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1st International Buyer Seller Meet is organized by Garvi Gurjari of Gujarat State Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (GSHHDC) at Ahmedabad. Garvi Gurjari 2015 Ahmedabad is a golden opportunity for buyers and sellers to have B2B meetings at Ahmedabad.
We are glad to introduce ourselves as company manufacturing best frozen food products in quality & taste. Murukku (Tamil: ????????) adalah makanan ringan yang dipercayai berasal dari India Selatan. Pada masa kini, maruku bukan setakat sesuai dihidangkan ketika perayaan-perayaan, hari-hari kebesaran malah ianya sangat sesuai untuk diambil sebagai snek ringan yang berkhasiat setiap hari dalam apa jua keadaan. Kami menawarkan Maruku Kacang Dhal untuk  Setiap lapisan umur tidak kira bangsa apa pun sangat sesuai mengambilnya sebagai snek ringan harian.
Numerous types of pickles are made mostly with mangoes, Bharwan Aam Ka Achaar is the favorite amongst all and is very easy to make.

International Buyer Seller Meet for Handloom & Handicraft Products of Gujarat is three days event at Ahmedabad.
Gurjari offers the best of wonderfully crafted furnishings, furniture, textiles and jewellery. International Buyer Seller Meet 2015 in Ahmedabad is one of the biggest summit for handloom and handicraft products of Gujarat.
Our products are purely vegetarian to serve the needs of wide crowd loving tasty Indian eatables. Mangoes are cut with a Sarota while preparing Stuffed Mango Pickle, which i have seen with my sister when i was little but i haven't used it till date. Copying and Publishing them in software,books,magzine and any other kind of digital media is punishable crime. So its best to get medium sized mangoes for Stuffed Mango Pickle and ask the seller to cut them for you.

These mangoes can also be cut at home using a knife and something heavy to hammer it, i have followed this method of cutting mangoes at home. Now turn off the gas, first put Heeng followed by turmeric powder, grounded spices and mix properly. For Bharwan(stuffed) Mango Pickle we need to remove the stems of the mangoes and cut the mangoes from top so that they remain attached at the base. There should not be any moisture left in the mangoes, 1 hour of sun is  enough for drying the mangoes. The spice will be gently fried, put grounded yellow mustard, red chillies(if you want the pickle to look red in color add Kashmiri mirch) and salt then mix well.

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