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This entry was posted in Surfing, Wetsuits and tagged cold water surfing, Wetsuits 2015, Winter Wetsuits. When it comes to the features of these cold water dispensers, the buyers need to check on the availability of a spill free system.
It is also very important for the buyers to find out where they are purchasing these dispensers from.
We’ve got the lowdown on all the best winter suits, plus top tips to save you time and money when buying a wetsuit. When purchasing a cold water dispenser, it is important that the check out a number of features so that you can get the right type of cold water dispenser for your needs.

You need to check if the bottles come with a cap on system that will safely puncture and interlock the bottle to the dispenser so that they minimize your effort to install it and at the same time avoid any loss of water when the process is being carried out.
The reason for this is that these coolers are probably designed and constructed from cheap materials that would not last longer and you might be wasting your hard earned money.
The bottle-less dispensers are those meant to be fixed to the plumbing system and they come with a limited filtration process through which the water will go through.
With this cap, the installation process in not only made easier but it prevents the water cooler and surrounding area to be free from the mess created by spilled water. The other reason is that the push buttons are often problematic as they can get stuck in their position.

With these bottled cold water dispensers, you have the option of purchasing them from a retail store or have a water company delver it to their locations.

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