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The vertical vegetable garden layout is a particularly good idea if you do not have a large footprint area on the ground where you can grow things.
Another common and easy method of vertical growing for things like beans is to make a kind-of wigwam shape with bamboo sticks stuck into the container, and tied at the top. The structure can be moved to a position above the pots so they can all climb onto it from both sides. The interesting thing about this vertical gardening arrangement is the way the nets have been applied. The prop is to allow you to push them up out of the way, but just like an old-fashioned washing line, you can lower them down for watering. You may need to cover them with netting to stop the birds eating your crop - depending on what you are growing. Obviously you'll need to take into consideration the shadows they may cast over other plants and position accordingly. Once a front garden this space is a beautiful fully edible garden for anyone in community to use.

A team of over 600 volunteers support the work with projects going from strength to strength.
The runner beans and climbing french beans growing from builders buckets placed at the foot of the frame, have taken to it beautifully and are now providing a good healthy crop. You can suspend a wire or rope between two suitable anchor points, such as a tree and a wall, and hang your planters along the length of rope, making great use of the available air space.
I have recently been let to believe that tying tomato plants to straight bamboo sticks can hinder the growth of the plant and give lesser crop, so it may be worth looking into these alternatives. Communal Wall Method You could have a vegetable garden layout featuring a selection of containers and pots bunched together that contain climbing plants.
That's four growing walls in total, effectively doubling my growing space and yields! The pergola is spaced wide enough to enable both climbing walls facing East to get the sun during the first 6-8 hours of the day, and both climbing walls facing West to get the sun for the rest of the day.
You can make a free-standing climbing wall structure simply by using two upright poles joined together with either wire mesh, garden netting or lengths of wood or bamboo.
Just fill with about 4 inches of soil, lay on your potatoes and cover with another 5 inches of soil.

You can purchase specially designed vertical potato planters that have little doorways to give you access to the crop. A common vertical growing technique is to attach a trellis to a wall immediately above the container where the plants are growing, and to train the plants by weaving the stems into the trellis as it grows.
Another way is to use a circular containment area made from bamboo sheeting and lined with scrap cardboard. At the end of the season, simply cut the sheeting away and you will have a stack of soil full of potatoes to harvest.

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