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When I first started driving, one of my closest friends and I used to think it was all sorts of fun and cool to trade cars after school just to feel the excitement of driving something different. Now that I am a grown up, I try not to run such risks in life and hope that my son doesn’t one day put his car (my car) in the hands of someone else. However, what I would enjoy right now is an innocent and harmless swapping of playlists with someone just to feel the excitement of listening to a totally different mix of music while I run. I love my songs, really I do, but lately, geez — I am tired of everything that I am hearing. I switched off my playlist in favor of Pandora mid-run yesterday morning and got super lucky.
After posting yesterday about loving to run in the rain but not really wanting to run a race in the rain, hearing Rocky IV music made me realize I have trained enough in various weather conditions (sort of like Rocky in the Russian frozen tundra) to handle this race just fine come rain or shine. Lately I just felt like I have been consuming  too much of the caffeinated goodness and have slowly (and pretty easily) reduced my intake.
The only thing I have deduced from my research and experiences is that green tea has been linked to lowering blood pressure and when combined with my already low blood pressure, we don’t have a winning combination. Recently, I was contacted by Kiss Me Organics to review their Matcha Green Tea Powder for lattes, smoothies, baked goods and various other recipes. You can add Matcha to shakes, smoothies and other beverages as well as baked goods, waffles and probably your morning bowl of oatmeal. Since regular green tea doesn’t agree with me, I obviously cannot use this product in fear of finding myself passed out on the floor.
I didn’t want you to miss out on trying Matcha so I did a bit of research on this product and read enough reviews about Matcha  Green Tea Powder to feel comfortable enough to host a giveaway today. I received a bag of Matcha Green Tea from Kiss Me Organics but was not compensated for this post.
I usually LOVE a playlist or song and listen to it on repeat for the next month until I am burned out then I absolutely hate it…rinse, repeat. I’ll be honest, I love tea but green tea isn’t one of my favorites, but I do drink it on occasion because I know it’s good for me, however I didn’t know it had the added benefits you mention here.
Disclaimer*Although I have completed the Professional Certificate Program in Sports Nutrition and Performance through the School of Professional Development at Stonybrook University, I am not a registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. While analyzing the organic compounds for their the ability to enhance the natural immune system for  humans, researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University discovered that just two stood out from all of the other compounds. The quantity of antioxidants in grapes is dependently related to many other factors, including the kind of grape, its geographic origin and how it is processed. Grapes offer plenty of benefits as juice, dealcoholized wines and other products including, grape extracts and powder.
It is scientifically proven that the whole grapes deliver the same amount of antioxidants as the grape juice. In a research done by Rochester, It was demonstrated for the first time that resveratrol that exists in grape skins can also destroy pancreatic cancer cells when it reaches to the cell’s main energy source, namely the mitochondria, and disabling its function. The Flavonoids which exists in grape juice raise the level of HDL high-density lipoprotein that is healthy cholesterol.
The natural phenol in grapes juice namely Resveratrol prevents the tumors formation in the body. Antioxidants present in grape juice repair damaged cells and also prevent them from further damage. Grape juice cures gastric impairment especially constipation problem because it acts as an efficient laxative.
Juice of red colored grape has preventive elements against infections it has also antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The Antioxidant quality of grape juice can act strongly on aging related troubles like Alzheimer’s disease.
Antioxidants present in grape juice boost the immune system and protect the body from potential diseases. By Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment. Green beans  freeze well.  Most studies show the ability of green beans to retain valuable amounts of nutrients for 3-6 months after freezing. Many posts on this site contain various health statements for vegetables, fruits and their nutrients. Australian mum, model, raw chocolatier, author of Model Chocolate and health, beauty & wellness inspirationalist. In fact, I believe that the songs that randomly came on were signs for me to realize I should be running in the Long Island Half Marathon this Sunday.
And yes, I immediately purchased both Hearts on Fire and Burning Heart to add to my playlist. I always thought I would replace those hot mugs of coffee with tea but I just haven’t felt like tea. I even did an entire research project a few months ago on the health benefits of consuming green tea and came up with nothing all that conclusive as to why I don’t feel so well after having a few sips.
Recently I have been mainly drinking green tea with fresh lemon squeezed in for the great health benefits! Or worse, when I am running and loving a song, suddenly it freezes and then jumps to a new song. I’m always asking my friends for music recommendations, because I love updating my running playlist.
I try with my running playlist to not listen to the same songs on the radio or even use it for cross training just to make the songs stay fresh and appealing to me for as long as possible. The health advice, opinion and information I provide in this blog is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, experiences and what works for my family and me.
When applied properly, the oil provides nutrients for human skin, hair, and bones.Sesame OilThe health benefits of sesame are amazing. Red grapes and blueberries both have an exceptional ability to have a significant effect on the functions of the immune system.
Dark red and purple grapes tend to be higher in antioxidants than are white or green grapes. Red grapes contain antioxidant components that are proven to specifically prevent breast cancer.
Remove from heat and let them cool thoroughly before placing them in freezer bags and storing them in your freezer.
We make no scientific claims, whatsoever, as to their validity (see URL below for scientific documentation). I get sick of my music all the time and I’m constantly downloading new things (which, hello adds up fast $$) so Pandora is usually best for me.
That might be part of the reason why my random exercise sessions have been missing that OOMPF lately. I find it very calming which is why it is my quick fix when I’m so stressed out and in desperate need of a relaxing escape. Similarly, the level of antioxidants such as resveratrol found in wine varies, with higher levels in red wine.
Top Models, Celebrities, Entertainment Insiders, along with Industry Professionals & Experts want to inspire You by sharing their Personal Experiences, Healthy Recipes, Beauty Tips & Diet Secrets.

It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.
It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12- year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert! But, are you aware that sesame oil is also rich in essential nutrients as needed by the body. The nitric oxide level which exists in grape juice also improves the body and reduces the formation of clogs in blood vessels. Rooibos is a good option, but next time you’re at Starbucks try a passion tea, or a wild sweet orange.
Like what is mentioned here it also helps your body release excess cholesterol from the food we intake. As a matter of fact, sesame oil can offer benefits for your skin, teeth and bones as well as other health benefits.
I think that nowadays more people are being aware of the benefits of drinking tea and for me people should start to substitute tea for coffee. Sesame oil is definitely mostly used for cooking purpose, but it also offers plenty of benefits for human health.
Below are Ten Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil.Helps To Lower Blood Pressure And Blood SugarSesame oil helps to lower the high blood pressure level within the body. Include it in all forms in your diet plan to derive its health benefits.Diabetes PreventionSesame oil has been proven to decrease both blood pressure and glucose in patients with both diabetes and high blood pressure. The magnesium and other nutrients in sesame seeds were shown through the research to improve the effectiveness of the oral diabetic treating drug glibenclamide in type 2 diabetic patients.Healthy BonesSesame oil is nearly an all-in-one substance that provides plenty types of nutrients for bones. Another important nutrient found in sesame oil is copper which helps to relieve rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, it may prevent various diseases such as osteoporosis and colon cancer because the oil contains calcium mineral. Besides offering various advantages for bones, sesame oil also maintains vascular and respiratory health.Helps To Maintain A Younger Looking SkinSesame oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. As sesame oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to lessen skin infections.Circulation And MetabolismHigh copper and zinc content imply that the body is able to function at its optimal levels, due to the fact copper is required for the production of red blood cells. Using the significant percent of copper in sesame oil, your body will certainly get the right amount of blood flowing towards the organs and tissues, ensuring a wholesome and more high-energy lifestyle!Cancer PreventionSesame seeds are believed to possess anti-cancer properties. Their data noted that for every 100 mg consumption of magnesium, the risk of colorectal cancer decreased by approximately 12%. The oil can also be rich in lecithin, which helps to prevent blood clots within the body.Maintain Hair HealthSesame oil helps to prevent an itchy scalp. Massage your hair once every week using the oil for effective results.Protection Against RadiationWe are all exposed to radiation whether we understand it or not.
UV rays hit us once we go outside and there exists a continuing level of background radiation wherever you live. Several studies on mice subjected to radiation showed that those ingesting sesame seeds (sesamol) had longer lives that those mice that didn’t consume sesamol.Sesame Oil For Your HealthHelps To Increase The Joint FlexibilityAre you aware that sesame oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, and prosperous? As sesame oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it helps to prevent the problem of osteoporosis in women.

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