address their workforce challenges. Use these resources to identify, develop, and customize competency models for your business, workforce investment project, or curriculum development.
Search for existing competency models, assessments, skills standards, technical curriculum and other resources.
Audience: Human Resources professionals, managers, and supervisors may find this page helpful.

Competency models can also be used to gauge the knowledge, skills, and abilities of prospective hires during an interview.
By using the organization's list of critical competencies, hiring managers can ask behavioral questions to prospective candidates. Can a candidate name specific instances where he or she has demonstrated the competencies needed for the job? Competency Model and is using it as a framework for recruitment, employee development activities, and skill gap analysis.
If you have not already done so, develop a career ladder or lattice that identifies the potential pathways beyond entry points. You can also download your own customized model as a worksheet during the "Stop and Save" step of the Build a Model process.
Do you have advice on using competency models for Performing Human Resource Functions that you would like to share?

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