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During the summer 2013 the best health care tip would be to add a mix of berries to your diet, may it be raw berries such as sliced strawberries, black berries or blue berries. If you are used to cosmetics, you can apply mild sunscreen lotion to save your skin from getting sun tanned.
The foremost of all the summer health tips is that to consume at least 15 glasses of water every day. One of the best summer tips can be this it is better to stay indoors most of the time, as your energy levels could drip down immediately when you roam under the hot Sun! It is essential to keep your body heat under control; so, avoid junk foods for a while and instead intake green cucumber salads, butter milk and tender coconut. Though old among summer health tips, this is really important wear loose cotton clothes that will absorb sweat.
If you are an ardent health fanatic, practice regular exercises every day to shed out your sweat and to remain disease free during summer. When you are sitting in a particular posture for a long time, it becomes really difficult to sustain the pressure that exerts in your body at that particular point of time. You must keep on centering the mouse as well as the keyboard position so that the upper part of your arm hanged and get relaxed. The radiation of heat from the computer screen is very harmful as it can easily damage your eyes. You can also reduce the brightness of the monitor of your computer screen if you wish to reduce the eye strain. Are you finding problem reading the alphabets and sentences in your computer screen, you must use a program that will help increasing the font size of the text. You can stay hydrated even in your work place during summer season if adequate fluid is consumed. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life and you can thoroughly enjoy it only if you have good metal and physical health. Go to your doctor – The moment you figure out that you have conceived, get in touch with a reputed and experienced gynecologist.
Be careful about food – There are certain food that you should not eat during pregnancy as they might cause risk to the health of your baby.
Avoid or at least reduce alcohol intake – The alcoholic drinks that you have reaches your baby quite fast via placenta and blood stream. Apart from following these tips, be happy and enjoy this beautiful phase of your life to the fullest. Be Hygienic: The first most important thing to protect baby from this moist weather is proper hygiene. Choose the right monsoon dress: Mothers are very precise while buying clothes for kids  in any weather.
Avoid long outing in monsoon: The babies are very sensitive and their immune system is not very strong. Some checks before monsoon: Keep some of the medicines stored with you that are important in monsoon. General care: You should take care that your little one should not wear wet nappies if he is too small.
Other than that it would be best to have a berry drink with a mix of all the berries, this would help you.
It is vital to protect your eyes from excessive heat and viable solution for this is to wear sun glasses that are of good quality. You can prefer to spend your leisure time in green and breezy zones such as parks and beaches instead of movie theatres and pubs. Bathe twice a day in cold water that will reduce your body heat and soothe you with chillness!
Summer is the time of the year when everybody search for summer health care to maintain your body in right shape. Variety of consequences can take place which ranges from back pain, headache to that of repetitive strain injuries.

Thus, splashing of eyes with cold water on a regular basis is an important part of the summer care treatment procedure. It is important to stay clean and hygienic during the summer season so that you are not infected by the micro organisms.
The earlier you organize your healthcare needs, the better are your chances of having a healthy pregnancy. It’s better to avoid unpasteurized milk, undercooked readymade meals and blue-veined cheeses like roquefort. It helps build endurance and strength, which lets you cope with the hard work of labor and the additional weight of pregnancy. The weather during monsoon is very humid and moist which increase the breeding of mosquitoes. So avoid taking them out for long time during this season to protect them from communicable or other monsoon diseases like cold and flu.
This becomes severe during the summer season as your body gets dehydrated due to lack of fluid. These mosquitoes and germs carry many diseases like malaria, dengue etc with them which may affect your little one.
Baby may feel very sweaty during this humid weather; you can sponge the baby to clean him whenever he feels irritating. So dress your kid with summer clothing when it’s hot and wrap them in warm clothes when it’s cold. Summer eating could be enjoyable with fresh seasonal produce, outdoor eating and entertaining for special occasions or family gatherings. It becomes quite irritating to go out of home in this scotching sun rays during the summer season. It is important to intake adequate fluid when you are sitting in front of the computer desk.
Consider having five portions of vegetables and fruits and two portions of fish every week. Some of the exercises that are advisable for expecting mothers include swimming, brisk walking, yoga, pilates and aquanatal classes. A pregnant woman will notice that her skin has changed quite a bit as when compared to her pre- pregnancy days. Rubbing off the sweat is very necessary for baby’s sensitive skin as this will stop the growth of fungal infections, rashes and allergy. There are some precautionary measures which you need to abide during the hot summer climatic condition. The hormonal alterations happening for the duration of pregnancy time is often deemed because the cause for this condition.Massage your skin everyday working with a mild moisturizer in an effort to rehydrate it.
The summer time is a great time to build up your fitness program, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, take a vacation, and have fun. You could also exfoliate your skin by employing sugar or salt scrubs so as to rejuvenate it.Health Tourism - Skin care guidelines in the course of pregnancyApplication of olive oil or Vitamin E oil is noticed to lessen the incidence of stretch marks.
Above all the other important is to ask the kids to wash hands every time when they go out or before and after eating food. Here are a few health care tips to help you stay healthy and safe this summer.Hydrate Your BodyThe very best of all summer health tips to beat the heat is to keep your body hydrated if you take in lots of fluids. Massaging your tummy with creams containing cocoa butter will also assists you in tackling this dilemma.You ought to moisturize your tummy gently so as to avoid an itchy stomach.
Double the intake of water than you have in winter and drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water.
For summer health tips, if you feel that your body is losing out on a lot of salts in summer than simply add a pinch of salt in every glass of water that you drink.Stay IndoorsThe easiest method to beat the heat and the health issues during summer is by staying indoors. You are going to locate that these marks will disappear naturally right after your delivery.An enhance in sweating for the duration of pregnancy can result in the formation of heat rashes. If you need to go out, ensure that you wear all kinds of protective gear to prevent the Ultra violet rays.

ProtectionTo prevent the high levels of heat, summer time health tips highly recommend wearing loose and light clothes.
Don’t burden yourself with heavy clothing and dark colors as it can make you feel more hot and irritated. The most beneficial time for conception or fertilization, when the fertile period or ovulation of a woman.What exactly is crucial to note is the fact that the mature egg lives only 24 hours, 48-72 hours when sperm survive inside the female physique. Also, when going outside, the most advisable summer health tips are to wear full sleeved shirts and complete pants, apply a generous quantity of sun-block to avoid sun burning you in summer months and carry a pair of sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella always with you.DietIncluding a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is a straight forward way to remain healthy in summer. For that reason, to have sex just before ovulation, pregnancy is superior to grow per day or two days to order.The frequency of sexFrequency or frequency of intercourse, according to each and every pair.
No precise number can not be certain how generally to have sex an individual to turn into pregnant. You will discover females that are pregnant, turn into only timely, but other people need to have far more time. The water from these gets easily absorbed through the bloodstream and provides a cooling effect.
Essentially the most significant “how often” you have got sex inside the “best moment of conception.”Enjoy your sexual processInvestigation shows that when a Wanti to reach orgasm, the atmosphere inside the kind of an alkaline (simple) in the vagina exactly where the sperm than typical vaginal dariapda (acidic circumstances). Consuming onions can also be one way to remain cool.Trimming The HairIt is also crucial to trim your hair often so that frizzy troubles and split ends could be averted. For those who survive an orgasm in the similar time or shortly just after reaching ejaculation your partner a likelihood till the cervix is ??meningkat.a € ·Sex PositionFinest sexual positions to must raise the probabilities of a pregnancy, guys (best man). No evidence that the sex will not move and remain in a reclined position with legs or hips raised immediately after sex greater fertility. Re-apply every 2 hours.Bed Time CleansingCleansing of your skin at night, before bedtime is much more important.
The dirt and pollutants, that have been deposited on the skin during the day, should be removed.
This not only helps to reduce surface oil, but also protects your skin from pimples, spots along with other eruptions. To avoid dry skin as well as the formation of stretch marks you must treat your skin everyday with oils. Sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, cypress oil, castor oil, rosehip oil and avocado oil are specifically superior.
These oils will preserve the skin moisturized and also give all those nutrients that the skin calls for to sustain elasticity.
Apply oils in all those places which can be prone to stretch marks like the tummy, buttocks, breasts, and thighs.3.
Another very good solution to do away with stretch marks is usually to apply cocoa butter mixed with olive oil on the affected location.4. During the initial 3 months of pregnancy, the physique undergoes big fluctuations of hormones. The most beneficial remedy for acne for the duration of this time is usually to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink a great deal of water.
The creams really should include erythromycin and also other antibiotics that can not influence the fetus.4.
To get relief from the itching from the palms and soles from the feet, take a peppermint bath. If the itch is concentrated about a specific location inside the skin then apply a paste of honey and cinnamon powder.
Taking vitamin E supplement is usually a very good solution to preserve the skin, tight and avoid stretch marks.6.

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