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Danielle Lloyd has been slammed by her Instagram followers after posting a skimpy underwear selfie online. The model, who split from husband Jamie O'Hara in September, posted a photo of herself standing in a new underwear set and showing off her thin frame. However, several of her fans commented on the snap to say that she looks underweight and criticised her for promoting an unhealthy body image. A Pottstown woman was arrested for driving under the influence after she allegedly crashed her vehicle into several parked cars while her child was sitting in the front seat.Pottstown Police say Keilana Scurry, 35, was arrested after officers heard her 8-year-old daughter yelling "No, no!

Tom Hiddleston heads out of his gym after getting in a workout on Monday (August 1) in West Hollywood, Calif. To hide your true age, you need to fight for your youth in all directions – starting from a healthy diet and ending with regular visits to the stylist.A specialist will help choose age-appropriate clothes and hairstyle. For example, the same hair color refreshes a 35-year-old woman and makes a 55-year-old look older.
Early grayingIt is no secret that gray hair appears soon after crossing the 30-year milestone.

The latest photos of hers show a beautiful, slender young girl, but if you look at her pictures from two years ago, you will see a gaunt gray-haired woman.The metamorphoses with the appearance of Tom Cruise’s ex-wife started when she was still married. If you did not think about the prevention of aging before, and now you are horrified with the result of such negligence, you can improve the situation with radical surgery – hand lift procedure.

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